northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 23 March 2015


                                                                  First day  school
                                          Teachers efforts all futile
                                              kids kept weeping.  

written for Haikiu Horizon  prompt ''weep''

A to Z Challenge April 2015 Theme Reveal

A to Z challenge theme reveal vidya sury

It was last year that I  read about  Ato Z challenge. Every body was talking about it,writing about it and perhaps thinking about it.  Out of curiosity I started reading the posts of friends about this challenge.  Then one day I just filled the entry form,
Now that I had filled the form I took even more interest. In  all my waking hours , I was all the time engrossed in the thought ''what  should be the theme of my challenge''.I thought and thought  but nothing came. I discussed the issue with on-line friends. After much debating I decided that I would write '' Recipes A  to Z.''. I wrote a few blogs, but nothing appealed to me. One day all of a sudden I thought, ''why not write about  Festivals''. Finally I settled down for ''Festival of India'' Through this theme, my aim was to highlight the rich  ancient cultural background of the country.  There was no looking back. The theme appealed  to  me and I started working on it  earnestly.
  I maintained a diary for  this challenge. In this diary  I noted down  names of the festivals alphabet wise. I jotted down several names. I consulted  many books and also the google. I short listed the the names of different festivals, searched  for pictures and wrote my posts. Before the scheduled  date, my blog was ready. I did not have to rush for writing  every day.
     Now I  come to this year's challenge. my theme for this year is  A B C of  Good Living. In  our life we  have to face many hurdles.  To overcome these hurdles we require certain qualities  which will help us to  lead a better life.  In this challenge I propose to write the qualities which  are essential for leading a meaningful life. I propose to write most of the write ups in simple language, some may be in a form of a story,  some may be in  poetic form and some may be based on my  personal experience.I have deliberately selected topics which can be useful to  every one. I expect that the topics selected by me will  appeal to young and old  alike. I have kept the language very simple so that people of all  ages can read  it . 
Bye till then!

Theme reveal A to  Zchallenge 2015

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Budding Love

                                Who will be the prince of your dreams?
                                 Who will win the heart of the little doll
                                He is not only   your prince charming
                                Your dad and mom too wish   for you
                                When will  he  arrive on the horizon,
                                 And steal your heart, as well as ours!!
                                There, thud   HE  came out of the valley
                               With   hundreds of blooming   ambrosias
                              Sending waves of glorious   eternal love!
                              Two eyes met,   two other eyes, throbbing
                                Hearts   sent   each other throbbing  ties.
                                 Never to   belie each other's trust
                                 two love birds out for morning walk
                               Hand in hand reach the riverside
                             Lost in thoughts whisper sweet nothings
                              Shall we bind in matrimony, be one
                            Two bodies one soul will be inseparable 
                           Two  forever forever tied a knot  
                          Happily, merrily they went into dream
                             Spring  dawns  with great   aspirations
                              Two doctor’s  dreams mingle into one.
                              They are now two bodies, one heart
                              Beating together day and night
                             He brightened  her whole world.
                              With warmth of his loving  presence.

Written for Blog   A   Rhythm  thread 22.3.2015  to 28.3.2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015


                                                            Skylark come  once,
                                                     never saw you or your music
                                                               show your sight.

                                                               Wordsworth, Shelly
                                                       showed you to the vast world
                                                           come ,skylark come.

written forCare Diem Time Machine# 6 SKYLARK

Friday, 20 March 2015


                                                                Why this melocholy
                                       mom's  only son on deathbed
                                              doc's advice  cheery.

                                                 Little  baby  happy
                                            gone those meloncholies
                                                  time to rejoice.

Written for Care Diem#689 Meloncholy

Reunion of relatives.

  How will you feel if you met your relatives after several years? Life has become so fast that no one has the time for social visits. We come across our cousins/other relatives only on special occassions. On fuctions we hardly speak to  each other.We just exchange pleasantries. On such occassions we only say'hai's to each other.

M]y grand daughter and DIL


My father had four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. None of them is alive now. Most of  the children of all the brothers/ sisters live in NCR(National Capital Region) We never  have any casual meetings. A  few months ago I and my brother thought why not get in touch with our cousins.  We  formed a cousins group on whatsapp.We exchanged pleasantries  with each other.  Last week one of the cousins suggested why not meet at some common place. Every body liked the idea.The hall of CSOI,  newly constructed building at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi was booked. All the cousins,  except one or two families, attended. It was a great get together. The ambiance and the food served  was appreciated by one and all. We played Tambola and other games.

