northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Borrowing Sleep Haiku

Another Tan Renga, ' Borrowing sleep' is the  Haiku today.The first four lines are

Borrowing sleep
from the scarecrow's sleeves
midnight frost.

@Basho (Tr. Jane Relchhold.)

                                                        Borrowing sleep
                                              from the scarecrow's sleeves
                                                       midnight frost.

                                                  compels me to take a stole,
                                                woven in gold, silver and more.

written for Carpe Diem's Challenge# 74 prompt 'Borrowing sleep'


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Surprise Haiku

  Today the Haiku is based on a short story.which relates a scene of a beautiful river side and all of a sudden  a  bright eyed deer appears as a surprise. I have given another surprising twist to the story.
Read on;                                      

                                           Riverside bright eyed
                                       deer seen.Where they hide
                                             next morning ?

Written for Carpe Diem Prompt   # 4 'Surprise'.


Wordy Wednesday.


                               Ah, you Potato!.Feeling
                                on top of the world .
                                 Dressed beautifully 
                                   Intoxicaed ?
                                   Be not proud!
                                  This beauty shortlived !!
                                   Very soon, ah very soon
                                    you will be butchered!!
                                   Mashed and crushed
                                   locked in baby's lunch box.
                                   Some he eats, some fall down.
                                       mixed with dust,
                                       will turn into dust.
                                                          This is the end, all will get  
                                         Man. animal all creatures
                                          big or small!!

Written for Blog a Rhythm's   wordy Wednesday # 2


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Don't mind Sir!


This hilarious picture does not require any explanation.LAUGH, LAUGH aand LAUGH.

photo courtesy Google

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Play Haiku

                                                                  Come lets play
                                                         a game of  snakes and ladders
                                                                  remember childhood.

cricket players - cricket player just about to throw the...

                                                                   Game of cricket                                                                                                                                 millions assemble on day 
                                                                     to watch play.                                    


                                                                   Merry go round
                                                            here we go round and round
                                                                     we love to play.

leisure, games and lifestyle concept - happy three male friends playing poker at home - stock photo
                                                                  Adults play Rummy.
                                                              the whole day and night
                                                                    fully  immersed          

Written for Haiku Horizons 49 prompt 'play'
 pics courtesy google

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A to Z of Hindi Movie Songs Part 11

Last week I had written the first part of this post. The songs selected were from A to M.Today I intend to play songs with the  remaining thirteen alphabets,  N to Z. Here we go.
               The  first song selected today  is from the movie Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. This  movie  is one of the most popular movies of this decade.  Recently it was shown running for thousand days continuously, in one cinema hall. All songs of the movie were great hits.  Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are leading stars.            

© Chèvrefeuille

O re piya, a song from the movie, aaja rasiya
is a popular song. It is a Madhuri Dixit film.

              Piya  tose naina lage re, is a  memorable 
                song from the film Guide. It was picturised 
          onWaheeda Rehman. The Movie was a great hit. 
                  Que sera sera- Pukaar song picturised
                      on Madhuri Dixit and Prabhu Deva
                 Rim jhim gire badal, is a very sweet song 
                       picturised on Amitabh Bachhan.It is from
                       the movie Manzil. The song is also sung in 
                       a female voice,picturised on Moushmi Chaterjee.

                    Suno sunata hoon tumko kahani ,                                                     from the movie, Andaz, was a very
                          popular song. It was  sung by Mohd.

              Tera mujh se hai pehle ka naata koi, 
                     an evergreen song from the movie, 
                     Aa  gale lag ja, is my favorite song.         

                     Urvashi, a song from  Hum
                           se hai muqabla,  became  a 
                          hit due  to the dance of Prabhu 

              On 26th Jan(tomorrow), the whole 
                   will celebrate Republic Day. The 
                 US President, His excellency, Obama
                   will be the chief guest ,of the main
                  event. To welcome the Hon'ble, I present
                  the pride of India,singing  a patrotic song.

                     Woh pehli bar,  a song from
                           the movie , Pyar me kabhi kabhi .
                            is my next choice.
                                             x( no song found)
                       This is another  patriotic song sung
                         by the nightingale of India, Lata 


                     The next song, Yeh dosti,  from
                            the super hit movie,Sholay,is a 
                             song for all times.

                                In the  end, I present a 
                             philosophical song, Zindagi  
                             ke safar men guzar jaate hain
                            jo mukam, woh  phir nahin aate,
                            from the movie , Aap ki kasam.

I hope that the bouquet of songs, of varied flavours, from A to Z will be appreciated.

Written for BAR weekly post from 25thJan.15
to31st Jan.15.
Songs courtesy youtube




Saturday, 24 January 2015

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #70,


The first stanza

              Sweet perfume
              mingles with the rains
              dog barks


                                                              Sweet perfume
                                                              mingles with the rains
                                                               dog barks.

