northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 14 October 2011

Oh! For a cup of tea.

The Hindu newspaper of 13,10.2010,in its column,'this day that age' carried a report on the benefits of tea.This report was first published in the newspaper 50 years ago and has been reproduced in  the current issue. The report is as follows:- "While the benefits of a cup of tea-'a cup that cheers' -have been well-known throughout the world for the past  few centuries,two Soviet scientists,in Moscow have discovered that the tea plant contains 11 varieties of a substance which builds walls of blood vessels and makes them more supple and prevents hemorrhages.
 Today morning while I was having my cup of tea, it just occurred to me that I should write something about the benefits of tea.After the newspaper came   I was glancing through the paper and I chanced to see a small paragraph with a title 'a cup of tea'. Hurriedly I read it. What a co-incidence! I was planning to write something on the same subject.
Tea is an ambrosia for our soul.A hot cup of tea brings cheer on the face of everyone. The tea is consumed all over the world.I think that after water, tea is the next liquid which is consumed most  by human beings.

 where ever you go, you are welcomed with a cup of tea,It is a focal point in all gatherings. The first thing that we wish for in the morning, is a cup of tea.Many people have some false notions about tea.They dissuade others from drinking tea.Their argument is that tea is harmful as it curbs  appetite,induces sleeplessness and retards growth of children.In contrast, the benefits of drinking  tea are innumerable. The first and foremost advantage of tea is its anti oxidant  quality. It has less caffeine than coffee. In fact tea is an efficient all rounder.There is a famous saying by Gladston, which states "If you are cold,tea will warm you.If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will  cheer you.If you are excited, it will calm you."
 Tea is a balm for  the body.Tea is believed to have  anti-aging properties.It is also said that it  prevents ovary cancer and reduces the  risk of coronary diseases.Tea also prevents dental caries  and  is an effective anti allergic agent.
           There are many varieties of tea  prominent among them being green tea and black tea.The difference between them is mainly in processing.Green tea is made from unfermented leaves.Taken with a few drops of lemon, it not only refreshes you but proves to be a medicine for many of your ailments.Of late its popularity has increased  significantly.Many studies have been conducted   in  recent years  to analyse the benefits of green  tea and it has been found that its  regular  use is beneficial to health.Black tea is also  equally good.

Leaf of green tea plant,

In our house we drink  tea without sugar and milk. It not only enhances the flavour of the tea but also provides solace and succour to the tired mind.Tea is also available in convenient and handy pouches.It is a God send,since with these pouches tea can be made  even by a novice.Preparing good tea is also an art.The same tea leaves prepared, in different households taste differently.The reason is simply the method adopted  to prepare the tea.The secret lies in the temperature of the boiling water.Some people boil the leaves  for a long  time.Not only does this make tea taste bitter but also destroys it  properties. 
Tea cultivation is undertaken in many countries of the world.Some of the countries which produce  tea in large quantities are China, India, Sri Lanka,Sumatra and Java. In India tea is grown in Darjeeling, Assam,  Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Tea cultivation

Tea  garden
    Some people like cold  tea, some like it hot. There are some who like it with milk and sugar,  some others   like it without any milk and sugar. But every body  loves TEA.                                           

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