northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A quote a day 2 of 3

The quotation that I have selected for today is a popular saying  and is very true :-
 A family that eats together stays together

Right fom childhood,  the whole family  used to take our food together on the dining table. I and my siblings did not even know that  meals could be taken separately. After my marriage this practice  continued. Till today we  have our meals together.
What are the benefits of eating together
1. Family  bonding is very important. When we sit together to eat, a feeling of closeness is there.
2.Lunch or dinner time is good for exchanging views or discussing experiences with each other.
3. Children learn to eat everything that is served on the table.They also learn not to leave any food as waste..
4.They learn table manners
5. Food is not wasted.
6.Children learn good manners. 
There are many more advantages of eating together. These days when the members have different timings for work , it is not viable to have all the meals together. In such a situation at least one meal must be taken together.

Thank you Shilpa for nominating me for this unique challenge. it is an honour for me to be nominated by you. I nominate  
1. Kalpana Solsi 2. The little Princess(Titli) and 3.Rajlakshmi to take up the Challenge.
This is what the three day quote challenge is all about
1.Post one of your favourite quotation on on three consecutive days. The quote can be from a book, author or your own.
2.Nominate three bloggers  each day to Challenge them.
3.Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Secret of a successful life.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller.

Life is very complicated.  A person has to face many ups and downs during his life time. Success makes us happy, and failures  depress us. We run after  big things in life, ignoring the small opportunities  that we get.  Just ponder  on the achievements  of great men and woman. No body reached the pinnacle of glory in a day.  There are struggles in  every body's life. Life is like a see saw.
 In our growing years it is very important to maintain a life of discipline.  Habits like 'early to bed and early rise' is not merely a saying. It helps us to  regulate our life. Appreciate the little joys that we come across. These help us to develop our personality and strengthen our character. Appreciate the natural beauty of nature. The sun rising early morning, the cooing  and chirping of birds, brings ecstasy to the soul of  a human being.  Have a kind and generous  heart. All such habits lay a foundation for a properly streamlined life.  The quotation by Helen Keller rightly  points out to such things, which can not be seen or touched. They can only be felt by the heart.

Written for  prompt each day. Prompt 30 quoted # 4 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Quote challenge 1 of 3

  Shilpa Garg from 'A rose is a rose is a rose', has nominated me for the Quote challenge,day 1 of 3
My all time favourite  quotation is in Mahtma Gandhi words


 These are great  words. It is human psychology that no body wants to be implicated  in front of others. If I place myself in a position, where i am publicly rebuked and remonstrated,  it  will  be a stigma  on my personality for ever. i will never be able to bear the pangs of mortification.  This sort of degradation, if one has to tolerate at his/her work place, will act as a  scar for ever. On the other hand ,if we are  praised publicly our self esteem gets a multifold  push upwards. I remember an incidence which is firmly etched in my mind. it happened  before my retirement. A senior IAS officer was our boss. The date was 1st January. A meeting was convened in his office. As we entered his office, we all noticed a very beautiful diary in his hands.  After all the officers were seated one person just remarked, ''Sir, you have got a beautiful Diary, It is unique''.The boss got up and said,''i weill present this Diary to the best officer  of the Department.'' There was pin drop silence. The boss came to my seat and said,''I present this Diary to the best officer of the Department.''  This praise, publicly made, elated me. My favourite quote  proved to be  true  for all ocassions.
Thank you Shilpa for nominating me for this unique challenge. it is an honour for me to be nominated by you. I nominate  
1, Asha Balakrishnan 2. Rudrapragya and 3.Onkar to take up the Challenge.
This is what the three day quote challenge is all about
1.Post one of your favourite quotationon on three consecutive days. The quote can be from a book, author or your own.
2.Nominate three bloggers  each day to Challrnge them.
3.Thank the blogger who nominated you.


                                       Innocent  child's query
                         Mom, why are leaves green.
                                Ma is answerless

                                 Green leaves
                           from an \aeroplane look
                                lush green carpet.

                                  A  bad custom
                           bride leaves  home forever,
                                 hubby's home her's.

