northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 29 May 2014

My pride,my joy!

Last week was a momentous  day for our family.  My grandson (my daughter's son)  made  us really feel on top of the world. He appeared for the MD entrance exam of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).Last week when the result was declared, he topped the list. Wow, it was a proud moment for the parents, grandparents and the whole family. He has also made his Institution
  proud! Tejas is a hard working child and God has rewarded him.  It was his dream to be a MD in Medicine, which is now a cake walk for him. I feel proud in sharing the news with friends.
                                  This is not the first time that he obtained a first rank. After his Senior Secondary Exams, he got a first position in the Delhi Pre Medical Test.
The coaching classes that he attended for three months interviewed Tejas and  uploaded it on You Tube.Given below is the video recorded  by  his coaching  center.  This  is a one minute message. (There is another 10 minutes interview video also)


video courtesy you tube

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Homecoming of a grand daughter.

The last two weeks were spent merrily by  the whole family. It was an ocassion to be happy and jovial. The whole day sound of  music, dance, anecdotes  and jokes reverberated in the house. There was  hectic activity all around. Rajita, our grand daughter was coming from USA to spend some days at home. The day she informed that she was coming, every one was excited. We started planning  to cook the dishes she is fond of.  Poor child! she has to study and also to cook food, for which she hardly gets time. Her cooking is done on week ends for the whole week. We wanted to give her the best of every thing.
                    The day she arrived, friends and relatives came to meet her. This continued for two /three days. She wanted to meet some of her old friends.We wanted her to spend some exclusively with the family. Something or the other cropped up and we were deprived of her company. She had shopping also on her 'to do' list.  The days were,  running away, as if they were teasing us.
      Her Papa( My son) was touring, and was in Goa during those days. She went to Goa for two days to spend time with her Papa.One day prior to her departure  to USA, many of her friends  were scheduled to visit our house to say good bye to her. We prepared  Kerala cuisine . All the favourite dishes of Rajita were made. We made Sambar, Rasam, Avial, Erissery, Olan, Pachadhi, Injipulli, and three varieties of Payasam. Food was served on the floor on plastic leaves, made in green color, which look exactly  like banana leaves. Children enjoyed the food The place resembled  the photograph  given below

prepositions of place

After a heavy lunch  children played Antakshri.  It was very thrilling. Even the elders participated in it. Then the children sang songs. One by one the children departed. 
   Every day Rajita told us about her experiences and also the places which she had visited.Her visit to Disney Land , with all the video recordings and photographs, was amazing. 
 The day of her departure  came too  early. The two weeks which she spent at home with us, will remain etched  in our mind. She came and went back as a hurricane. We have already started  counting  the  days for her next visit. God bless her!!

Written for Write Tribe Wednesday prompt  # 16. Pic courtesy Write Tribe.

Monday, 26 May 2014


It just hurts

                                                      Lovers of yesterday
                                               Drift away , no love  no smile.
                                                        sit like strangers..

                                                          The music of love
                                                    no more a manna for him
                                                       notes turn discordant.

                                                           Why this drift
                                                   between the love birds,both
                                                         are now world apart.


                                                      The stars and moon
                                               Witness to their sweet nothings ,
                                                        silently see her tears.

Prompted by Haiku Horizons 14th week prompt 'Drift'.
Pic. courtesy  Google



Sunday, 25 May 2014

The pink haunted room.

in on at  Meeta's  father booked a resort for Meeta and her husband Rakesh,  in Taiwan. It was raining when they reached Taiwan.They stayed in a hotel near the airport.  An old man followed them  and  said,"  You were going to the beach resort tonight, but stayed here due to rain." The couple was stunned. The man continued," Any newly wedded couple ,who occupies the room dies mysteriously. Don't  go there."  Meeta and Rakesh,without paying any heed to the old man's words, went to the resort.  The room was perfect for  a honeymoon.  The couple died before they consummated their  honeymoon.

This post is written in response to Write Tribe prompt 100 words on Saturday # 15.  Pic courtesy Write Tribe

                                                             in on at

Friday, 23 May 2014

A life so lonely and sublime

In the year 1950, a film titled, Jogan was released. The main stars of the movie were Nargis and Dilip Kumar. They were the hit stars of those days. The movie was somewhat different , as there was no romance and no fighting scenes. It was considered "boring".The movie was  very appealing, and even though there was no romantic scenes, it was very emotional.I was a teenager at that time. The impact of the movie was such, that there was a yearning to see it again and again. 
         Given below is a story based on the movie. I have also made an attempt to show some of the songs  from the movie to enable my friends to get a feel of the music of Jogan.

