northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My home

                                  My home is the place that I  own
                                  it is the sweetest, bestest  throne
                                  each corner  gives my soul rest
                                  How I  worship this sacred nest.
                                  My loved ones, all here reside
                                  hubby is the one who presides
                                 on the dining table  all are one
                                 smile ,joke  every thing done
                                 Children out for higher studies
                                 none is here to tell us stories
                                Work beckons son,all day long
                                dil,too engrossed all along.
                                Hubby and me two old souls
                                dwell in  past memories whole.
                               Once, joyous nest full of mirth
                               one by one twigs spread apart.

                               Waiting for Xmas full of  peace
                               the  kids will walk back with ease.
                               Home will then be a place for fun
                               silence and quietude  will  shun.
                              Sisters  will smile with parents meet
                              grand parents relax in peace retreat.
                             Xmas, new year parties  full of gaiety
                             all day round  we'll find only hilarity.

                             Ah, law of nature, kids leave the nest
                            in search of  new horizons, for the best.
                            Memories  of  jovial days, wet the eyes
                            knowing  well, they are sane and wise.
                           Will be back home, full of  joy one day,
                           never to go back and  forever to stay.
                           A man  has to go and come happily
                           to his own little nest,his home,lovingly..

written for write ttribe blogger week 16 to 22nd Nov




  1. Simply beautiful . I guess only mothers can pen such.

  2. This was one of your most beautiful posts. I am going to read it again. Thank you

  3. Aww! That's such a heartwarming and a beautiful expression, Ma'am! ♥

    1. A home is the best place in the world!!

  4. coincidentally I too wrote about home on similar lines. Just that I am on the other side of missing home. You expressed it so beautifully.

  5. Such a lovely poem can be written only by a lovely person like you.

  6. A different style from you Usha that I am familiar with; however, it is a lovely poem though reminiscent of nostalgic times. Such is the life of a mother! <3

  7. This is lovely and perfectly captures all the changes we endure as time passes and kids grow up and move out onto their own.

  8. Beautiful lines full of love and care.