northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Carpe Diem #614, Paradise

                                                                    Children dancing, singing
                                                               merry making, parents carefree
                                                                    paradise on earth.


                                                        Kerala lagoons plenty
                                              over looking splendid, coconut fields,
                                                            nothing but paradise.

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Written for      Carpe Diem #614, Paradise                             or     


Today  is Thanksgiving Day. A day to show gratitude to those who have been our well wishers and have  helped us in one way or the other. Gratitude is just to express our acknowledgement  and thankfulness towards them  for caring for us.
                        On this day while  expressing my gratitude, I thank God  for all His mercies that He has bestowed  upon me.Whatever I have achieved  in life is due to the grace of God.Whenever I followed a wrong path, God guided me to change my destination and made me trod on the right direction. I give an example. After my Pre medical, it was my aim to become a Doctor, but since I was underage, I did not get admission.  I joined B.Sc. (Home Science). God had other plans for me. Circumstances were created  in such a manner that I left Science stream and joined Humanities.  There after I passed M.A. (English) and B.ed.  and joined the Education Department as a teacher and rose up to  the position of Addl. Director of Education, which is the highest position for those rising from the level of a teacher.I firmly believe that it was God's directive to me. It was in my interest that God created such circumstances, which proved to be beneficial for me. I express my gratitude towards all my teachers, under whose  guidance I became capable to handle my  professional duties efficiently.
                                                    I am grateful to my parents for the love and affection with which they brought  up me and my siblings. We, three sisters and two brothers,were given the best of every thing. It is solely the good bringing up that we are all prosperous  and are leading a tension free, virtuous,  and satisfactory life. 
                                                         Now in the twilight period of my life (I am 79 now) I thank my husband, who has always been my greatest source of inspiration, love, care and affection. I can proudly state that in all ups and downs of my professional life,he has been  supportive like a rock  behind me. During my several ailments, including surgery for breast cancer, he has been a pillar of strength for me. I pray to God to give him good health .
                              My unfailing gratitude is towards my children and grand children who dearly love me. My son, Deepak and daughter in law Kavita give us untainted  love and affection. My daughter ,Jyoti and son in law, Jagdish, both Doctors, take tender care of both of us. Our grand children are very affectionate. It is God's  bounty that we have got such loving and caring children.
                 After my retirement I started writing blogs, as a hobby. I write what ever comes to my mind. I am not bound by any thing. Since I gat encouragement and inspiration from my  on line friends, I express my gratitude for their inspiring comments which keep me going. I mention here some names  with a feeling of  affection and thanks for constant remarks  for reading my thoughts .Corinne, Shilpa, Asha,  Elly Stornebrink,Kathy, Aathira, Suzy Que, Naba, Rallentanda,Vishal Bheero, Amrit, BK Chowla,Rajlakshmi, Anil Kurup, Rudrapragya, Amarpreet Kaur Uppal and many others.
Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury

Written for Corinne and Vidya's Gratitude Circle

Friday, 28 November 2014

Carpe Diem #613, Solace

                                                                Mother And Child With Toy Royalty Free Stock Image - 15532896
                                                                   Where is his mom
                                                          tears as pearls flowing  nonstop
                                                                  solace in mom's lap.

Three hungry baby Robins in a nest wanting the mother bird to come and feed them, copy space - stock photo
                                                                  Sleep birdies sleep
                                                             Nest is your only solace
                                                                  cruel wide world.

Written for Carpe Diem # 613 Solace          



Telephone culture.

"Hello, hello, who is speaking?"asked the person on the other side. I politely inquired,"Who is calling? Whom do you want to speak  to?"The person on the line persisted to know my identity. I banged the receiver. When a person calls, it is presumed that he will ask for a particular person and ask for his name. Not very long ago such calls used to be very frequent.Now with caller id installed on most land line  phones,the caller can be traced. Hence such mystery calls have been considerably dropped.More over with the mobile phone coming to the market, caller number invariably available, this nuisance has been reduced.
The invention of mobile phone has  completely changed the way how people are in contact with  one another.With facilities like Wi Fi, Internet, Bluetooth available, the phones are called 'Smart phones'. It has completely revolutionized  how people  talk and send messages to each other.   The style and shape of the phones is also changing rapidly.
Mobile phone then and now.

