northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

golden memories

A few days ago I was humming an old song  'saiyan dil me aana re' when my grand daughter  looked astonished and asked me, "Dadi,how do you know this song?'I was puzzled.Why she wanted  to  know about the song.I told her that this is a very old  song. Ramita, said ,"No Dadi this a new song ,which has come to the market recently" I realised that she was talking about the re mix version of the song.This set  me thinking how the present generation is unaware  of the songs of olden days.Those were  in fact the golden days of music. This particular song has been rendered  by Shamshad Begum for the film Bahar.Shamshad was a very popular singer in the good old days.
 Talking of music of the bygone era  old memories  are coming alive. In the late 1940s,1950s and 60s  film songs were  so melodious, captivating and vibrant that  they touched the very core of the heart.The euphoria  spread by the songs of that era  sounded like  musical notes of a Nightingale  which last for ever.  Remember  Noorjahan. Her songs from the film Anmol Ghadi "awaj de kahan hai" and "badnam mohhabat kaun kare"  are still so refreshing. The movie was a great hit because of the titillating  songs.  Her ever green songs of Jugnu "hamen to sham-e-gham me katni hai zindagi apni" and "yahan badla wafa ka be wafai ke siva kya hai" are so touching that they actually bring tears  in our eyes.
 Who can forget the soulful songs of  Amirbai Karnatki? The movie Rattan  was a landmark due to its scintillating songs  "milke bichar gayi ankhian" and "o jane wale  balamwa laut ke aa"and many others made Rattan unforgettable!Her song sung  in a lighter vein "gore gore  o banke chore"(Samadhi was  an all time hit.
Who can forget Surraiya,who was not only a melodious singer but a also a talented actress.Her songs from Badi Bahen  and Mirza Ghalib  will always  be nectar for the ears.
  The entry of  Lata Mangeshkar in the realm of background music was no less than a revolution. Her early songs "aayega  aaega  aaega aane wala " (Mahal)'kahin deep jale kahin dil"(Bees saal baad)"ye zindagi usi ki hai jo kisi ka ho gaya"(Anarkali) and "yeh raat yeh chandni phir kahan, sun ja dil mi daastan"(Jaal) and many many more are ever lasting .Her patriotic song "Ae mere watan ke logon"  was  emotionally surcharged and full of pathos  which stirred the conscience of the  nation! Now in her 80s she can  compete with any newcomer.Geeta Dutt and Asha Bhosle were also notable play back singers .Their songs made great impact on the  mind of the listeners.
The  male singers of those golden days  are equally unforgettable. Starting with K.L. Saigal (Ae katibe taqdir mujhe itna bata de) and Pankaj Mullick (Ye kaun aaj aaya savere savere) who were the pioneers  of the world of music, made film music immortal.Mohd Rafi was the emperor of music. He could sing any song ,whether  romantic,  sad or comic   all with equal finesse.His song "chudhvin ka chand ho","Din dhal jae hai raat na jae"(guide)  are full of emotions.I remember his hilarious songs "jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji?  and "tel maalissh"   and devotional song "Man tarpat hari darshan ko aaj." which  are ample depiction of his verstality.
Talat Mahmood  with his soft and silken voice  is an all time favourite with music lovers. He acted in a couple of films but did not make his mark. As a singer, especially ghazals,  he could not be surpassed.His songs  "jhoome re  mera dil bhi jhoome" and "Dil-e-naadaan tujhe hua kya "and  many more are  are simply superb.
  Another  great singer who was  my favourite  was Hemant Kumar..Soft, romantic songs  with  a Bangla flavour were soulful and mesmerising. His songs 'na yeh chand hoga na tare rahenge, magar hum hamesha tumhare rehenge"from the film Shart  and "na tum hame jano na hum tumehe jane magar lagta hai kuch aisa mera humdum mil gaya"  from the movie Baat Ek Raat Ki  are unique.
KishoreKumar  was  an all rounder.He was a singer, actor, director, producer and a story writer.He  started singing in late 1950 movies and continued to sing till his death in 1987.There are several songs  which  brought him awards,but since I am referring to songs upto 60s I will mention his hits in the 50s and 60s.The  song from the film Nau Do Gyarah "ankhon me kya ji, sunehra badal" and  "Koi lauta de mere beete huye din"(Door gagan ki chaun me) were great hits.
Manna Dey  was  also a singer who made a place in the hearts of music  lovers,His  song "kaun aya mere dil ke dware'  from Dekh Kabira roya  and "pucho na kaise main ne rain bitayi" from Meri Surat Teri Ankhain were  very popular .
The music of those days had   simple lyrics, few accompaniments  like Tabla, Harmonium and Sitar and not many notes .But they had the  rhythm and simplicity which touched  the hearts of  music lovers then and even now. These precious gems should not  be spoiled by copying them and adding  obscene videos.They  must be preserved and   retained  in their original  form for ever and ever.