northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 28 February 2014

Hide and seek with keys



There is a saying in Hindi which  means that keys, if missing, are found    with great difficulty.  In the Chopra family the veracity of this statement  is very true. Madam Chopra  is a very efficient housewife and has an excellent  record in her work place. But there is  no one who can beat her in forgetfulness. Every day  the family gets a sample of her  forgetfulness. Some day it is her office file which disappears, the next day her sun glasses are missing and some other day, her hand bag can not be seen. Even her smart  phone plays hide and seek with her.  But as far as 'keys' are considered, she is  an adept in forgetting. Whether it is her car key, or almirah key or even her office  key, no one can beat her. in forgetting where the keys were kept or last seen. Almost every morning  before she leaves for work, every member of the house is seen  making the whole house topsy turfy. No place in the house is spared. The  eldest to the youngest is seen  ransacking the whole house.One day  Pappu, a four year old  son of the Chopra,s comes to his father and says,"Papa, get up. Mama's  car key is missing".The father, who has been a witness to such  situations  umpteen times says,"The key is not here. Go and search for it some where else." Little Pappu ,who has been assigned this duty, starts crying at the pitch of his voice. Madam Chopra enters the room," Who is troubling my little baby?'.  The child is very clever. Pointing an accusing finger towards  the lord and master of the house, he says, "He is not letting me search  your car key." Now it is Madam's  order,  the hubby has no  guts to ignore, he  gets up and stands in one corner. The bed sheet, pillows and blankets are thrown like planetary  objects one by one. A 'tong' sound makes her alert. "Oh yes, I remember I kept the key bunch under your pillow last night."After hearing  this  announcement, the wild search is suspended. She immediately leaves for office. Rearranging  all the rooms, which  give the appearance of a battle field, is left for the maid.
                                         One day the Chopra family had to go for  the boss's  daughter's marriage. She told the children to be ready by 7 0'clock ! After all, they were going on  the boss's  invitation. In the evening , both children and Mr. Chopra were ready. Madam Chopra said, " I will be ready in five minutes." Father and children were waiting in the lobby for her.  After a long wait, which seemed incessant, Pappu came in and said,"Papa is asking how long will you take?" She said that  soon she would be there.  Five, ten, fifteen minutes  passed. There was no trace of Madam. Mr. Chopra entered her room. What he saw there was sufficient for a man to swoon, but he knew his wife well! He simply asked,'Almirah keys are missing?"

Well  that is is another story how and where the keys were located, but one thing which can be inferred is that they could not go for the wedding that evening !!

Image credit – Morgue file

Written in response to The Wednesday Prompt 2014 #8

Monday, 24 February 2014

He/she is the lucky one

Way back in late 80's I was Principal of a school.  We were collecting funds for flood victims. To attract more donations we announced a lucky draw. For a ticket of 10 rupees  the lucky draw  prize was a saree and a bedcover costing 2000 rupees.  A small child was deputed  to  take out the lucky  number. Every body was waiting with bated breath.  The lucky  ticket was given to me to announce the result. It was really embarrasing to announce the result. I was the winner. There was a loud applause.  'She is very lucky' was on all lips.

This prompt 'He/she is the lucky one' is written in response to Write Tribe, 100 words on Saturday.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

55 words of fiction How I wished.

The examinations were round the corner. Kusum was  tense and worried.  A sword of uncertainty hung on her head.  "Hope I will pass."  Her mom advised her, " Eat well and sleep well.  It will keep you fresh and devoid of stress. Relax your mind.'' Later on don't say," How I wish I had worked hard." 

This 55er is written in response to Write Tribe 55 On Friday 2014 -2 Prompt.


