northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 28 November 2014

Telephone culture.

"Hello, hello, who is speaking?"asked the person on the other side. I politely inquired,"Who is calling? Whom do you want to speak  to?"The person on the line persisted to know my identity. I banged the receiver. When a person calls, it is presumed that he will ask for a particular person and ask for his name. Not very long ago such calls used to be very frequent.Now with caller id installed on most land line  phones,the caller can be traced. Hence such mystery calls have been considerably dropped.More over with the mobile phone coming to the market, caller number invariably available, this nuisance has been reduced.
The invention of mobile phone has  completely changed the way how people are in contact with  one another.With facilities like Wi Fi, Internet, Bluetooth available, the phones are called 'Smart phones'. It has completely revolutionized  how people  talk and send messages to each other.   The style and shape of the phones is also changing rapidly.
Mobile phone then and now.

With the increase in the number of telephones,whether land line or mobile every second person owns a mobile phone.With the introduction of mobile phones, household maids, vendors, sweepers proudly display their prized possession. But they have not learned to use it properly.  What to speak of these illiterate people,  even those so called  'decent' people misuse the phone. We can see  these phone users  on the roads, on bus stops, in and out of offices talking endlessly on the mobile phone. Whether it is a hospital, an office, a class room or a meeting, the presence of a mobile phone is 'inevitable'. Speaking on the phone while driving has been banned, but we see  people  keep talking  on their phone merrily.
                                                      Modern society is almost obsessed with  mobile phones. Where ever you go, you see a mobile phone in every body's hand. The speed with which old models are becoming obsolete and new ones are flooding the market, the mobile phone is becoming a device to show off. There is no doubt that mobile phones have become a symbol status. With the facility of video recording and voice recording many other facilities the cell phones are also being misused. We  have read how girls are being black mailed by a click of a phone.  Dirty jokes,  and SMS's are sent to embarrass  the receivers. People talking loudly in places like cinema houses, meetings,talks by eminent personalities, funerals etc.  is a common sight which causes lot of interruption to  others. Whatsapp is the latest craze. There is no doubt that the world has become closer with the easy accessibility of the latest smart phones. The  Viber  a free call  facility to any where in the world, is  a  boon.
           With the passage of time, many more gadgets are likely to be added to a large number, already available, which will make life more comfortable.

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  1. I wonder if you have down loaded Truecaller?
    Without even answering the calls which come from numbers begging with 40.....I block them via Truecaller.