Written for Carpe Diem # 765 Leaves




                                                                     I live
                                          to bring happiness
                                    joy,a smile on every face
                                    to protect my dear ones.
                                    Agony, anguish, anxiety
                                   not  be obstacle for them.
                                                 I live
                                        to bring exuberance
                                 World is full of melencholy
                                deceit,depair pain and gloom.
                                those who live without qualms
                                have no  sanctity, yet they exist.
                                                I live
                                          to bring geniality.
                                Brothers fight with brothers
                                Property and wealth supreme
                               Let  positive thoughts  prevail
                               with gaiety, sanctity prosperity.
                                                I live
                                          to see jubilation.
                              Future of   children be secure
                              No child deprived of education
                              Give them love, cheer and mirth
                              So as to  grow with confidence.
                                                I live
                                       to  feel exhilaration. 

Written for Prompt each day. Today the prompt is a phase

phrase  #  6 @ A prompt each day





Sunday, 28 June 2015

TWestbound Train


This  incident  narrated here  actually happened. It took place about thirty years ago.

It was the month of June 1985.  Every year during Summer vacation we used to go South India  by train.  Air travel had  not become  popular. We  were travelling to Kerala. Those days there was no direct train from Delhi to Kerala.We had  to change the train at Madras.  Upto Nagpur  the journey was comfortable. At Nagpur station a railway offiicial  ehtered the coMpartment and told us to get down. He said that that partiular comparment  was to be attached to a West bound train. We refused to get down and told him  that when we got into the train, the words 'Madras'was  clearly written on it. It was a four berth compartment and we were four members traveiing in it. We were 1st class travellers and had not done any thing illegal. Soon after the  bogie was detatched ; it was parked in the yard. We again gave a representation to the  railway  officers.  We spent the day in the railway yard. Suddenly the bogie started moving. We  were quite tense.The bogie was attached to a Madras bound train. We heaved a  sigh of relief. On the opposite platform we saw ''The Westbound train'' leaving the station.

Written for A prompt a day each day. The prompt no. is 28  set the challenge  Sundat  #  4. The topic  is ''West bound train''

Indian summer

                                                          Indian Summer  dreadful
                                   men, animals, plants all withered
                                                no respite..

Written for Carpe Diem 10 time machine Indian Summer

Old stones


                                                                Precious white pearls
                                      Shining  glorious on the bride
                                             enhance her beauty.

Written for Carpe Diem  # 764  Stones
pic courtesy google

A true story

This is a  true incident  from the life of three great religious gurus. 

Every day one of RamaKrishna’s disciples used to go to Calcutta from Dakshineswar on a boat and fetch items for the Ashram. One day, it was Brahmananda’s turn. He was sitting in a corner of the boat and was immersed in meditation. One passenger from the city pointed his finger at Brahmananda and told other passengers in a loud voice, “RamaKrishna had no work to do. He is gathering this type of disciples, making them lazy and is spoiling them”. Brahmananda was of a soft nature. Considering any argument to be a wasteful exercise, he remained silent, while feeling sorry that he had to listen to abuses about his Guru.
Brahmananada conveyed to his Guru RamaKrishna in the evening  all that happened on the boat that day. Vivekananda heard Brahmananda’s word. Rama Krishna rebuked Brahmananda saying, “How could you keep quiet listening to the abuses upon your guru! How do you call yourself devoted to The Guru
A few days after that, it was Vivekananda’s turn to go to Calcutta. That day, another person started abusing RamaKrishna and his disciples.  Vivekananda stood up in anger, went near, held his neck and said, “If you utter one more word about my Guru I will throw you into the river.” The boatman cautioned that person saying, “Sir! Be careful. He is capable of doing what he said!” There was  a commotion in the boat; and every one remained silent.
After returning to the asharm, Vivekanananda informed Ramakrishna all that happened on the boat. RamaKrishna listened and said, “You  wear clothes meant for sadhus. You have to keep your temper under control. I am shocked how you lost your temper.''

After a while Vivekanada approached RamaKrishna and asked  “Guruji, you found fault with Brahmananda, the other day, for remaining silent when someone was talking ill of the Guru. Today you are finding fault with me for having confronted the one jeering at you. What is the message to us?” Paramahamsa smiled and said, “Treatment must be in accordance with the disease. Brahmananda is by nature mild. He is totally lacking anger. That is why I cautioned him in that manner. You have a haughty temperament; you  need to acquire patience.  Medicine must be given according to the disease.''