With the increase in the number of telephones,whether land line or mobile every second person owns a mobile phone.With the introduction of mobile phones, household maids, vendors, sweepers proudly display their prized possession. But they have not learned to use it properly.  What to speak of these illiterate people,  even those so called  'decent' people misuse the phone. We can see  these phone users  on the roads, on bus stops, in and out of offices talking endlessly on the mobile phone. Whether it is a hospital, an office, a class room or a meeting, the presence of a mobile phone is 'inevitable'. Speaking on the phone while driving has been banned, but we see  people  keep talking  on their phone merrily.
                                                      Modern society is almost obsessed with  mobile phones. Where ever you go, you see a mobile phone in every body's hand. The speed with which old models are becoming obsolete and new ones are flooding the market, the mobile phone is becoming a device to show off. There is no doubt that mobile phones have become a symbol status. With the facility of video recording and voice recording many other facilities the cell phones are also being misused. We  have read how girls are being black mailed by a click of a phone.  Dirty jokes,  and SMS's are sent to embarrass  the receivers. People talking loudly in places like cinema houses, meetings,talks by eminent personalities, funerals etc.  is a common sight which causes lot of interruption to  others. Whatsapp is the latest craze. There is no doubt that the world has become closer with the easy accessibility of the latest smart phones. The  Viber  a free call  facility to any where in the world, is  a  boon.
           With the passage of time, many more gadgets are likely to be added to a large number, already available, which will make life more comfortable.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Store Haiku

Laptop Stock Photo


                                                       What  a  box  !
                                              Store house of  knowledge
                                                   a little computer.

                                               human brain : Human brain as a side view of the anatomy as a health care symbol of  neurology and memory on a white background

                                                   Small human brain
                                             birth to old age of  humans,
                                                    storage  of  A to Z!

Written for Haiku Horizons 40  prompt 'store'
pics   courtesy google



Tuesday, 25 November 2014


                                                                  Black Metal Lantern - 14"           

                                                                  A solitary lantern
                                                    guides hordes of wayward travelers
                                                            destination not far.

                                                         paper lantern : Silk lanterns in Hoi An city, Vietnam Stock Photo

                                                             Bright paper lanterns
                                                     red,green yellow bright lights
                                                           Make Diwali colorful.

        Written for Carpe Diem  #  612  Lantern
        pics google


Monday, 24 November 2014

To the Dolls


Oh you pretty ones
sparkling  dresses, look so elegant,
every one charmed.

Written for Carpe Diem 'Sparkling Stars' # 13 To the Dolls
Pic courtesy Carpe Diem

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Carpe Diem #610, Transformation

                                                                               She is shy
                                                                  wonder at the transformation,
                                                                           now sweet sixteen.


                                                                  Inside the Church
                                                        was he completely transformed
                                                                 his  first  visit.

   (First and third line interchangeable)

Written for  Carpe Diem #610, Transformation (2nd Vision Quest, 3rd day)

Home Coming

Mohan Lal was a clerk working in a  Govt office. He was very honest and hard working. His boss was very happy with his work.  Mohan Lal had two children.  A boy and a girl, studying in 11th and 9th class of a Govt. school.The girl, Uma was a very studious and hard working. She always got 1st rank in the class. The boy, Rakesh, was a very playful and mischievous. Even though the brother was older than the sister, she always advised him to mend his habits. But there was no effect on him. His simple, innocent and playful misdeeds turned into anti social activities. He failed twice in class 11th and was rusticated from the school. Now, for company he had ruffians. As the saying goes 'birds of the same flock, fly together', he too  befriended  boys who were a  slur on the society. All advice by the parents and his sister were  ignored.
                One day he broke all limits of decency. It was the festival of Holi.  Uma's friends  had come to play holi  with her. After they all left, Uma went for her bath. As soon as she closed the door, she heard a loud crying sound of a girl, asking for help. She  rushed out side. The scene that she saw was frightening. Her own brother,Rakesh and three other boys  were  molesting  her friend Vanita. The poor helpless  girl was screaming for help. Uma was so furious that she pulled her brother and in a fit of fury went on hitting him like mad. Hearing the commotion  her parents also came out and were stunned to see the scene. Uma's  father immediately dialled 100 and called the police and got his son and his friends arrested............                
                                  It was the day of release of Rakesh  from the prison. He had been sentenced  for four years by the court. In these four years no one from his family went to meet him. Only his sister, Uma went to the prison to receive him after the completion of his  term in the prison. When he came out and saw his sister, he burst into tears. She wiped his tears, hugged him and took him home. At home he was surprised to see  Vanita dressed as a bride. Uma lead him towards  her and said,"Your four years imprisonment is over. Now you are imprisoned for life," and gave his hand in Vanita's hand.