In Rampur village near the river there was a temple.  Sati, a devotee of  Lord Krishna,sang bhajans (religious songs)  every morning. 

The whole village assembled there and were lost in the melodious and soothing voice of  Sati.In the evening she gave talks  from the scriptures.Her talks are so mesmerising that young  and old, all  men and women  flocked the village temple. Sati  came to this village only a month ago. No one knew from where she came. But they were attracted towards  her pearls of wisdom, sweet voice and enchanting personality. She was in her early thirties and her knowledge  about everything made the villagers spellbound !
                               One day, while she was singing a bhajan, she was suddenly distracted by a man , standing near the door of the temple. Their eyes met! For a split second she wavered , but continued the bhajan.

] As soon as the bhajan was over, Sati rushed out of the temple, literally ran to her abode, which was just a small hut, an apology for a  house. Her caretaker, an elderly lady was shocked to see Sati.
 She was breathing hard and was not in a peaceful state of mind.The whole day she remained in meditation, She did not go for her evening session to the temple. She went without food or sleep. Her mind was not steady. It was full of remorse. The words of Guru Mata were  haunting her. " If you want to become a real yogi,  don't be enticed by worldly pleasures. If your emotions dangle , you will fail  to be a real yogi."
Her thoughts went back, fifteen years  back!! Her name was Shyamla, the only daughter of the  village Pradhan.She was the apple of her parents' eyes. She was a very playful girl, climbing trees,  running after  cattle, stealing mangoes from the fields and what not.! One day , from morning to evening she was sporting and singing around merrily with friends on  Holi, a festival of colours.

 Her maid came to call her  several times but she was so much engrossed in merry making,that she just ignored  her maid. She reached home after two hours, happily dancing and singing along with friends. She entered the living room, where her father was  entertaining guests.  She went straight to her father,with colour on her face  and  started complaining,'Why did you call me? I was playing Holi with my friends. You disturbed me. I do not want to talk to you. And you know how much I hate to entertain guests.Who are these people and why are they here?" On hearing this comment one of the guests got up furiously and screamed, "Is this the way you treat your guests! You have insulted us.  Who will want a daughter in law who has such a temperament?  We are leaving and are not interested in pursuing this alliance".The guests left, in spite of her father's  requests. Next morning her father was found dead . He died in sleep. Shyamla was  shocked. It was due to her misbehaviour that her father died.
She left the house in the state of misery and shock and jumped into a river  from the bridge.  When she opened her eyes a motherly woman was seated beside her.  Her first question was who was the woman who saved her.  Without a word the aged woman took Shyamla to an ashram.She saw a lady,who looked very graceful and had a strange attraction. There was an aura ,which made her whole being a symptom of love and peace.She signalled to Shyamla to come near her. As if in a trance Shyamla moved towards her and sat beside her. The lady, as if blessing her, kept her hand on Shyamla's head.  Involuntarily Shyamla kept her head on the lady's lap and was completely at peace with herself. She did not know how long she slept. She got up with a start! She had slept for three hours in the lap of  the noble lady.
                    The lady was the Guru Mata of the ashram. She called  a girl and told her,"Take Sati  with you and tell her  all the rules." She looked smilingly at Shyamla and said,"Your name will be Sati  from  today." From a mischievous and fun loving girl the transformation was very smooth. The pain and sudden shock turned her into an entirely different personality. Guru Mata's words  touched  the inner most chord of her heart.. She was at peace with herself. Every word spoken by her was calm, composed, serene and tranquil. In three years  she had forgotten her past and lived  a spiritual and devotional life. One day Guru Mata told her, "Sati, you can now face the world with grace, confidence and equanimity."
Sati, along with two other inmates of the Ashram, went to various temples, singing bhajans
She came back to reality. This was the first time that she had wavered  She told  her associates that she was going back to Guru Mata and left without another word. The boy followed her and she was aware of him. All of a sudden , she stopped in front of a large Banyan Tree.  She addressed the boy,"This is your limit. You cannot cross  to the other side of that tree."  After saying these words, she moved on, leaving behind the shocked boy.  She reached the ashram and straight went to Guru Mata and burst into tears.  She apologised to Guru Mata and said that she would go into Samadhi as a repentance. Inspite of Guru Mata's   direction Sati went into meditation. She gave a note to one of the workers to  hand over the note to the person sitting near the Banyan Tree. The person who went in search of the boy found him near the tree.  As soon as he received the note, Vijay hurried towards the ashram, but he was too late. Sati had attained Samadhi and her soul had mingled with Lord Supreme.The  following song was resonating in the whole atmosphere.
video  google