Written for B A R weekly thread 27th to 4th July2015

Saturday, 27 June 2015

a candle


Mohan's wife Sheela  was down with dengue. She was admitted  in a government hospital. She was discharged  after a week's stay Mohan hired an auto to take her  home, which  was thirty kilometres from the hospital. They travelled hardly ten kms. when the auto broke down. inspite of great efforts  the auto did not start. There was  no alternative except to walk. The couple walked but their house was quite far. Sheela could hardly walk.  He made Sheela lie down. Suddenly Mohan could see a dim light at a distance. It raised some hope in his mind. As he came nearer he knew it was a candle. He kept moving till he reached the place from where the candle was burning. He stood outside for a few minutes, before seeking help. There seemed to be four people inside. Perhaps they were dacoits and had also kidnapped a   person.  He saw three motor bikes .  All the three had the keys hanging. Mohan did not start the bike but pushed it to some distance, before he drove it. He made his sick wife sit on the bike and vanished.  After reaching home, he surrendered the bike at the police station and also   informed them about the men in the jungle.  A valid proof was available in the  bike.

                                                                                                                    Written for B A R wordy wednesday     A candle                                                                                                          

Outdoor conserts

                                               On summer nights
                                           outdoor concerts are delightful
                                                 under the moon.

                                                    Under the moon
                                             enjoying  titbits  with friends 
                                                     love outdoor concerts.

Written for Carpe Diem  #768 Ouydoor Concerts

An enjoyable partyLife


     Life  today is very fast .Every one is busy. No one has the time to visit  relatives.  When  I was small, there was a spirit of comaradie. People used to meet frequently. I remember that we used to meet our cousins every week. We had dinner  parties  on festivals and birthdays.Things have changed.  Even seniors hardly meet.
              When I ask my children  about  their cousins, they are generally ignorant. Grand children  have no clue about  their relatives. Keeping all these  things in mind, I spoke to my cousins and  suggested that we must meet on a weekend so that our chidren and grand children may develop   mutual  contacts.  I took the initiative and contacted  all my cousins. A date was fixed , and we assembled in a club.Every body rose  to the occasion. It was a grand party. There was  light music playing in the back ground. The hall was tastefully decorated, with flowers and candles at every table.  Some  boys and girls  danced and sang  old songs. Dinner was sumptuous. We dispersed  to meet again after six months.

Written for A prompt each day, Weekend wordle # 4 @prompt each day.

Friday, 26 June 2015



On a full moon starry night, I  love to  gaze at the moon, playing hide and seek behind the clouds. I wish to kiss  the hands of the  artist who  carved this splendour !!

(33 words) 

written for 'A prompt a day'. Today in a flash # 2 we have to write a maximum of 33 words.

Beautiful peace

                         colorful flower garden

                                               Amidst flowers
                                        of all  hues and  fragrance
                                                 a beautiful peace.

Written for Carpe Diem Special # 158  Rallentanda's Beautiful peace.
Pic courtesy google

Thursday, 25 June 2015

ambiguities of English language

We have heard that opposites attract, but we have never realised that our own English  language  which we speak and write every day, contains certain opposites to form a meaningful phrase. Just consider some  such opposites  which make sense, when used together.

1. Clearly Misunderstood. 
2.  Exact Estimate.  
3.  Small Crowd     
4. Act Naturally    
5. Found Missing
6. Fully Empty
7. Pretty Ugly
8.  Seriously Funny
9.  Only Choice
10  Original Copies
11. Alone Together
12. Deafening Silence
13. Civil War
14.  Bitter Sweet
15.  Conspicuous Absence
16.  Deafening Silence
17. Devout Atheist  
18. Deceptively Honest
19. Dull Roar
20. Even Odds
21 Larger Heart
22. Open Secret
23. Loud Whisper
24. Negative Growth
25. Old News
26  Random Order
27. Same Difference

Can you think of some  phrase which becomes meaningful with opposites.

heal thr world


                                                       The world is full of rage
                                          blood shed, murder,rape
                                          not a single place is safe
                                          one  man after another
                                          none to heal the world.

                                         No peace or tranqulity
                                        no friend,only your foes
                                         none mellow or composed
                                         where to look for succour
                                         who will heal the world !

                                         No  hope or expectation
                                         demon spreads its fangs
                                          How long, oh! how long
                                          will man belittle another
                                          a good samaritan will rise.

                                          A  man  must respect  man
                                          be tolerant and peace loving
                                         Shed anger,jealousy and pride
                                         spread love respect sun shine
                                          make world a haven of peace.
                                          world will heal and prosper. 

This dream of a poet .Today the prompt is a phrase 'Heal the world' phrase phase #5  2# @Aprompt a day.





                                                              Still  water
                                     no life around the lagoon
                                           birds perched tree.

