northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 30 September 2013

Haiku Heights #303 ~ September Heights Day 30 ~ Crooked


                                                               A crook is he
                                                       cheating  his wife and kids
                                                              double personality.


                                                              symbol of purity
                                                  delicate  child, becomes a crook
                                                             his elders  role.

Haiku Heights #303 ~ September Heights Day 30 ~ Crooked

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Haiku Heights #302 ~ September Heights Day 29 ~ Mother


                                                                 Mother's love forever
                                                           soft, serene,silent and soothing
                                                                   wants nothing in return.

                                                 Mother  holds your
                                           hand,  never to leave it
                                               hold her lovingly.    


                                                        This big, bad, world
                                                child needs love and protection
                                                    God  created Mother.

Haiku Heights #302 ~ September Heights Day 29 ~ Mother
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Haiku Heights.# 301 Sept.Heights day 28 Pillow



                                                                        A baby sleeps
                                                                in comfort of mom's arms.
                                                                   No need of pillow.


                                                A poor man,
                                          no shelter,home or roof
                                             sleeps on floor.

Prompted by Haiku Heights.# 301 Sept.Heights day 28  Pillow
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Friday, 27 September 2013

Haiku Heights # 300 September Heights Day 27 Gold


                                               My sweet granny

                                        silvery hair, gold in heart

                                             luv you grandma.



            gold coins unlimited

                                be happy,gazing  from distane

                                                 own  them in dream.

Prompted by Haiku Heights # 300 Sept.Heights  Gold
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silvery hair, heart of gold

Thursday, 26 September 2013

When will we meet!!

My  unsent letter today is  for a dear friend, with whom I came in touch on the Internet.This was not posted as I did not know  her postal address.It is lying with me. I dont know whether it will be posted or not. This post is prompted by write tribe,unsent letters# 3

 My dear Alef,  

                        To day I am in a reminiscent mood. I remember the day when we played Scrabble on face book.I was charmed by your name. I just asked you in the chat column whether you were from India. The chat which started with this insignificant  introduction  turned into friendship.This was almost two years back. I also remember that your Mom had passed away some days back and you were very upset. I felt  very sad for you. There was not a single day when we did not chat. You remember,we played 10 or 12 Scrabble  games every day. You told me about my moves. I learnt to play the game more efficiently. Scrabble was just an excuse.We chatted all the time. We became very close and knew about each others family. We knew what  was being cooked for  lunch and dinner. we shared several recipes.

                           Those days I was in the process of writing my book. I used to discuss about the incidents, I was writing in the book. We used  to speak on the Skype. Your children became friendly with me. AQ and  Za used to recite the poems they learnt in school. We shared our family problems. In fact we spoke to each other about every thing on earth. If you were not 'on line' even for a day ,I felt restless and uneasy. Do you remember when I started writing blogs, you were the only one to comment. 

                                       After you shifted to India, for a few days there was no contact with you,Your telephone number also changed I was relieved when I spoke to you after a long gap of about ten days. Now the Scrabble has also changed. The old one..... I miss it very much. This is more formal and we are unable to talk  as we used to. I miss you on line and also Scrabble of olden days.I wonder when those good old days will come back.

We have never met. I hope that one day we will meet.When will it be,Alef?

Luv  to the kids.

love from yourUsha Aunty


Haiku Heights #299 ~ September Heights Day 26 ~ Salt

Ornate mirror on the wall -                                                               

                                                                       Salt pepper hair

                                                           mirror,mirror on the wall,

                                                                      am  I really old ?

                                                              A pinch of salt

                                                       is all that we need, to
                                                            make life sweet!

Prompted by Haiku Heights # 299 Sept.Heights Day 26 Salt 

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Haiku Heights # Den September Heights Day 25

                 Dingy, dark, dirty

            Secluded,stinky,solitary, sober,cell

                 trapped in delusion.




                           Simple,sanguine, serene

                        with my computer, and phone 

                                       I love my den.

                             Prompted by  Haiku Heights # Den      September Heights Day 25 

                                                 pics  courtesy google

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Haiku Heights September Heights Day 24 # Strive

Ladder of success

                                        Many challenges in life

                                              make endeavours day and night,
                                                    to remove hurdles.

Prompted by Haiku Heights September Heights Day 24 # Strive
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Monday, 23 September 2013

Haiku Heights #296 ~ September Heights Day 23 ~ Clue

Neckline and bra-less chest of young attractive girl with diamond necklace on. Royalty Free Stock Image

                                                                   She danced  merrily,

                                                             unaware of  peering  glances,clueless

                                                                     of diamond necklace.