Saturday, 22 February 2014

He was too late. ..Write Tribe prompt # 7

Meena opened her eyes." Oh God", she thought,"where am I?" Her whole body was numb. She was confused.  "how have reached this  place?" Her thoughts went back to the incident which shattered her. The ugly  moments that she went through  flashed  before her  eyes. She went to  Sanjeev's office, but he refused to meet her. She sent a message through the attendant that it was very urgent, but to no avail.  She  went to the reception and requested the lady to connect  her to Sanjeev, but she was curtly informed that he was in a meeting and  had no time to see her. Meena controlled her tears, which were about to flow on her cheeks. She sat down and borrowed a pen and paper from the receptionist. She scribbled something on the paper  and handed it to the receptionist.  She  wrote that she was going away from his life forever . She told the  receptionist to hand it to Sanjeev.  She  wondered  where was she, and perhaps again  went into  deep slumber.  She did not know how long she slept. Suddenly a stranger  entered the room.  She noticed that he was very handsome, dark and tall.  He came near the bed and asked, "How are you, young lady?"  
She kept staring at him, when he repeated the same question.  In a trembling voice , she asked him how did she come there, who he was and how long she was there.  The stranger said," So many questions, in one breath!! I am Dr. Pankaj. You are here for the last one week.  I saved you when you jumped into the river." He  signalled  something to a lady, who had also entered along with him.  The lady went out and returned in five minutes with a small baby, wrapped in a shawl. She laid the baby by her side. The Doctor said,"This is your son. He was born on the day when I saved you from drowning. . Now tell me why you took such a step ? Tell me your name and address, so that I can arrange to send you to your people." Meena wept uncontrollably.  Dr. Pankaj tried to console her,and told her ,"Never mind.  You take it easy."
            Next day morning,Dr. Pankaj was in  his study, he was surprised to see Meena. He told her to be comfortable. Without any introduction or any hesitation she said, " My name is Meena. My Mother died when I was two years old. My father was both mom and dad for me. Being the only child  I was the apple of his eyes. He sent me to the best school and college.  While in college I became friendly with Sanjeev, a boy ,whose father was a big industrialist.  Sanjeev  and I were madly in love. " She wept bitterly when she uttered these words. Dr. Pankaj consoled her . She said," One day Sanjeev abruptly said that he could not live without me. I told him that we must inform our parents but he  said  that his father will not agree easily and it will take time to persuade him.  The same evening we got married in a temple. We were a happy married couple. One day he told me that he had to go to Singapore on a business tour for three weeks.  I was sad but could not help.  Two months  passed but there was no communication from him. He did not take my calls nor did he reply to my sms's.  I went to his office many times, but he refused to meet me.  One day I realised that I was pregnant. I told my father  every thing about  Sanjeev and myself. It was a shock for him. That night  he died in his sleep.  I had no one in the whole world . I wanted to die when you saved me." Dr. Pankaj  allowed her to cry till she felt light.
Six years passed. She continued to live with Dr. Pankaj. She worshipped him. She knew that he loved her but he never  made her feel uncomfortable by declaring his love for her.  Her son, Rohit was in class one. Dr. Pankaj gave his name as father of  Rohit, in school records.
                   One day, all of a sudden, she saw Sanjeev on the road.  He followed her and reached her house.  She was  breathless when she reached home. Dr. Pankaj asked her why was  she frightened, but without a reply she rushed inside.  Sanjeev entered immediately after  calling her name. Dr. Pankaj stopped him and asked," What do you want?"  Sanjeev replied, "  I  have come here to take my wife, Meena," Dr. Pankaj  told him that his wife  died on the day she was insulted and driven away. He further told him that he was too late.

 Written in response to Write Tribe Prompt # 7  She/he was too  late.

This is a purely fictional story.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sau Din Saas Ke Par Ek Din ?

Today I saw an old Hindi movie, Sau Din Saas ke.It depicts  the attitude of a mother-in-law toward her DIL.  The movie showed  the atrocities  to  an extent,  which cannot be believed.  It made me think  of this MIL/DIl relationship in real life.  This is one relationship which has been been most  talked  about and 'exploited '  so much.Generally the MIL is depicted as a  scornful demon and the DIL as a 'bechari'(a poor sufferer).

