northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 1 September 2014

Smile a while

We all know the importance of an active  life style, but did you know that laughter can support the immune system, improve blood pressure, stimulate the organs and reduce pain? You must have seen yoga laughter clubs, which function in many parks in most of the cities.  Fifty to hundred people  jointly laugh at  the pitch of their voice. This action rejuvenates the body. The flow of blood is regulated and pain in any part of the body gets relief .Doctors and Scientists also agree to an old maxim that 'laughter is the best medicine'. I have collected some very jovial and interesting jokes to tickle your mind, make you forget your worries and pains. Laugh  loudly after reading each joke.Let the new month start on a happy note. Here we go

1.A school teacher asked  the children in her class,"If I sold my house and my car and all precious items, and give all the money to the poor and deserving, will I get into Heaven?
"No", said all the children collectively.
"If I cleaned the church every day,  mowed the yard and kept every thing neat and tidy,would I get into  Heaven ?"
Again the answer was,"No."
"Then how can I get into  Heaven?"
A five year old boy got up and  said,"For that  you will have to die, Ma'am ."

2.An old , tired looking dog wandered into the house of a  rich man. He could  guess that it was a pet dog, with a look at the costly collar, and a well fed  belly.The rich man looked around, but  he could not see any body. He  patted the dog and took him inside. The dog quietly went to one corner of the room and slept. After two hours the dog got up and stood near the door,as if he wanted to go out. The rich opened the door and the dog went away. Now this went on for some days. The owner of the house was puzzled. He wrote a chit stating,"I want to know who is the owner of this sweet dog and whether he knows that he is coming to my house every day for a nap?" and pinned it in the dog's collar. The next day when the dog came, it had a new chit. He removed the chit and read it.
  You are anxious to know what was written in the chit?
The chit read," Thank you sir, for keeping my dog comfortably in your house. My wife is a non stop chatting  and nagging type. The whole afternoon, she keeps yelling. He is coming to your place to catch up on his sleep.I am thankful that you gave shelter to my dear Bruno. Can I also come along with him from tomorrow?"   Hey,hey hey.

3                               A wife was making breakfast for  her husband.
                   Suddenly he entered the kitchen and started,".Oh, what are you doing.
                               The heat is too much. The egg will get burnt.
                                     No,no,no, you have made it too slow.
                            Increase it a bit.You are spoiling the whole thing
                       Oh, God, why have you put so little butter.You are spoiling it.
                             Put some more butter. Quick, Quick. Are you CRAZY.
                      You forgot to put salt. what is happening to you? How will the egg taste?
                                Every day  do you make a mess like this?
                        Now the wife got irritated and said ,"You go and sit inside.
                            Why are you interfering? Daily I am cooking the egg.".
                          "Thats' it!  This is how you interfere  when I am Driving
                            I am  only showing you how I feel ". he said calmly.
  And now one last one
4.        A teacher asked in the class,"What is common between Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Guru Nanak,           ,Buddha and Allah?"
          The class was silent. The teacher again asked the same question, and said,'It is strange that                    no one knows the answer."
          One small boy from the last row got up. 
          The teacher was happy. She said,"This little boy knows, Yes Child, come to the front row
          so  that every one can hear you."
          The boy felt very proud. He came and stood near the teacher and said," Maa'm they were all
           born on Government holidays."

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger  week 5  day  1


  1. I loved the last one indeed .. GOvernment holiday is what reminds us of them ..

    Thank you mam for making me laugh


  2. I love your posts, Usha Ma'am! They are filled with so much of positive energy :) And thanks for these jokes. I enjoyed reading them, especially the one about the dog!

  3. Thanks for all the smiles, Usha ji :) The last one definitely got a big smile.

    1. Thanks Leo. I am happy that the jokes made you laugh.

  4. Thanks for making me all the jokes and can't decide which one(s) I like best, they're all so great! :) <3