northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Today  is Thanksgiving Day. A day to show gratitude to those who have been our well wishers and have  helped us in one way or the other. Gratitude is just to express our acknowledgement  and thankfulness towards them  for caring for us.
                        On this day while  expressing my gratitude, I thank God  for all His mercies that He has bestowed  upon me.Whatever I have achieved  in life is due to the grace of God.Whenever I followed a wrong path, God guided me to change my destination and made me trod on the right direction. I give an example. After my Pre medical, it was my aim to become a Doctor, but since I was underage, I did not get admission.  I joined B.Sc. (Home Science). God had other plans for me. Circumstances were created  in such a manner that I left Science stream and joined Humanities.  There after I passed M.A. (English) and B.ed.  and joined the Education Department as a teacher and rose up to  the position of Addl. Director of Education, which is the highest position for those rising from the level of a teacher.I firmly believe that it was God's directive to me. It was in my interest that God created such circumstances, which proved to be beneficial for me. I express my gratitude towards all my teachers, under whose  guidance I became capable to handle my  professional duties efficiently.
                                                    I am grateful to my parents for the love and affection with which they brought  up me and my siblings. We, three sisters and two brothers,were given the best of every thing. It is solely the good bringing up that we are all prosperous  and are leading a tension free, virtuous,  and satisfactory life. 
                                                         Now in the twilight period of my life (I am 79 now) I thank my husband, who has always been my greatest source of inspiration, love, care and affection. I can proudly state that in all ups and downs of my professional life,he has been  supportive like a rock  behind me. During my several ailments, including surgery for breast cancer, he has been a pillar of strength for me. I pray to God to give him good health .
                              My unfailing gratitude is towards my children and grand children who dearly love me. My son, Deepak and daughter in law Kavita give us untainted  love and affection. My daughter ,Jyoti and son in law, Jagdish, both Doctors, take tender care of both of us. Our grand children are very affectionate. It is God's  bounty that we have got such loving and caring children.
                 After my retirement I started writing blogs, as a hobby. I write what ever comes to my mind. I am not bound by any thing. Since I gat encouragement and inspiration from my  on line friends, I express my gratitude for their inspiring comments which keep me going. I mention here some names  with a feeling of  affection and thanks for constant remarks  for reading my thoughts .Corinne, Shilpa, Asha,  Elly Stornebrink,Kathy, Aathira, Suzy Que, Naba, Rallentanda,Vishal Bheero, Amrit, BK Chowla,Rajlakshmi, Anil Kurup, Rudrapragya, Amarpreet Kaur Uppal and many others.
Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury

Written for Corinne and Vidya's Gratitude Circle

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