    Photo             Photo

Life  today has become so hectic that everyone is busy. Nobody has time for social visits. The  saying,''There is no time to stand and stare'', is very correct. We decided that we would have such get togethers  once in six months.  We must spare time to build a happy relationship and bond with our close relatives.
 We must maintain a healthy relationships with our families.  If we maintain  good and healthy contacts with our near and close ones, it will  strengthen our bond with  them and will  arouse  a feeling of mutual love and trust with each other.  

 pics taken by my phone.


Thursday, 19 March 2015


Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother and next moment you become a grand mother  Our grand daughter! The first born of our first born!! I was now no more a newbee to consult the world about ABC of bringing up a baby. I was now an experienced GRAND mother, who had all the time in the world to dote upon  my grand daughter, YOU ,yes you my dear Rajita. Your Dada and Dadi were first time grand parents and our happiness and pride was limitless on  seeing you kicking . It was also the  birth day of our beloved God, Lord Ganesha.
Grandparenthood , unlike parenthood, is not a job description, but a state of being, immutable as the sun in the sky. The title confers a fixed status in the child's universe as the ancestral head of the family. Your age, usually such a handicap in the 21st century, is suddenly an asset. As far as the child is concerned, you are almost as old as time itself, and your age still brings with it the traditional attributes of respect and wisdom, reinforced by fairy-tales and storybooks.
Sometimes we do not conform to the stereotype. We are different from other grandparents. Dada is more like a friend to his grandchildren. I am also, in a way a different Dadi,as compared to Dadi’s in general. I have knitted numberless shawls, caps and scarves for the family. My eccentricities led you to allot the name ‘’eccentricgrandmum” to my blog. It was solely your inspiration which prompted me to write Reverse Gear and also to start blogging.

    As a baby, you were very cute. With dark black hairy growth, your one smile cannot be described in words. When you refused to sleep at night, Dada used to sing Hari Om, which was so soothing, that you drifted into sleep.  As you grew, you became a naughty little sweetie. I remember, you could not tolerate the sight of cushions arranged methodically on the sofa. The seniors in the family used to arrange them properly, but when and how you tip toed in the living room and threw the cushions mercilessly on the floor. Naughty you! When the ironed clothes came from the laundry, you could not see them lying outside. They too were thrown like flying saucers in all corners of the house.   
    When we all, your Papa,Mom,Dada and Dadi went to Office, you were left alone in the house with the maid. Dada used to call you every day from his office. You used to recite all the nursery rhymes that you knew.  It was a treat for Dada.
 Your first day in the play school was an episode, which none of us in the family can ever forget. You did not enter the class, in spite of the class teacher’s orders/requests. The whole day you sat outside. When you wanted to go the toilet, you remarked that it was dirty. The teacher accompanied you to the toilet, exclusively meant for the principal, but your Excellency did not approve of it.
      Your regular school, Mater Dei, contributed a lot in developing your personality, and inculcated in you a spirit of self confidence. You actively participated in co curricular activities. You were always an achiever. We always felt proud of you. Your interest in choreography took you to high positions . You took part in various competitions and brought several laurels.
When  your younger sister, Ramita, was born, you used to sleep with Dada and Dadi. Dada used to tell you stories from our scriptures.We are , I feel different from other grandparents. We are not stereotype like other grandparents. We participated in your friends’ parties. I always loved to cook for you. I always strived to pack  goodies, as a surprise in your lunch box.
We were the happiest grand parents when you got admission in St. Stephan’s college. Your personality flowered and you became self confident in the company of friends like Zoya and Ritu. You started driving a car to the college. You obtained very good marks and got admission in IIT, Delhi, in MSc. Physics. Wonderful! Here too, along with  academics, you achieved in Dancing.
  It was a normal day, but a day of great significance when you got admission in P.hd.(Physics) in Boston University. You have made not only your family proud of you, but the entire generation of Chawla, Madassery and Madhatil are proud of you!
We all pray that God may shower all His bounties on you in future.May you get name, fame and success in all your ventures in future. 

Monday, 16 March 2015


                                                              entwined : decorative wicker wooden balls isolated on white           

                                                                      Entwined ropes
                                                                   impossible to release    
                                                                        result in loss.
                                                         Computer power wires Royalty Free Stock Images

                                                                      Electrical wires,
                                                                 numberless in the room
                                                                        all   entwined. 

Written for Carpe Diem time glass# 25 Entwined
pics courtesy goole

                                                                 numberless in the room
                                                                         all entwined. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Recipe of Mossaka

Delhi is experiencing a  prolonged winter. Holi has come and gone, but the weather is very fickle.One day we remove the woollens and next day again we have  to take them out.Rains also are refusing to quit. My children  and   grand children are at home most of the  time. They love to have  something new to eat every day. Naturally, J keep hunting for new recipes to give them a surprise. Last evening some friends came home for Dinner.I had fiddled with a new recipe, some days back. The children wanted to have it. I cannot refuse anything to my grand  children, so I   decided to prepare it. I am sharing the recipe with friends.I am sure you will like it.'
   So here goes the recipe, but  1st is the photograph  followed by the recipe.