                                                                 shocked by perfume
                                                                 dog runs madly for source.

Tan Renga written for Carpe Diem.

Thursday, 22 January 2015



Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.59.46 pm

Today early morning when I opened my laptop, I was in for a surprise. I had been awarded "The Inspiring Award", by Ananya Kiran .She writes  for Ananya Tales. She is herself a profolic writer. She is very talented. I love to read her.  It is a matter of great  honour and  pride to be nominated by this award by her. With gratitude  I  accept the award.  According to  the rules of  I convey my grateful  thanks for nomination, to Madam Ananya.
                        I am supposed to write seven things  about myself. I am a 79 year old, ordinary housewife living a peaceful  life after retirment  from Govt.  job. The seven traits of my personality according to me are
1. I am married for the last 56 years. My husband is a Keralite and I am a Panjabi. We  lead a very comfortable and peaceful  life.
2, We have four grand children. All of them are very dear to us.
3 I love to bake cakes and chocolates for them.
4. My laptop, and my smart phone are my constant companions.
5.I am fond of reading novels, specially classics.
6. I love to hear Hindi songs from old movies.
7. I am a compulsive optimistic.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.59.46 pm

I am supposed to nominate  bloggers whose blogs deserve the award:-

1. Panchali Sen Gupta
2. Suzy Que
3  Carol Graham
4.  Inderpreet  Kaur Uppal
5. Sfurti Sinha
6.  Nibha Gupta
7. Laurel Regan
8. Rajlakshmi Baruah.
9. Ellystornebrook
10. Sulekha Rawat

Add the badge in your post.

I have to inform each one whom I have nominated for the award.
Thanks again, Ananya Kiran

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What is it that i really want to say

For the last twenty minutes, I am sitting in front of my lap top thinking what is it that I really   want to say. I am a person who never keeps anything in  my mind.   All around  we see  certain things in which we have no say. All over the world several atrocities and ruthless activities are taking place on which  there is no control. I wish I had the power 
 to say  something to eradicate them for ever from the society we live in.I am listing below a
 few  activities which are undesirable , troublesome and violent .People keep suffering but no 
no one raises a voice against them.
1. Education should not be politicised. that harms the future of not only the nation,  but also pupils. The present schooling system which does not  believe in examinations upto class viii is causing more harm instead of benefitting them in any way.
2. During extremely hot or cold weather many people have  no shed  above their head. I wish I had a say in helping them against the vagaries of nature,
3.The poor must have proper facilities for sanitation. My heart goes out to them. I wish that authorities  take steps to provide them this essential facility.
I really want to say that children must be provided  good food. Roti, 
Kapda and Makaan is the basic need  of every  individual.which must be made available to every body.
Every child must be sent to school. The children must be provided skill in vocational studies, along with formal education, so that the child becomes efficient in atleast  one  skill and may become independent

Written for BAR a RHYTHM, Wordy Wednesday. Today's sentence is 'what is it that I really want to say'.

Monday, 19 January 2015


Big set of people silhouettes - stock vector

                                                                 Show was a success
                                                      girls' outstanding performance
                                                                    Director's pride.

                                                           The red roses
                                                 highlights of flower's show
                                                      spectators wonderstruck.

                                                    Bride's  beautiful   face
                                                 housewives  want a glimpse
                                                          is this a show?

Written for Haiku Horizons Week 48 prompt 'Show'

Sunday, 18 January 2015

A to Z my favourite Hindi songs part one

Many Hindi movies have become popular because of songs.In olden days there used to be 25 to 30 songs in most of thr movies.. Many movies have become hits due to \  songs. While  some songs have become popular because of lyrics, there are others which became hits due to catchy tunes.I propose to write my favourite songs from old as well as new movies.I have selected the songs alphabetically.I am writing this in two parts. Part one contains songs from Ato M.
 The first song in my list is from the film Madhumati. The song is picturised on Madubala and has a very haunting music.Here is the song.  Hope it will be appreciated.

 A Rajesh Khanna's early movie, Do Raste, was quite a hit movie.I have selected the song"Bindiya Chamke gi,

This "c" song is from the movie Paakeezah.Raaj Kumar and Meena kumari were the leading  stars of the movie .Presenting Chalte Chalte Yuhin Koi Mil Gaya tha.

The movie Karz  was a super hit . Rishi Kapoor and Tina Munim were the leading stars of the movie.No body can forget the songs of this movie. Darde Dil Darde Jigar.


The following song is from1942, ALove Story,Ek ladki ko dekha ,It is picturised  on Anil Kapoor. The song is very tender and .sweet
How do you like this.?


The song from a new movie, Fukare is a fun song. Youngsters will like it. 

Here come the Fukare

This is a song from Main Hoon Na.Shah Rukh Khan is the star of the movie.