Wednesday, 21 May 2014



                                                                      flying pigeons
                                                                                Flying   birds  high

                                                                         Inventions galore, why  nothing  to

                                                                                 make men fly!!

                                                                    flying bird : Illustration of happy Flying bird
                                                                       Chuckling, chortling, cacking

                                                                     giggles, gobbles  guffaws, gleefully,

                                                                             lovely  bird alone!

                                                                     Mighty plane standstill

                                                                Imposing, magnificent and grandiose

                                                                       a toy in the sky.

   pics courtesy google                Written in response to Haiku Horizons Prompt 12  'fly'

Monday, 19 May 2014

Too much for a teen ager


A sixteen year Mohan  told his mother,"I know the truth".  Mother gave him five hundred rupees and said Don't tell  anyone. Mohan told the same words to his father who gave him thousand rupees and told not to tell anyone. Outside he saw the postman and repeated the same . The postman jumped and said,"Finally you know. Come  hug me my son."Mohan was shocked and started running away from the postman.This was too much for a teenager. He wished he knew then, what he knew now. Suddenly he jumped in front of a speeding truck and died .

This Prompt is written in response to Write Tribe100 words  on Wednesday. and the topic is He wished he knew then,what he knew now.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

House hunting

Recently a friend was posted to Delhi from Ludhiana. He left his  wife and three children with his mother-in-law temporarily, till he  he was able to find a suitable accommodation.He wanted to stay in a hotel.We offered our guest room till he could find a suitable accommodation. He  happily agreed to  our proposal. He joined his office the next day and decided  to go for house hunting on the week end.  In the mean time he started  marking  the advertisements in different newspapers. He wanted to take a house in South Delhi. Hence only the houses  available  in South Delhi were marked. In Ludhiana he was paying Rs. 35,000/ as rent for a three bed room house, which had a lawn in  front and the back yard.He had an estimated budget of Rs.60,000. On Sunday morning my husband accompanied his  friend  for house hunting.  They must have seen at least six or seven houses. But the rent was touching the sky.  In a dark and dingy  lane they saw a house,which had only three small rooms and the rent quoted was 50,000 rupees. Both of them came home tired and dejected.I consoled him ,"Don't be disheartened. Next week you may find some thing better."The whole week, he again earmarked some houses in the newspaper. He contacted a property agent, who gave him great hope that he would be able to arrange a house  within his estimated budget.The experience that he got in the second week end was worse than  the previous week.
 I told him to leave the desire of obtaining a residential accommodation in South Delhi. In the evening he phoned his wife. At first she started  taunting him that he was unable to accomplish even such a small task. Then I spoke to her and told her the position.After hearing from me she seemed to be relaxed. She gave a green signal to her husband  to search in other areas. I also advised him to take leave for a week , if he wanted some concrete  result.Now started a thorough searching program. The two friends left  for house hunting in the morning and came back in the evening. From the contours of their face I could judge that there was no success. It became a daily routine. They discussed the experience that they had during the day. Listening  to their observations we all had a hearty laugh. One land lord said that  no nonvegetarian food  was allowed to be cooked. Another  said  that a couple with more than two children  will not be given the house.  In another place the condition was that no body would be allowed to enter the house after nine'o clock at night. Another interesting condition which one of  the landlords   prescribed was that the lady of the house  should not be a working woman (how funny!) and wanted the marriage certificate of the couple. My husband's friend was disgusted.  He had come to Delhi on promotion. Next day, he submitted an application to his boss for reverting him back to a  lower position and post him back to Ludhiana. His parting words were,"Every thing can be achieved in this city, but it is impossible to get a rented accommodation without fulfilling a plethora of impossible  conditions." 

free write,  at least 500 words long. Make sure you don’t use any of the filler words mentioned above.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts..