Prompted by Haiku Heights #296 ~ September Heights Day 23 ~ Clue
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Sunday, 22 September 2013

If only you were there

                                                                  If only you were here

       I remember you were  dear to everyone. You were the first to welcome every body. You were very fond of children.  After returning from School, they first asked for you. They hugged you, kissed you and pampered you. You jumped into the warmth and comfort of their bed. But if an elderly one entered, you jumped and hid behind some door.You loved to play Hide and Seek.When you fell ill we panicked.We could feel your pain.You left us craving for you. Death does not spare anyone.We miss you, our dog Elsa. Wish you were here.

100 Words on Saturday - Write TribePrompted by Kajal Kapur,Write Tribe, 100 words on Saturday

Haiku Heights #295 ~ September Heights Day Sunday


                                       Sunday Stock Photo - 12269612                                                                  Sunday morn, mankind

                                        in  slumber, no holiday for
                                              sun,moon, wind.

pic  courtesy google

 prompted by   H aiku Heights #295-September Heights Day Sunday

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Haiku Heights #294 ~ September Heights Day 21 ~ Black


                                                                       Black clouds  thunder,
                                                                lightening, hale storm, heavy rain
                                                                        a scary  weather.


                                                                  black and white
                                                      squares, king,and queen protected
                                                             on the chessboard.

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Prompted by   Haiku Heights #294 ~ September Heights Day 21 ~ Black

Friday, 20 September 2013

Haiku Heights #293 ~ September Heights Day 20 ~ Myth

                                                              On a moonlit night,
                                                        Radha,krishna perform rasleela,
                                                                    myth or reality.


Abandoned and dilapidated an industrial buildings Stock Images

                                                         A haunted house
                                                     no one enters, fearing ghosts
                                                           nothing but myth.  


Prompted by  Haiku Heights #293 ~ September Heights Day 20 ~ Myth

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Home sweet home

I just now read  Suzi's Write Tribe's unique idea of   writing 
whatever comes to mind.  The first thought which came to my mind was 'my home'.The home which is my nest, my life, and my succour   Wherever we go, when ever we go, we wish to be back home. Many a times we wish to go for an outing for some days,but once away from home we yearn to be back  home. Our own abode!  There is a popular saying,'the heart is where the home is'. It is literally true in my case. I love my home, my corner, and my  belongings. 
                                  We built our house with great enthusiasm, devotion, zeal and emotion. All our life's savings we happily spent on the construction of our dream house. When the house was completed my  exuberance   and exhilaration knew no bounds. My husband's  love for gardening  got an impetus. We have more than five hundred plants, which he tends with great care and passion.On the roof top we have planted flowers. On the back side is 'kitchen garden' where we have grown tomatoes, brinjal,cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, lemons, guava pomegranates and many other plants.It is very fulfilling to see the plants growing. In the balconies, we have placed potted plants.
 Here is a small poem, which I wrote when my grand daughters were here. Now both of them are  pursuing higher studies. The elder one in USA  and the younger one in the college hostel.

A home that was in my dreams
Its dream no more, its my nest
A look at it makes my eyes gleam
A wish fulfilled, it is the best.

Its  here we lead  happy  hours
Chirping of little ones  gleefully
Dancing, singing, in rainy showers
Mom and daughters enjoy freely.

Flowers of all  hues and shades
 Planted  tenderly with love and care
With an ornamental green canopy
Swaying merrily  on the roof garden.

Hubby and me lost in old memories
Soft divine music,manna  for the soul
An old couple, he and I, playing card
Enjoying each moment in our dream.                  

write tribe
This post is a part of Suzi's Free Write for Write Tribe for this week.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Haiku Heights #292 ~ September Heights Day 19 ~ Butter

                                                             Soft ,yellow hue
                                                  bread, croissant,burger and stew
                                                             kids love butter.


                                                       A baby's buttery
                                                lips smile, soft buttery skin
                                                     made in heaven.

   Prompted by  Haiku Heights #292 ~ September Heights Day 19 ~ Butter

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Haiku Heights #291 ~ September Heights Day 18 ~ Chirp

                                                              Chalkboard with the words break time written on it -

                                                             School  bell  rings,

                             children rushing out,happy faces,


 Prompted by  Haiku Heights #291 ~ September Heights Day 18 ~ Chirp

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Haiku Heights #290 ~ September Heights Day 17 ~ Dread

Traffic in Mumbai, India

These traffic jams 
dreadful sight day and night
     crossing road impossible.   

Lizard : Gecko


                     wasp, at home,take the breath.

                     mother  daughter shriek.!

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prompted  by       Haiku Heights #290 ~ September Heights Day 17 ~ Dread

Monday, 16 September 2013

Achievement in Mind jolt games

Besides writing blogs ,I have another hobby.I love to play games on Facebook. My favourite games are Scrabble, and Mind jolt games, which include Spider Solitaire, Word chaos, Word drop, Beleaguered castle solitaire and many more. I play Beleaguered  castle solitaire regularly.I was overwhelmed today when I saw that in the week ending 15th Sept.2013, the statistics displayed there showed,  that I  have obtained 1st position in the globe. I cannot describe how excited I am!!  1st position in the globe. Wow! I cannot believe  it !!

