northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother and next moment you become a grand mother  Our grand daughter! The first born of our first born!! I was now no more a newbee to consult the world about ABC of bringing up a baby. I was now an experienced GRAND mother, who had all the time in the world to dote upon  my grand daughter, YOU ,yes you my dear Rajita. Your Dada and Dadi were first time grand parents and our happiness and pride was limitless on  seeing you kicking . It was also the  birth day of our beloved God, Lord Ganesha.
Grandparenthood , unlike parenthood, is not a job description, but a state of being, immutable as the sun in the sky. The title confers a fixed status in the child's universe as the ancestral head of the family. Your age, usually such a handicap in the 21st century, is suddenly an asset. As far as the child is concerned, you are almost as old as time itself, and your age still brings with it the traditional attributes of respect and wisdom, reinforced by fairy-tales and storybooks.
Sometimes we do not conform to the stereotype. We are different from other grandparents. Dada is more like a friend to his grandchildren. I am also, in a way a different Dadi,as compared to Dadi’s in general. I have knitted numberless shawls, caps and scarves for the family. My eccentricities led you to allot the name ‘’eccentricgrandmum” to my blog. It was solely your inspiration which prompted me to write Reverse Gear and also to start blogging.

    As a baby, you were very cute. With dark black hairy growth, your one smile cannot be described in words. When you refused to sleep at night, Dada used to sing Hari Om, which was so soothing, that you drifted into sleep.  As you grew, you became a naughty little sweetie. I remember, you could not tolerate the sight of cushions arranged methodically on the sofa. The seniors in the family used to arrange them properly, but when and how you tip toed in the living room and threw the cushions mercilessly on the floor. Naughty you! When the ironed clothes came from the laundry, you could not see them lying outside. They too were thrown like flying saucers in all corners of the house.   
    When we all, your Papa,Mom,Dada and Dadi went to Office, you were left alone in the house with the maid. Dada used to call you every day from his office. You used to recite all the nursery rhymes that you knew.  It was a treat for Dada.
 Your first day in the play school was an episode, which none of us in the family can ever forget. You did not enter the class, in spite of the class teacher’s orders/requests. The whole day you sat outside. When you wanted to go the toilet, you remarked that it was dirty. The teacher accompanied you to the toilet, exclusively meant for the principal, but your Excellency did not approve of it.
      Your regular school, Mater Dei, contributed a lot in developing your personality, and inculcated in you a spirit of self confidence. You actively participated in co curricular activities. You were always an achiever. We always felt proud of you. Your interest in choreography took you to high positions . You took part in various competitions and brought several laurels.
When  your younger sister, Ramita, was born, you used to sleep with Dada and Dadi. Dada used to tell you stories from our scriptures.We are , I feel different from other grandparents. We are not stereotype like other grandparents. We participated in your friends’ parties. I always loved to cook for you. I always strived to pack  goodies, as a surprise in your lunch box.
We were the happiest grand parents when you got admission in St. Stephan’s college. Your personality flowered and you became self confident in the company of friends like Zoya and Ritu. You started driving a car to the college. You obtained very good marks and got admission in IIT, Delhi, in MSc. Physics. Wonderful! Here too, along with  academics, you achieved in Dancing.
  It was a normal day, but a day of great significance when you got admission in P.hd.(Physics) in Boston University. You have made not only your family proud of you, but the entire generation of Chawla, Madassery and Madhatil are proud of you!
We all pray that God may shower all His bounties on you in future.May you get name, fame and success in all your ventures in future. 


  1. Every time I read your posts I miss my Grandma... Thanks for sharing...

  2. My best wishes also for your grand child ..


  3. The love of a dadi shines through this post:) Beautiful post!

  4. A heart warming post filled with love. It's true that a loved one gives us so much energy and adorn our lives:)

    1. yes it is true. this child is very lovable.

  5. My you one day become a great grand mother too!

  6. A lovely tribute to your granddaughter Rajita...and an indirect one to you too Usha! ;) <3

  7. Very touching ! Your grand-daughter is truly blessed to have a loving grandmom like you, Ushaji. I miss my nana-ji after reading your post. :( He used to love me the same way.