                           If we analyse  the reality,  we cannot  put an accusing finger on either the DIL or MIL Unfortunately this problem is universal. Human nature is the same every where. When a girl walks into her  in-laws house after marriage, she  comes with  a predetermined notion that  she is  a new comer and  may not be accepted as a member of the family.  The MIL, on the other side of the fence feels that the 'bahu' will take control of the household, including her son. She assumes that  the house where she has been the mistress  all her life will  be taken over by the  new bride and  she will lose her importance. The very foundation of this relation  starts on a note of suspicion by each side.  To have a harmonious  relationship, this notion of suspicion must change. It is for the MIL  to take the first step in this direction. The bride, who is entering the house must be made to feel that she an important part of the family and not as an outsider. If  the DIL enters the house with an open mind, half the battle is won. 

      The  husband's role is also very important. He has to keep a balanced attitude. The mother should not get the impression that  the son is neglecting her. The wife too must not  have a notion that after marriage  her husband is still a mammas  baby. The mother must allow the couple to live their own life and must not interfere in their personal matters. She must not criticise her DIL in front of others. She must treat her DIL like a daughter.  Even mother and daughter have differences, but these are not discussed publically. The DIL too must realize that  the MIL is old, and may be having some idiosyncrasy, which must be ignored. A close friend, who retired from a very high  position is staying all alone. Her husband died , soon after she retired. She has three sons living  independently with their wives, in houses gifted to them by my friend. She is very ill but none of her sons is willing to take her to his house, because their wives don't want any 'interference'.

 I  have experienced life  both  as a DIL and a MIL. I can state with confidence that  I had the best of relations with my MIL and  now with my DIL. We have been living together  happily and contented for the last twenty five years. A friend of mine once told me that she was ill treated by her DIL. I advised her to treat her DIL like her own daughter and see the change. I met her recently after many years and felt happy that both of them were living  in peace.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Advertisements do they help or confuse?

I  was in a mood to relax and switched on the TV .I  surfed  through channels. I finally chose a movie.  Before the movie started  there were  numberless  ads.  Somehow I tolerated them. The  titles started  rolling on the screen.  Again another  round of ads ! Oh God, it was too much.  I could not bear it any longer.   I am sure every one must have  experienced this  pain in the neck, while watching any programme   on TV.  Not only on TV,  advertisements are every where, in  newspapers, magazines, mobile phones, radio, roads,public and private transports, and even in blogs. How so ever we may  try to evade advertisements, the companies come out  with more novel  and eye catching  ones.
                                                               The ads are used to attract buyers. The firms utilise all sorts of gimmicks to attract the buyer.  Some how the psychology  is that  pretty women , dressed  scantly pull more buyers. This may be the reason that even  products for  men  also depict women. It  is very odd seeing women in ads for shaving  creams, after shave lotion,  men's under garments . This looks so ridiculous. The impression is that  if the ads use sex,  the sale of the product  will go up.
                                               There is so  much  competition in campaigning for every product.  The companies  try to make the ads  very creative, so as to attract the consumer. The ads for  tooth pastes, for example, are  very confusing. One toothpaste company, for example  advertises C  advance,   brite,  sensitive,  sparkling,  for cavity,  whitening etc. Who will not be confused!!  Not to be left  behind, another  rival toothpaste  goes for  more  adjectives as P germi check, fresh,  center fresh,  and many more.The poor consumer is taken for a ride!!  Same  alluring adjectives are used to define  Shampoos, Body lotions, Creams and other products.
Yummy Sandwich -
Paneer Tikka
paneer tikka
                        Another sphere  of   adverts is the food items. How they  show the burgers with such a shiny texture! Paneer Tikkas  look yummy in ads. And  the simple sandwiches are presented  so amazingly.