The words of the famous poet, P.B. Shelly, "The sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts"  are  so true.  I love to hear  sad songs because they  are emotional, and have soft music. In the case of old Hindi songs of 1960's and 70's these words are very befitting. I  am playing some of my favourite sad  songs.

                                         This is Sharmila Tagore  in Safar. The song is 
                                         so emotional that it touches the heart. I love this
                                          song. Hope you will like it.

                                           Kahin door jab din dhal jaye  is filmed on Rajesh
                                         Khanna  in the movie Anand.  A very moving song.

                                         Kati Patang was a hit movie, starring Asha Parekh and
                                          Rajesh Khanna.  This is the best song of this movie.


                                          This song is  from Manoj Kumar's movie Upkar. 
                                           Pran  acted as a villian in most of the movies. This
                                          was the first time he was depicted as an old  man, 
                                          in a positive role.

                                           This is Uttam Kumar, a hero of Bangla  movies. He 
                                           acted in one or two Hindi  movies. This song is from
                                            the movie Amanush, in which he played the role of
                                             hero opposite Sharmila Tagore.The song is very sad.

                                       Pavitra Paapi  was a movie which did not go well with
                                       the masses.Parikshit Sahni,son of the famous star,Balraj
                                       Sahni was in the leading role. The song is a sad one .

                                          And last but not the least is Jaya Bachhan in the
                                          movie, Kora Kaagaz. The being plated here is
                                         the theme song of the movie.

 I hope you will like my selection of songs.

videos  courtesy  you tube.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

North Indian versus a Keralite.

If  we ask  a student of class nine studying in North India,'Where is Quillon and what language is spoken there', I can vouchsafe that  70 %  children will  not be able to answer this question. Out of  the 30% who answer the question  another half may not know which language is spoken there.Similarly  the students in South India will not be familiar with  Bhatinda or Rewari, towns of  Northern India. Leave aside children, even many adults  are unaware of  the languages spoken in many parts of the country. The people do not distinguish between Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam and Kannada. For them all are Madrasis.  I will confine myself to Kerala and the North.
                      People staying in South India  believe that people staying on  Northern side of  Vindhyas are Punjabis. Similarly  people in the North of India have a belief that every one across the Vindhya  is  a Madrasi. A  North Indian girl  told her mother that she  wanted to marry a Keralite. The mother immediately reacted"Will you marry a Madrasi?" The daughter corrected ,"No Mom, he is not a Madrasi. He is a Keralite".The mother's reply was unique, "It is one and the same".
 Regarding food habits also the  notions formed have no base. In the North I have seen that even educated people  have the impression that Idli, Dosa and Sambaar comprise the staple food.of South Indians. They don't want to agree that these items are taken for breakfast or as a snack. In the South there is a similar opinion about 'Chole Bhature'..
 An interesting thing is that in the towns and cities of North, people will not agree to let out their property to 'Punjabis'. An opinion has been formed that Punjabis are quarrelsome and they will neither give rent in time nor vacate the property  easily. They prefer a "Madrasi" because he is harmless. How such a notion has spread,  is beyond any rationale.
However they have a similar stand on one issue. They  believe that husband  is an Avtara(God)  to be placed on a higher pedestal,. Both sides are 'one 'and have a common belief in this case. They never  address their husband by his name. In Kerala women call their husbands 'Chettan', which  means brother(I do not understand the reason for addressing. )  and 'Nokoo' (Look). Punjabi women address their spouses as 'Dekho', 'Suno"  or " Pappu ke papa" and so on.   This form of addressing is slowly being replaced by the first name of the husband.
What is your experience of  mingling with the people of the two States.?

Note this post is not directed towards any particular person . No  offence  meant.



Monday, 12 May 2014


                           You are here
                 under layers of my heart,
                         sonny and  doll.

                               past is past
                 future unknown, live in glory
                          enjoy the present


                             The best present
                     the warmth of mothers love
                           enjoy every moment.

Written in response to Haiku Horizons prompt 12 present

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Love is gone.

This is another nonet . It bares open the bruised  heart of a lonely lady , left alone  with  memories, memories and memories.
lost love : Love Word Sinking In THe Sea Showing Loss Of Love And Broken Heart


                         Whats  love,

                         Love is no love,

                         Love is lost for ever!