This is purely a fictional story, written for Bloggers United 23rd Dec

Friday, 21 November 2014

Drive away hunger from the class room!! An initiative by Blog Adda.

 There is a saying in Hindi,  'Roti, Kapda  aur Makaan' are the three essential requirements. Out of these three the most essential is Roti or Food.  A person can survive without any thing else but not without food. It is all the  more important for  the growing children to have a proper meal. For an all round development of a child it is essential that  he  gets good nourishment. A child with a hungry stomach  is unable to concentrate . Specially in rural  and backward areas, due to poverty the parents are unable to provide a nourishing meal to their off springs.
                                                   A Supreme Court Order  in the year 2001 directed all the States to implement the Mid Day Meal Scheme in all Govt. and Govt aided schools. With the implementation of this scheme,there was a perceptible increase in the attendance of the pupils. Many NGO's  also joined this laudable  project. Akshay Patra, a leading NGO  is playing a significant role.In their State of Arts kitchens, they prepare  wholesome and tasty  food and deliver it to the schools. They carry the food in vessels, which keep the food fresh and warm. By providing  a healthy and hot food this organisation is doing yeoman's service towards spreading  literacy  in far flung  areas.
                                            The scheme 'write a blog and feed a child' is also a very praise worthy  effort on the part of Akshay Patra in collaboration with  Blog Adda. For each blog that a blogger writes, Blog Adda will contribute Rs. 750, which is the amount to feed one child for a year.It will be a part of their social responsibility. It will benefit 1.4 million  mouths, which  is the largest in the world. Their goal is to provide meal to 5 million students by the year 2020.Goal : 5 Million children by 2020 Goal : 5 Million children by 2020 

The effect of having a  tasty and nutritional meal has already shown positive results. There is a great change in the performance of the children. They have also improved their health. The attitude of  not only the children, but their parents has also changed. Through education, more awareness towards  social evils, better environment and greater sense of responsibility has arisen.
                                                  I have  one suggestion.  Once a week  the children may be provided something special.It may be something sweet, some snack or some biscuits.Many children in rural areas might not have even seen some of these eatables.This small gesture may bring them happiness, and something special to look forward to.

Akshaya-patra-Goal-is-to-feed -5-Million-children-by- 2020

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda

Thursday, 20 November 2014


                                                            Dusk to dawn
                                                     soft sweet  rhythm of flute
                                                            purifies the air.

                                                         Krishna's flute
                                               mesmerising  men and women
                                                   also  flora, fauna.

Written for Carpe Diem # 608 Dawn

Cold Haiku

                                                                 Cold dusky evening
                                                           eggs, tea stalls  fully crowded
                                                                   No space to stand.

                                                               Wintry cold day
                                                         Homeless warm themselves
                                                                Roadside fire.


                                                                 Shivering children
                                                          waiting for  the school bus
                                                                 Ah! its too cold.

                                                                For the rich
                                                     central heat,fireplace, blower
                                                               prevent the cold.