There are endless ads for mobile phones, each claiming to have  multiple features. The consumer is at a loss, which one to select.  Ranging from two thousand  to  one lac or even above,  the advertising agencies  are  competing   with each other to present  their commodity above others.
                      The ready made garments  also face tough competition.  The  fashions  change so rapidly that  the industry has to  compete with  the changing trends.  The consumer is  'gheraoed'  from  all possible sources and keeps guessing  which  is the best.  How do you like   advertisements ? Do they help  you to decide what to buy and from where to buy?                                           
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Saturday, 8 February 2014


                                                          Army  band  sound
                                                      in rhythm with soldiers

                                                              One two,one two
                                                        children in march past
                                                           salute the flag.

                                                       From mountain top
                                                the cadence of a waterfall.
                                                          I stood still          

Friday, 7 February 2014

My Memories

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

"Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories"   Steven Wright
The quotation  mentioned above is so  true. When I look backward, memories come gushing  to the fore. I am at a loss what to include and what  to discard. In these 78 years of my life I have seen and learnt  a lot. As per the name of my blog, Kuch Khatta, Kuch Meetha, I have experienced a life full of happy and not so happy events. I am jotting down and sharing some pleasant and  happy memories.
 I was the eldest of  three sisters and and two brothers. My father was an Engineer. He was always a topper. In Roorkee Engineering  College, even now his name appears  on the Honour Board.  My mother and father were very liberal and broad minded. My mother was always well dressed and instilled the habit in her children. 
I was admitted to Convent of Jesus of Mary,in KG when I was five years old. All the  girls were crying on the first day. I was the only one who did not weep. I was trying to console the others. I remember that Mother( most of the teachers were nuns) gave me a lollipop as a reward.
I remember that there was a  Flower Show. It was inaugurated by a senior  officer.  I and my sister  sang on the stage. I remember that  it was a marching song. Kadam kadam badaye ja. There was a great applause . After the performance the chief guest called  for my sister and myself. He made us sit on his lap . We felt very honoured.

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.
Read more at true is the above quotation !! When  I started thinking of old memories, a flood of memories came gushing into the mind. I am confused what to write and what to omit. Just imagine, in a life of 78 years how many memories will be stored.  I flash back to an incident when I was four years old. I was in mortal fear of  an injection. I remember that I had chicken pox and severe cough. I was taken to the doctor. He  said that he would give an injection. The very word gave me goosebumps and I started howling.  Three people held me tightly.  Out of fear, I caught the doctor's shirt  and pulled it so hard that the sleeve of the shirt was torn. It must have been very embarrassing for the poor doctor. I was admitted in KG class in Convent of Jesus and Mary. I remember that all the girls were crying. I was the only one hopping around merrily. I remember that the 'Mother'( most of the teachers were nuns) gave me two lollipops as  a reward. I felt on top of the world. I studied there upto class vi.   Another incident that I can think of   was a  flower show,which was inaugurated by some Sr. official. My sister and I sang a song on the stage. It was a marching song 'kadam, kadam badhayeja, khushi ke geet gaaye ja'. There was great applause. The chief guest  made both of us sit on his lap and praised us. Both of us felt very proud.
 I also remember that we used to go  for picnics very often. My father's close friend and our family always went together. In summers we used to go India Gate lawns for moonlit picnics and in winters to Kutub Minar, Okhla etc. Once on a picnic to Okhla, we were waiting for the driver to bring the car. I felt something soft and slimy under my feet. I bent down trying to decipher what was that. My mom noticed me  examining the thing I was standing upon.She screamed, 'a snake, a snake'. Everyone was stunned, that I was standing upon a snake. 
            Every year on my father's birthday, we used have  a family photograph in some studio, followed by dinner at 'Chelmsford Club' or 'Gymkhana Club'.  Given below is a photograph  taken on  one of father's birthday. I am standing behind my father.
a family photograph
When I was in class seven, my father was transferred to Sindri, where a fertiliser factory was being constructed. There was no satisfactory schooling facility, so my sister and I were admitted in Vasanta College for Girls, at Banaras.  Both of us were put in the hostel. In the beginning, I felt homesick,but later on got adjusted very well. In fact the years spent there were the most memorable period of my life.  We used to get parcels of chocolates  very often and shared them other girls.. We became very popular with other children.  There were many mango trees in the school compound. Whenever there was a stormy wind at night we used to run outside and collect  raw mangoes. Behind the sick room window there was a guava tree.  All the girls admitted in the sick room plucked guavas  and hid them under the pillows and enjoyed eating them. 
                     I must  write about  a very funny incident which occurred when I was in class viii. All the girls had lice in their hair.  Every day our warden shouted at the girls. "Why can't you girls maintain  proper hygiene" and " I  will report to the hostel superintendent  to punish you all." We were all fed up of these warnings, which we got at regular  intervals. One day we made a plan.  At night we combed our hair with  small combs and collected hundreds of lice on a piece of  paper.  This lady never bolted her room from inside. One girl tip toed to her bed and emptied the  paper full of lice in the hair of the warden. In the morning we found her itching her hair  non stop, and enjoyed  the scene. Of course now when I look back and think  of this incident I feel that it was a foolish act on our part.
                There is no end to memories. We enjoyed a lot in the days gone by. I smile when I remember them.

