northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Never ending Winter

Meenu was getting married in mid-January, on the coldest day of winter.

 A motherless child, she was the apple of her father's eyes. She had no friends, and would watch people from her window. A couple stayed behind their bungalow, the lady seemed very ill and young Meenu felt the obvious pain in the man's eyes.  One day after getting off her school bus, the man approached her and said,"Beti, my wife is seriouly ill and shivering from cold. Can I have some milk to make tea for her?"  Meenu arranged for tea for the man and his wife. Now she would visit the couple everyday after school, bringing them small gifts. Meenu grew close to the woman as she healed, and began to call her Maa.
Meenu was twelve years old when her father died in an air crash. She was taken to Delhi and in spite of her father's will, treated badly by her family. On bitterly cold days, she was not warmly dressed. Even her marriage was fixed in a poor family.
                                    Past memories were fresh in her mind as the arrival of the baraat was imminent. Her eyes grew moist as she thought of those good old days. Her Aunt shouted,"Meenu, hurry. Nobody is coming to help you.' She wept bitterly, but nobody wiped her tears.  Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring and a loud voice called ,"Meenu, my daughter, where are you. See who is here to bless you." The door opened and a man and a woman walked inside. The lady hugged Meenu and said, "I missed you all these years. Hereafter you will live with your husband in your parents' house". No guessing who they were. The winter had prolonged .
  What, if the winter was so long!! Spring had arrived.


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  1. I like the happy ending to this story :) The winter had finally ended for the little girl.

  2. So lovely...Happy about the happy ending!

  3. A good thing spring finally came for her! Lovely ending! ♥

  4. Lovely story. I am completely touched. Wonderful ending. Thank u for the share. Loved reading it.

    1. Thank you Shreya.
      Itried to visit your blog, but could not succeed.

  5. Glad that life smiled finally at her! Lovely heart warming story!

  6. I loved the happy ending .. god bless


  7. What is important is that she got the blessings she well deserved