Mossaka is a Greek recipe.  Actually it is a non vegetarian preparation. I have modified it into a vegetarian dish. In the original dish mutton keema is used. I have substituted 'nutri nuggets' in place of mutton. It is very popular in our house, so we prepare it quite often. I prepared it  yesterday for dinner when  some guests came  home. It was appreciated very much by all. 

1. Nutrinugget granules       1cup.
2.Green peas            i cup
3 Potatos  boiled and mashed  1 cup
4. Butter                   4 table spoons
5.Salt                         to taste
6.Cheese spread        2 table spoons.;
7. Pepper powder     1 tea spoon
8. Pre heated for 10 minutes at 150'0c

Method of cooking

1. Boil the nutrinuggets for about five minutes.
2 Boil the peas till they are half cooked.
3.Mix the NN(nutri nuggets)  and the peas and add salt to taste.
4.In  the  mashed potatoes add cheese, butter, salt and pepper powder. 
5. Take an oven proof bowl.(I use  Borosil glass bowl). Divide the NN,Peas  mixture in two halves.
6. Divide the potato mixture  also in two halves.
7.Now make layers of NN and potato alternately in the  bowl, starting with NN mixture and ending with potato mixture.
8. Adjust the temperature of the oven at 160'oc for twenty minutes. 
9,Remove  the dish from the  oven when the potato layer  becomes brown.
10. Serve hot.

NOTE  You can use chicken  or mutton keema instead of potatoes.
Children love this preparation.
It canbe taken with bread or  chapati. 

Written for B A R for the weekly sharing thread 16th to 21st March 2015


Thursday, 12 March 2015

bird feathers

                                                          Little Krishna with a plate of porridge and a pipe on a beige background  - stock vector

                                                              Baby Krishna
                                                        bird feathers in curlys hair
                                                               mother's love.

                                                 feather pigeon : Single fluffy feather isolated on white Stock Photo

                                                      A pigeon's feather
                                              Book mark children's readers
                                                      best of luck.

Written for Carpe Diem  # 684 Bird Feathers

Delhi Winter

This year Delhi winter is playing hide and seek with  the residents. Till last year after Holi , it used to become  very warm and people started using AC. This year  we are facing unexpected cold  weather. All  the woollens  were packed during the holidays for Holi, but one by one they  are being taken out. Every year the summer arrives too early. The weather chart  for this  month   indicates  that  the winter has     prolonged. I am reminded of Charles Dickens famous  lines,''It was  one  of  those March days   when   the sun shines hot  and  the wind blows cold : when it is summer in the light, winter in the shade.''  
 Have you experienced'cold Holi'?


weather chart g00gle

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


                                                A palatial house
                               luxuries  a plentiful here
                                     refuge my  corner.

                                         a hurt pigeon
                                     dying in my balcony
                                           I give refuge.                                                                           
       Written for Haiku Horizons week 54 prompt  ''refuge''.                                          

Monday, 9 March 2015


I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” 
Jorge Luis Borges
 The words of Jorge Luis Borges, quoted above, are very true. A house full of books is no less than a Paradise. We can even judge how much the books are valued by the manner they are maintained in a house. Many people purchase books, but they are not arranged properly. They are scattered here, there and everywhere. This is not a way to handle these pearls of wisdom...Here are a few tips for the storage and maintenance of books.
             The title of each book should be visible. This can           be done by keeping the title facing outwards. We must care for our books, as if they are living beings and breathing.  As in the case of human beings, great care should be taken to preserve the books.

1.  If we buy books we must ensure that they are stored carefully.
2.  We must have a book case to keep them securely and neatly. 3 .  The books must be arranged properly, with the cover visible from out side.                     .
4 .You must ensure that books are stored in a room, frequently used by the occupants of the house. Damp places are extremely unfit to store your precious books. In damp cupboards they are liable to be attacked by mildew, white ants and termites.
5. Humidity is the worst enemy of the books. If you do not take out books frequently,you will notice that humid conditions have caused  great havoc to your  precious books.

These two bookcases are full of books in our house.

In our house everyone is crazy for books  and take great care 
of the books.A very look at the quality and the number of books in the house indicates the decency of the family.
 It is very irritating when people borrow books and ''forget'' to return them.
 If you remind them, they very casually remark,’’ Oh your book! That is with my uncle.  I will send it back to you after he finishes it’'. It goes without saying  that the book never comes back.
In the last few days, I have been reading Chetan Bhagat's'' Two States'' I love his form of writing.It is very simple, yet very intense.

