northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cold Haiku

                                                                 Cold dusky evening
                                                           eggs, tea stalls  fully crowded
                                                                   No space to stand.

                                                               Wintry cold day
                                                         Homeless warm themselves
                                                                Roadside fire.


                                                                 Shivering children
                                                          waiting for  the school bus
                                                                 Ah! its too cold.

                                                                For the rich
                                                     central heat,fireplace, blower
                                                               prevent the cold.

Written for Haiku Horizon 38 prompt 'cold'




week 38  prompt 'cold'                       pic courtesy google


  1. A great series here, Usha -- well done! :D

  2. I especially like the eggs and tea stalls. I could feel the crowds.

    PS:I've been trying on and off for days (again over the months since I got back to the USA) to find a way to get a comment from wordpress to blogger. This capacity seems to be intermittent and vanishing. So I opened an ancient and unused blogger account to use for commenting on blogger accounts. But, alas, it doesn't link to me or my blog.

    1. Thank you Alice.
      I have also noticed that comment from wordpress to blogger and vice versa is generally not communicated.

  3. Such a stark contrast Usha: well done! :) <3