Written for Haiku Horizon 38 prompt 'cold'




week 38  prompt 'cold'                       pic courtesy google

International Men's Day

Symbol of International men's day

                                       Today, 19th November  is  International Men's Day.
They will drive miles because darling daughter wants a particular  ice cream. After a hard day's work at office, they will happily carry the crying baby on their shoulders. They will  run after the cycle to teach cycling to their son, even if they are tired .and do not know cycling themselves.  They will  forget  their own important work  to  help the children in preparing their projects for their school. They will go marketing for vegetables, grocery, bread, butter and other requirements for the household. If the wife is ill,they will enter the kitchen and prepare food for the little ones. If some one is ill at home, they will phone several times to know about  the condition.  After coming from work he will speak to his aged parents, enquire about their welfare. He will not hesitate to take leave ,if his beloved wife is ill.  And YES he he will not forget to exchange  jokes with his friends on 'whats app' and Facebook.... Let us not forget  all MEN who do so much for their family.
   Not only on Men's Day, but every day we must give them our love, affection and regards for being there for their household and specially for their wives.
                                        Three cheers for these soldiers in our life!!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Roadside beggar

                                                                        A wayside beggar
                                                                pain and misery his companion
                                                                         help him a lot.

                                                                       Don't be smart,
                                                                 you can see, you can walk
                                                                        pretend for a living.

                                                                         Suffering soul,
                                                                 open sky his only shelter
                                                                          chilly winds .

                                                             Written for Carpe Diem # 607 Roadside Beggar

                                                                        a wayside beggar.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Carpe Diem #606, Guardian Angel

                                                                       His guardian angel
                                                                himself a victim of cholera
                                                                        lives no more.

                                                                       My guardian angel
                                                                a symbol of love and care
                                                                       may be blessed.

                                                                       Baby's guardian angel
                                                              singing sweet lullaby in her ears
                                                                    Blissful,  ecstatic dreams.

Written for CarpeDiem prompt #   606 Guardian Angel.

A tribute to my parents

  One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.....Jim.D
        The above quotation  is a universal truth. Parents, who bring the child into this world  are the closest to their off springs. Children are the blood of their blood, and flesh of their flesh. The love that the parents give to their children is undiluted love. It is selfless and unadulterated. This love  flows  in the veins and  arteries of their children, and arouses a permanent and perennial bond with their  parents.
                                                I am now going to enter my eighties. I have two children and four grand children,who I can proudly say are devoted to me. Similarly, I worship my parents. I am fortunate that I enjoyed the pure bliss of my parents protection and  the benefit of their advice for a fairly long period of  my life. My earliest memory of my parents is when I was about four year old. I remember that I had  chicken pox, a serious disease in that period.  The whole night both of them sat  by my side till I recovered. Being the eldest  among  the siblings, I was very dear to my parents. When I was eight years old ,  some social event  was organised by the residents of the neighborhood. I and my sister sang a song on the stage. Mom and Dad  felt extremely proud. I heard my father telling many people,"These two are my daughters".At that time I did not understand ,what was so special that he went around announcing this to every one.  Now when I am a mother/ grand mother I realise how parents are proud of the slightest achievement of their offsprings. 
                                            As I grew , I found my father to be very reserved. He hardly spoke to his children.Those days, perhaps that was the norm. As soon as we heard the sound of car  we used to remain away from his gaze. What ever we wanted, we had to go through proper channel , our mom. Not that he did not like his children . Every one whom we knew had the same experience. After the children grew up, there was hardly any  rapport between the father and children. I remember that the first  discussion/argument  which I had with my father. I was sixteen years old. A new movie, Badi Bahen , was released. It was a big hit. It portrayed an unmarried girl becoming pregnant. My father was adament that teen aged girls must not see such movies. It goes without saying that my father had to yield. That was the beginning of a new relation with Dad. He became more approachable and more understanding. My father was a gem of a person. He was very understanding and  very liberal.He had a very sharp mind.It was not surprising that he topped in Civil Engineering examination from Roorkee  Engineering College.He was a self made man. His father died when he was only twelve old. He was the eldest of  five brothers and sisters. His mother took up a job as a teacher to bring up her children.My father  got scholarship, with which he managed to become a successful Engineer, who reached the top of his profession due to sheer hard work. 
                                          Those were the days of British rule in India. His bosses were mostly British. My mom, who was equally intelligent,   picked up etiquette  to mix with British families.My mother was very decent and an optimist.She was herself well dressed and ensured that all her children always remain so. Till today I am very particular that i must always be dressed well and my children  too are well groomed. My parents were very fond of their children.We had the privilege to see all states of our country. Every year during summer holidays we used to go to some hill station.  The whole family had to take meals  together on the dining table.  Nothing was to be left over. My parents never scolded any one but ensured that nothing was left over in the plate. Every year on my father's birthday  we went  out for dinner. Before that we used to go to  some studio for a family photograph. A joint photo of one of those days is given here.
     When I  expressed my wish to get married to Mr. Menon , I was apprehensive whether my parents would agree  to  my getting married to a boy from Kerala. There was                                                             
my parents
My parents with me and my siblings.
taken on 16th June 1956 at Mussoorie.