The books are full of wisdom pertaining to all spheres of  life.In their womb is the infomation which has no end to it. If we instil the habit of reading in our children from infancy, we will be doing a great service in creating an interest in studying in them.
 I am reminded of the words of Francis Bacon.''Read not to cotradict and confute, not to  believe and take for  granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider''.
Do you like to read?Which books have you read recently?

''Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.''   Francis Bacon

Written for B A R weekly thread for 18th March to24th March,2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

How a woman is important.

Today is International Woman's Day.In olden days women had a place of authority in the house. She  was on  a high  pedestal  in the society. Slowly the  high respect which she held in the society began to slip. She fell from the seat of grace and became an object of pleasure.(I am not going into the details of this downfall.) It is a matter of great shame that  things have come to such a pass.
   It is very sad that even today when the world  is marching forward the girls are treated as 2nd grade citizens. In rural and backward areas child marriage takes place openly. Many baby girls are killed immediately  after birth. 
                                      A woman is  tender at heart. She must be treated with regard and respect. A man must realise that how important a woman is in his life. When God made a woman He ensured that a woman  will have following qualities:-

1.She can work in all kinds of situations.

2.She can manage many kids at a time.

3.She can work for 18 hours a day.

4.Her two hands will never get tired.

5.She is very soft, but can become stronger than  any man.

6.She can think, reason and negotiate.

7.Her tears are for expressing grief,her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.

8.Her strength is amazing.

9.She can handle all troubles and burdens.

10.Her love is unconditional.

11.She fights for what she believes in.

12.She has only one drawback ie.she forgets that what is her worth.

Written  on  International Women's Day.
1.Write Tribe

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


                                                                          Happy tidings
                                        one by one the air brings
                                               limiless laughter.

                                              Hide and seek
                                children in the park  running
                                         happy faces shine.

Written for Carpe Diem  # 678  ''Happiness.''



Life is essentially a matter of give and take. This is the dictum my mother used to preach and practice. Whatever may be the situation, I always remember these words of my mom. This  saying  is true in  all situations, where ever you may be. Nothing can exist as a one sided action.Whether it is your home, or workplace you cannot exist alone. You live in a society,  where it is essential to  share, to  give and take. If some one loves you, it is essential that you reciprocate.Even one sided love can never exist for a long  time. Essentially life is one of mutual existence.

words 106 Written for B A R Wordy Wednesday # 7
This week's prompt is 'Essential'. It has come from B A R member, Roshan Radhakrishnan,writer and blogger.

Monday, 2 March 2015


                                                                       Gift of God
                                                                 sudden entry in my life
                                                                       a sweet friend.

                                                                      Mother earth dry
                                                              thirsty foliage, trees and shrubs
                                                                      comes gift of heavens.

                                                                        Sweet baby doll
                                                                 gifted  to mom's baby doll,
                                                                      wishes fulfilled.


Written for Haiku Horizon  week 54 prompt ''Gift''


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Menace of ants

Ants are a very big nuisance. There is no house which has not    been   infested with ants, some time or the other. The ants attack our kitchens, pantries and places where eatables are kept.      
Is  it not surprising how they locate the exact place, where their favoured food is kept. I sometimes wonder how they  find their way so easily.
 The ants are of different varieties.
  Big  black ants: These are found where ever food is available. They mainly survive on the larvae collected near the drain pipes and cleavages of the wall.

Small black ones are seen in large groups, moving together. They collect their food  from the  leftovers in the sinks, shelves and drain pipes. They also carry food to their hordes for the queen  mother and also  to preserve food  for rainy days.

Small red ants are the most clever ones. They even bite humans, which is very painful.They  hide in the drawers, beds,doors and windows. Infact they can reach any where.

 Ants move in rows, in large  groups. It is interesting to watch their discipline. They carry their prey on their back. You might have seen the ants carrying a dead cockroach jointly on their back.

We must avoid killing these creatures  with   insecticides available in the market, because they are harmful  not only for the children and pets, but for adults suffering from asthama  and other  diseases of  the lungs.. There are simple and effective methods to get rid of the menace of ants. Given below are some simple and harmless remedies:

If coffee  beans are kept  at the entrance of the kitchen or a room  where  there are too many ants, you will be surprised that the anfs will not cross this line.

Borax powder mixed with some sugar, kept  near the sinks, cupboards and other hiding places of the ants, is effective to drive away the ants.

Three table spoons of pepper powder and cloves mixed with  one  tablespoon flour spread near cracks is also quite an effective method.

Vinegar poured over the mud mounds  inside which several colonies af ants reside can  destroy them en mass.

Written forB A R  weekly sharing thread 1st March to 7th March
photo courtesy google