                         Hate, bitter  feelings take over

                        Where will this aversion  lead to?

                        The fate of  love birds   now sealed.

                        Some dry  tears  take the  place of  love

                       Painful memories, old and past,  replace the lost love.

She realised that she could no longer hide the truth.


Nimmi was ready to go to office when her mom said, " Don't  go today. A boy is coming to see you." Nimmi was startled  and realised that she could no longer hide the truth.  She told her mother about Suresh and said she  would never marry another man.Her mother called the boy's mother and cancelled the  appointment.
Next day Suresh  asked her why she had refused to see the boy. She asked,"How do you know?" Suresh replied," I told my parents about you and we were coming to your house. Now everything  is lost."  Nimmi sighed,"Oh no!"

Written in response to Write Tribe  100 words on Saturday  prompt ," she realised she could no longer hide the truth"

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dining out ......six body idioms

eye to eye

Last week a group of four friends had to visit Karnal for an assignment. After  completing their assignment  they decided to have dinner. They were looking for a decent but average  place. They walked some distance and saw a big signboard, stating 'Welcome Hotel.Famous for Indian, Chinnese, and South Indian food'.(As if  South Indian food is not Indian). All the four saw eye to eye and entered the Hotel. There were twelve tables, which were all full. They waited near a table, anticipating that the persons occupying it would vacate it . One of the four friends, Anil,  had a gut feeling that something was wrong there. He expressed his fear but the other three just laughed it away. Actually, his ears were grounded. He  heard their talk and was sure that they were terrorists.  They were five of them seated  at the table. Before Anil could narrate what they were talking, one of the occupants of the table got up with a revolver in his hand  shouted loudly,"All  of you listen. Keep your belongings on the table or you will be shot dead. Fast! No delaying!!" Every one was stunned, with their faces red with fear. All of a sudden six men , with revolvers surrounded the terrorists and shouted,"Hands up". Now it was the turn of the terrorists to be stunned. With eggs on their faces,they surrendered to the police, disguised in plain clothes. Immediately the hotel was declared closed. The four friends,with kick in their teeth, went out  dragging their feet. 

This story is written in response to Write Tribe Wednesday prompt, sis parts of the body

Wednesday, 7 May 2014



Till last week it was very hectic, frenzied and full of excitement. Most of us were caught in a maze of  alphabets and words. Yes, I am referring to A to Z  challenge.  There are 26 alphabets, one for each day of April, except Sundays. We were supposed to select a theme or to write at random. I read about this challenge about two months ago, but did not pay any heed to it.I could not imagine myself writing a blog every day  of the month. Not for me this challenge!.  As days passed by I read enthusiastic bloggers writing about the challenge.I too searched the post written by Madam Corinne. It was truly motivating.  I discussed about it with my mentor, Shilpa. Her advice was so inspiring that  then and there I decided to take the plunge! Now another  dilemma. Whether to select a theme or to write at random. After weighing several thoughts I decided to take the theme.I decided to write on 'Festivals of India'. In my younger days I had travelled a lot and witnessed quite a number of  celebrations. 
                   I do not regret that I selected this topic. I wrote with great zest and enthusiasm.  I wrote minimum two posts every day and completed  twenty two posts by first week of March.  The last four  proved to be challenging.I discussed with friends, consulted the great Google, and took a final decision.  I am  contended with the support and motivation  which I got from friends. I made many new friends, and retained the old ones.  It was a very fulfilling experience to read blogs, which touched the  heart. The variety  of themes and the text and subject matter of the blogs was amazing.I mention a few which were exemplary. Shilpa's  55ers on marriage ,to say the least were unique. Sreeja's story  left the readers guessing what next.The doggies of Carol Graham were such cuties. Vishal's memoirs of his college were  soaked in  pleasant remembrances. Jayanta, being a Rotarian,wrote about social  issues and how they can be curbed by society. Beloo Mehra, herself a great educationist is concerned with the  drawbacks in the  prevalent system of Education and how the age old practises can be erased and a new and more practical changes can be brought about.  Many of Swathi's posts expressed feelings and emotions which we face in our daily life.I enjoyed  the posts of Sushree Dash, Rajlakshami, S(t)ri,  Shailaja.The little Princess, Jyotsna Bhatia, Kathy Combs and Nabanita and many more posts brilliantly written by friends whose names have been left out inadvertently.
   This has been a memorable journey under the  leadership of Madam Corinne, who is herself a prolific writer and a friend and a guide to all the participants. My special   thanks to my group leader, Shilpa,who has  guided every one  efficiently.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014



                                                        Temple bells ring
                                         fragrant incense soothes the soul
                                                      devotees throng..