no protest . My father wanted to talk to him in private. Well it was justified.When Mr. Menon met him, my father's  only question was whether he was really  serious to marry  me.                  After my marriage, there was a drastic change in my parents. They used to go to club every evening. This was  completely given up. I and my husband had to visit them every evening. When my son was born, their  joy cannot be expressed in words.After they  died there was a sudden vacuum in our life.The love and affection that we got from my parents was extraordinary. I  have not seen any father and mother doting upon their son-in-law . I pray to God Almighty that every child gets such affectionate, caring and loving parents.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

My home

                                  My home is the place that I  own
                                  it is the sweetest, bestest  throne
                                  each corner  gives my soul rest
                                  How I  worship this sacred nest.
                                  My loved ones, all here reside
                                  hubby is the one who presides
                                 on the dining table  all are one
                                 smile ,joke  every thing done
                                 Children out for higher studies
                                 none is here to tell us stories
                                Work beckons son,all day long
                                dil,too engrossed all along.
                                Hubby and me two old souls
                                dwell in  past memories whole.
                               Once, joyous nest full of mirth
                               one by one twigs spread apart.

                               Waiting for Xmas full of  peace
                               the  kids will walk back with ease.
                               Home will then be a place for fun
                               silence and quietude  will  shun.
                              Sisters  will smile with parents meet
                              grand parents relax in peace retreat.
                             Xmas, new year parties  full of gaiety
                             all day round  we'll find only hilarity.

                             Ah, law of nature, kids leave the nest
                            in search of  new horizons, for the best.
                            Memories  of  jovial days, wet the eyes
                            knowing  well, they are sane and wise.
                           Will be back home, full of  joy one day,
                           never to go back and  forever to stay.
                           A man  has to go and come happily
                           to his own little nest,his home,lovingly..

written for write ttribe blogger week 16 to 22nd Nov



Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tan Renga mystic purple flames

                                                             Mystic purple flowers
                                                       Arise from the spirit's  stalks
                                                          Chill my autumn heart.


                                                  The temple bells ringing loud
                                                  Guide  me to the feet of God.

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge # 59  Panchali's "Mystic purple flames"

Pic courtesy Carpe Diem

A mother of stone

                                                                          behind bars : Punk girl behind bars.

                                                                         Fresh  air  for  you
                                                                   me inside a  dark,dingy cell
                                                                          bars  separate us.

Carpe Diem Special # 117 Tomas Transtomer's 3rd "a mother of stone"

Pic courtesy google

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A funny funny joke!!

 This is a very funny story. I read something similar a few days ago. I am writing here my version.

Rajan was suffering from severe headache. He applied for short leave to see his Doctor. His boss advised  him  to go the hospital nearby. They had installed a computer, which could accurately diagnose every disease.The fees was only twenty rupees. Rajan went to the hospital . The doctor on duty asked him to pour a bottle of his  urine in the computer. Rajan did , as advised by the doctor. As soon as he poured his urine in the computer, there was some sound inside the computer and a paper slip slide outside. Rajan read that slip. On the slip it was written
,"You are suffering from severe migraine. 
You must take good rest.
 Avoid oily food.
Sleep early at night." 
Come after one week for follow up action.
  Rajan was  very much impressed. He wondered how the"Doctor" computer could diagnose so accurately. An idea came to his mind. Next week when he went to the computer, he poured some tap water, his daughter's urine , his wife's urine  and  some oil from his car in a bottle.. As prescribed by the Doctor, he poured the concoction inside the computer, paid twenty rupees and waited for the result. The slip came out. On the slip ,the following words were written
 The water tank of your house needs cleaning.
Your teen aged daughter is  pregnant.
Your wife  had five lovers in the last six months.
The radiator of your car is  rusting. the oil needs to be changed.
 Rajan  fainted and fell down.