Haiku Heights #289 ~ September Heights Day 16 ~ Carnival


                                                                                 Winter carnival comes
                                                                            brings revelry,fun and frolic

                                                                              exuberant small kids.

a carnival of flowers
                                                                  Pretty flowers a galore

                                                              exotic hues and shapes, bring

                                                                 elegant festive spirit.

              pics  courtesy  google           
                 Prompted by  Haiku Heights #289 ~ September Heights Day 16 ~ Carnival

Throw away your worries.

A psychology lecturer held  half glass of water and questioned,"What is the weight of this glass?"Different replies came from the students, ranging from 2mls to 10mls.The lecturer said, "Absolute weight does'nt matter. It depends how long we hold it.  Hold this glass for two minutes there is no problem,in one hour my hand will pain, if I hold it the whole day, my hand will  paralyse. Similarly if we  worry about our problems for a minute they will pass off but the longer we  worry , they will paralyse our mind, incapable of doing anything." DON'T  WORRY!

2d514474-672f-49c4-929e-6b3f8dc84559_zpsbca51962This prompt is written  in response to Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Haiku Heights #287 ~ September Heights Day 14 ~ River

                                                          Bathing in river

                                                 makes you fresh,radiant,smile

                                                        come again tomorrow.

Haiku Heights #287 ~ September Heights Day 14 ~ River

Haiku Heights #288 ~ September Heights Day 15 ~ Wilted


                                                              Languished and dwindled
                                                             in the scorching sunny afternoon

                                                                 child  comes home.

Hwange National Park, dead elephant

Thirsty baby elephant

wilting  thirsty in summer heat

life is lost.

pics courtesy google

\Prompted by Haiku Heights #288 ~ September Heights Day 15 ~ Wilted

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My dear Pari goes to a hostel.

Neha was sitting in the balcony  with a paper and a few pictures in her hand. Tears were flowing  endlessly  like a stream,which she did not even wipe away. Nobody could say whether these tears were of  sorrow or satisfaction. In the last one hour she  read the paper in her hand  umpteen times.
                     Her thoughts drifted  to the events of the past. She and  Suresh were married  for three years and she had not conceived. They had lost all hopes of becoming parents. Then one fine morning she realised that she had missed  her periods for two months. A lady doctor confirmed that she was on the family way. She and Suresh were in seventh heaven. Time passed quickly and she gave birth to a baby girl. Their joy knew no bounds. The baby was  like a doll.She had golden brown hair and pretty blue eyes  .They named her Pari.  The child was the apple of their eyes. When she was four years old ,they sent her to a Convent School.She was a brilliant child.  When Pari was in class five, Suresh got a transfer to a small town, where a huge gas plant was scheduled to be constructed. Being an Engineer he was the Head of the team. There were no schooling facilities in the town. They had no other option but to send Pari to a hostel. Mother, as well as  the daughter cried for several days. Finally with a heavy heart, Pari was admitted to the hostel and Suresh joined his duty. Pari wrote a letter every week, stating that she was very unhappy and wanted to be back home. The couple were always tense. Suresh applied for a transfer, which, he knew very well would not be entertained.All these past events replayed in front of Neha's eyes,as  she was reading a letter from Pari which had she received about an hour ago.. She was not aware for how long she was sitting in  the balcony. She read and re read the letter. Her husband entered the balcony, but she did not notice. Suddenly he asked what was she doing there. She handed the letter to him.Without a word he started reading.
       My dear Mom and Dad,
                                     We had Independence Day  celebrations in the school today. It was great fun.  First of all  our tri coloured National Flag was hoisted. by Principal Sir. All the children sang the National anthem.We  were in school uniform, boys in white shirt and blue pants and girls in white blouse and blue skirts. The green. trees in the background  were wonderful. Then there was a march past. The children were wearing  red and black dress.The Punjabi gidda dance was very good. Children were wearing yellow, red ,green and blue saris.They looked so sweet and grown up in saris. We were also dancing in our seats. There was a small  skit.We laughed and  laughed. Girls from my class performed Kuchipudi dance. They looked pretty in red,blue and green salwar suits.  Next time I will also participate. In the end we were given chocolates.Mom and Dad, I am very happy. I love my school.I am very very happy. Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to this school.  Luv you Mom and Dad.
 Your loving daughter.
Suresh read the whole letter in one  glance. He looked at Neha,smiled and hugged her. They were at peace .

Flag hoisting.
Prayer at morning assembly
Children singing National Anthem

Marching Guardsmen -
March past dress
gidda dance.

kuchipudi dance
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