                                                  alarm clock photo: alarm clock nxsg6pd1xx8gruc7lt3m.gif

                                                     The morning alarm
                                               Uff! hate  the alarming  sound
                                                    mom's kiss welcome.

Written in response to Haiku Horizons prompt 11..... Ring

pic courtesy google



Sunday, 4 May 2014

Liebster Award

I have been nominated by Swathi Shenoy for the Liebster Award. I am thankful to her for considering   me capable for the award. I thankfully accept the award from Swathi.

Here are the rules:

1. Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.

2. List 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

4. Pick 5 - 10 new bloggers (must have less than 300 followers) to nominate.

5. Ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger who nominated you.

6. Go to each blogger's site and inform them of their nomination.

)Eleven facts about myself( I am going to be 79  in October}

1.I am  reserved by nature. It takes time to open up.

2. I am very religious. 

3. I was born with 'a silver spoon in my mouth'.My parents were very well off and very liberal.

4. I had very good school and college education. Those days very few girls were sent to co-ed institutions. I studied in co-ed colleges and did M.A. B.ED.

5. I joined the Education Dept.  as a post graduate  teacher and and retired as Addl. Director of Education.

6. I  am happily married.  My husband is a Keralite and I am a Punjabi.

7. I have two children, well settled

 8. I have four grand children, all adults and very brilliant. All of them are deeply attached to me. 

9. I write blogs for the love of writing.

10. God has given me every thing except good health.I have undergone 5 surgeries including cancer. For the last five years I am on Wheel chair. 

11. In spite of health problems, I take life in its stride. I am contented and thank god for his mercies.

My questions for my nominees:

1. What is your favorite pastime, apart from reading novels?

 I  love to cook. I am make varieties of cakes and chocolates, which are relished by my family.

2. If given a chance to go back and change one thing from your past, what it would be?

 Nothing. I have a led a peaceful life. I will not like to change anything  from my past.

3.Which is the first word that comes to your mind when asked to describe yourself?

   Love for my husband.

4 What got you into blogging?

     My love for writing.

5.. Which is that one thing that can change your foul mood and make you smile within an instant?

      When I became a mother.

6.. Which in the memory/incident that you treasure the most?
   The day  my book was released three years ago
7.Ten years later from nay, what will you do?

I will only lurk  around my house.

8.Where do you see yourself  after 10 years?

  I have no reply. It is obvious .

9.Was there any major turning point in your life that made you who you are today? If so, then what is it?

The entry of my daughter-in-law. She is a gem  She is a principal of a reputed school, but finds time to look after me and my husband in our old age like a daughter.

10.What do you think is the key to any successful relationship?

      In any relationship, if it has to succeed, give and take  matters the most. It has to be a two way traffic.

11.According to you, what is the definition of a good novel?

  It is a matter of choice. I like soft romance, family relations. Its a big no no to war, scientific situations .

I nominate  the following bloggers for the Liebster Award

1. Nabanita 

2. Kathy Combs.

3.Rajlakshmi H. Boruah

4. Jyotsna Bhatia

5.Arpita Mudit''

6 Jayanta Tewari

7 Carol Graham

8. Ananya Kiran

9. The Little Princess (Titli)

10 Sreeja Pravin

11.Beloo Mehra.

12. Doc.Sushree Dash

The questions for the nominees

1. What is your favourite pass time?

2. How did you  start blogging?

3. Which is your favourite TV show?

4.What is your opinion about working  ladies?

5.Are you a party person?

6. Who is your favourite film star and why?

7. If you get power for a day, what change will you like to bring in the country?

8. A boy or a girl-----whom do you prefer?

9.What are your views about Indian media?

10. Which book did you read  recently/

11. What do prefer  love marriage or arranged marriage?

I hope you will accept the award. Wish you all the best. Keep smiling,
Usha Menon.