This is a very old song.Hamen toh shamen gam me katni hai zindagi apni. It was released in 1948.We saw the movie on 30th Jan. 1948, the day, Mahatma Gandhi died. When we came out, all shops and establishments were closed. Perhaps this was one of her last songs that Noor  Jahen sang  before she migrated to Pakistan.

Insaaf ka mandir hai bhagwan ka ghar hai.This old song is from a very popular movie Amar, produced by Mehboob Khan. Those days Raj Kapoor's Aawaara was under production.There was a big tustle between the two great producer......which one will be a greater hit at the box office.Both were equally good. 

Jadugar Saiyan, pictured on Vyjayantimala from the movie Nagin was a super hit. The movie became popular because of the songs.

Kabira maan ja  is a very popular song from the movie Yeh Jawani  hai diwani

.   Lagan lagi tumse  from the movie Paap is my favourite song.


Main dil hoon ek armaan bhara from Anhonee is sung  by Talat Mehmood in his silky voice       

Written for BAR week 18th to 24th

Songs courtesy You Tube

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Never ending Winter

Meenu was getting married in mid-January, on the coldest day of winter.

 A motherless child, she was the apple of her father's eyes. She had no friends, and would watch people from her window. A couple stayed behind their bungalow, the lady seemed very ill and young Meenu felt the obvious pain in the man's eyes.  One day after getting off her school bus, the man approached her and said,"Beti, my wife is seriouly ill and shivering from cold. Can I have some milk to make tea for her?"  Meenu arranged for tea for the man and his wife. Now she would visit the couple everyday after school, bringing them small gifts. Meenu grew close to the woman as she healed, and began to call her Maa.
Meenu was twelve years old when her father died in an air crash. She was taken to Delhi and in spite of her father's will, treated badly by her family. On bitterly cold days, she was not warmly dressed. Even her marriage was fixed in a poor family.
                                    Past memories were fresh in her mind as the arrival of the baraat was imminent. Her eyes grew moist as she thought of those good old days. Her Aunt shouted,"Meenu, hurry. Nobody is coming to help you.' She wept bitterly, but nobody wiped her tears.  Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring and a loud voice called ,"Meenu, my daughter, where are you. See who is here to bless you." The door opened and a man and a woman walked inside. The lady hugged Meenu and said, "I missed you all these years. Hereafter you will live with your husband in your parents' house". No guessing who they were. The winter had prolonged .
  What, if the winter was so long!! Spring had arrived.


Wtitten for BAR
No of words

Monday, 12 January 2015

Try Haiku

                                                             Tiny little pup
                                                   trying to climb the stairs
                                                            buck up boy!

                                                           Trying to drive
                                                The man  does'nt leave hope
                                                        hard work succeeds!

                                                 Trying  a task?
                                        Hard work always brings success
                                                 Trial never fails.

Written for Haiku Horizons week 47 prompt "try''.
Pic courtesy google
video   courtesy  you tube

Playing Cards

playing cards diamond suit ...

Day and night
playing  rummy untiringly
still  going strong.  

Pack of cards
mom, dad play through night,
where's the joker?

Oh my god!
three aces beat three kings
queens all defeated.

pic courtesy google

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Playing games on computer


Word game board - Popular word game board, flat overhead...
Board Game

When I learnt to use the computer, the first thing that I was attracted to was the number of games available.  It was very interesting. The problem was how to play.I started clicking on  various buttons, but could not even reach the 'start'. I found a game called 'Croc'. It was a game meant for small children.I enjoyed playing it.One day I chanced to see a game,'free cell', on which a picture of a king could be seen.I remember, I just clicked on the head of the king and its head went round and round. I was amused and wondered how to play the game.One day a friend came home. She demonstrated how to play the game.That was a  lucky day for me. I was all the time playing 'Free Cell.'Now also sometimes I play the game and greatly enjoy it.
                                    After I joined Face book, I was fairly familiar with some more games.  Through Facebook, I became familiar with Scrabble.There was no looking back. I became an addict. Even at midnight I used to get up and played the game against unknown opponents. Slowly I made many friends. I chatted with most of them.This game became a craze for me.
I looked forward to chatting with friends. I still play this game with friends.
                                       Some of  Mind Jolt Games are really true to their name. They are quite taxing but very interesting. The game'Beleagured Aces' is quite tough.I am very fond of this game and must play it for two to three hours daily.
                             Recently I have started playing  the game, 'playing Words with friends'. This game is somewhat similar to Scrabble. Some of the Facebooks friends have become buddies in 'Words. There are many other games like Solitaire, Open Crescent Solitaire, Word Drop and Airport,which I find interesting. 
         Playing games is a very good diversion.Reading and writing 'blogs' sometime becomes taxing for the mind.  Do you like to play games online? Which games do you enjoy playing?

Written for 'BAR', week 11th to 17th January2015.
Pic courtesy Google