Carpe Diem #12, Snails,

                                                                  snail : Illustration of snail cartoon on white
                                                                       Moving  majestically,
                                                              snail  will   hide in thick  shell
                                                                        plays hide and seek.

Written for  Carpe Diem "Little Creatures" #12, Snails, a haiga
pic courtesy  google




                                                                        In the circus
                                                          juggling with  rods  and knives
                                                                      spectators in awe.

                                                         pretty young girl standing and juggling with red balls - stock photo
                                                                  a girl's jugglery
                                                         juggling five balls at a time
                                                               friends astounded.

                                                             A cute  circus performance related items - stock vector                                                                           
                                                                        Circus jugglers.
                                                               jokers, animals,boys girls
                                                                       win our heart.                                  

Written for  Carpe Diem #604, Juggler

pic 1 courtesy Carpe Diem
 pic 2&3    google

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jaws of death

Uma's husband was terminally ill.  Both his kidneys  failed. Uma prayed for him. She said," I will  bring him back from the jaws of death". She would not live  a widow. Her prayers were answered.  Her husband is recovering. She died yesterday, a suhagan, in his arms.DEATH BE NOT PROUD!!

words  51

Picture Prompt: Written for the #November #15to50 challenge


                                                                  milk bottle : Pretty baby girl drinking milk from bottle
                                                                        Adorable little baby
                                                                  loves her bottle full of  milk
                                                                       teasing  her mom.

                                                                          Full life she led
                                                                 ambitions, aims, hopes fulfilled
                                                                          god is kind !

                                                                         Look  oh man,
                                                               cup of sins full to the brim
                                                                       why  cry now!

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt # week 38 'Full'.

pic courtesy  google


Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter feeling.

Today's Haiku is  in a new form. It  is a story of 55 words followed by a Haiku  Winter feeling

Last week on a full moon night we had a picnic on the lawns of India Gate, near the lake. It was very pleasant. Mild winter  has set in. The cool breeze, touching my cheek was ecstatic! The full moon , in its full glory was very enchanting Sheela was missing her friend..Wish he was here!
India gate at night time.
India Gate on a moonlit night
                                                                 Moon lit night
                                                         cool breeze in  the park
                                                               feel  heavenly bliss.

Written for Carpe Diem # 1 Winter feeling


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Eggless apple cake

Last week I made Apple Cake.It turned out  to be very delicious. I am sharing the recipe with friends.

Image result for images of apple cake

1. All purpose flour 2 cups
2. Sugar                 1.50 cups                          
3. Cooking oil       1.25 cups                                                         
4.Baking powder    1 tb spoon
5. Baking soda        1 tsp
6. Cinnamon powder  1/.2 tsp                           
7. Nutmeg powder     1/4  tsp
8. Vanila essence         1/4  tsp
9.  Lemon                    1
10.Apple (soft ones)        2 big
11.. Milk                      1/2 cup

1.   In a  mixer/grinder add the ingredients from to 8.  and mix the batter very well. Add the extract of one lemon and stir again once. 

2. Remove the skin of the apples and cut them into small pieces. 

3. Take the lemon from which the extract has been squeezed. With sharp scissors cut the lemon rind into very thin strips.

4.   Add the apple pieces and lemon rind strips to the batter and mix well.

5. If the cake batter is too thick add some milk.

6.Pour the batter in a  greased cake tin and keep it in a pre heated oven at 180'o Fahrenheit,  for 30 to 35 minutes. Insert a tooth pick in the center. If it comes out dry, the cake is done, otherwise keep it in the oven for 5 to 8 minutes more.

7. Allow it to cool.

Written for Write Tribe  Bloggers  week 9th Nov  to 15th nov.2014