myearliestmemoryI am  participating  in Write Tribe Prompt  My earliest Memory

enever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.


Thursday, 6 February 2014

How do I tell her about you.

Geeta and Suresh were  happily married.  Geeta could not conceive. Life became dull and drab. They  adopted a baby girl and named her Pari. The secret of her birth and adoption was never revealed to her. Pari was in love with Jeet. Their parents did not object to the  marriage of the  love birds. One day, finding Geeta in a contemplative mood, Pari asked her why  she seemed  worried.   Geeta was worried how the truth  of  Pari's birth should  be revealed to her mother- in-law. In her heart she was always thinking,"How do I tell  her about  you?"

Written  for Write Tribe prompt 100 words on Wednesday. The topic for the prompt is 'How do I tell her about you.'

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My fight with cancer.

 World Cancer Day is marked on 4th February to raise awareness of Cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. According to a report of a Cancer Society there are four myths regarding cancer


 Today is World Cancer Day.  Today I am laying bare my experience of bearing the pain and fighting with this deadly disease.  It was  the month of June 2002. My children had gone  to Kerala during the summer vacations. Onlly my husband and myself were at home. One day while taking bath, I noticed a  small lump in my right breast. I felt scared. What could it be ......the first thought that came to my mind at that moment was "can this be cancer?" There was no pain on that spot.  I told my husband  about  the lump. He  laughed it away., but I knew that he felt concerned. It was just a chance that our daughter, who is a Doctor, was coming to spend the day with us. After  she arrived, it was my husband who told her to examine me. She checked  the lump, and said that  we  must consult an Oncologist. She phoned her husband,also a doctor, and told  him. Our son-in-law told her to bring me to the hospital immediately.  J(our daughter)  my husband and myself  to the Hospital. Dr. B. a foreknown oncologist was already  there. He performed a needle test, and advised mammogram. Mammography  result was not  very positive.. Biopsy was recommended.  In the meantime children were informed. They cut down    their vacation and returned  the next day. The biopsy  confirmed that the lump was malignant. The news shook me. Why  and how I was inflicted with this deadly disease!! But the negative thoughts  did not last long. I accepted the fact and remained cool.The date of the surgery was fixed. I was admitted in the Nursing Home. Next day the surgery was performed.  The affected breast was removed.I was in the Nursing home for three weeks. The ordeal was not over. Even after the surgery there were more procedures.  I had to  take medicines for five years.
                                                 Twelve years have elapsed after  I was operated upon. I accepted the fact that I  have  to live in that situation. I had regular check ups. After five years I  am  having yearly checks. I am hale and hearty. I am thankful to God that He gave me the strength and energy to to face the deadly  disease! The love and support of my family strengthened my  will power.
                        My doctor told me that the main reason for my survival was that I sought  treatment at an early stage.People should not shy away from visiting the  doctor.  If  they consult the doctor at the last stage, the proper treatment becomes difficult.

  pic courtesy report of the cancer society.

World Cancer Daylinked to Write Tribe-: World Cancer Day