                                       Lagoon  behind  river
                                   calm,quiet,still  and peaceful
                                           wait for  action.

Written for Carpe Diem  # 762 Lagoon.


                                                                 Tears  precious pearls
                                           don't shed and waste them
                                                   Smile baby smile.

                                                      Cry not girl
                                            be brave, live with dignity
                                                     tears won't help.

 Written for Haiku Horizons week 70 prompt 'Tear' .

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

haikuAT the SEASHORE

                                                     AT THE SEA SHORE       
                                               Waves come and go
                                 where do they come from
                                      where they go.

                                       Seagulls  at shore
                                watching waves come and go
                                       cast a horror.


                                        Sundown at sea
                                 fascinating and mind-blowing
                                         treat for senses.

Written for Carpe Diem. The theme is Seashore. Three Haiku 
Waves, Seagulls and Sundown  are to be written

A dream


Last night  I was feeling relaxed.. I  made a hot  cup of  tea  for myself\, took my favourite book 'Rebbeca' and comfortably snugged in my cosy bed. I don't know when my eyes closed and I drifted into deep sleep.  I  was not aware when I reached Manderley, the ancient house  of  Maxim,( the hero of the novel).  The mansion was surrounded  with a cluster of trees, which appeared to be  a miracle of nature.  From inside a loud voices of   music,  chatter and laughter could be heard. i went to the portico and peeped inside.  High society fashionable  men and women were  dancing  and  merry making.  Suddenly my gaze turned  at the stair case.An innocent and cute lady appeared.  My heart was  thumping. I  could not hear  what  a gentleman  said, but I could  make out that he  was full of rage. The  lady, Rebecca, I presumed, rushed back and was not to be seen.At that moment, a weird looking woman came near the door, where I was standing. I was trembling and became breathless.  I  got up with a start and looked around. There was nobody there and I was in my bed  perspiring.
 Thank God it was but a dream !!

Written for  a midweek wordle  4  at  #'A prompt each day'. Today  we have to write at least three words from the list of words

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Carpe Diem # 761 Pines

                                                            On  mountain  tops
                                                        numberless  pine trees seen                                              
                                                             Treat for the eyes.


                                                             Dry  pines fall
numberless, under the trees
spread all over.

Written for Carpe Diem # 76  Pines

PICS courtesy  Google


 numberless pin    A plenty on mou kids   [ On the 

 Clusters of  pine'    
Treat for the eye

cheese and chalk


                                           Good  college  friends
                                       could not be a happy couple.
                                                cheese and chalk.

                                              Cheese and chalk
                                          madhu and meera best friends.
                                                  Set an example

Written  for 'Aprompt each day'. To day the prompt is a phrase 'cheese and chalk.'.Prompt 23 
Phrase phase  #  4.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Star gazing Haiku d



                                                 Lips locked
                        young  lovers hand in hand
                                  lost  star  gazing.
                                       Symbol of love
                               lovers throng the Taj Mahal
                                         gazing the stars.

Written for Carpe Diem  60 Star Gazing
pics courtesy google



                                 Light the light within you
                                 the darkness will withdraw
                             Let the light of knowledge shine
                              Ignorance will drain out itself
                             God's creation  light  and dark
                                It  is for you to shun the dark.

                                A child  fears the pitch dark
                                but  a man's fear is the light
                               Utter darkness and bright light
                               are two sides of  the same coin.
                                Without the dark,what is light!
                               The light is only where's the dark.

                              Light of life,  honesty and truth
                              wicked prevail  in  sheer numbers
                               little  light  frightens the malefic
                                oh man!  be upright , authentic
                               Drive away  enemy number one
                               a moth that, which rules openly.

                               Bitter  actions, arise  darkness
                               makes a man vile,  fraudulent
                              whiff of light  will keep at bay
                              traverse, kick and knock  away.
                              light of honest  actions certainly
                               will  push all darkness for ever.

                              Darkness, always shadow of light
                              Sometimes big,  sometimes small
                             beware! allow it not to be longer
                             the light  must  overpower the dim
                            spread happiness, peace prosperity
                            and make the earth,a living heaven.

pic courtesy google
Written for 'apropteachday'. Today \the word 'LIGHT' is the prompt\ 22 wordplay# 4


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Baby;'s day


                                      Good Morning. Today Mom is home.

Image result for free videos of smiling babies
                                                               Mom gave me a kissie

Where is mom?

Image result for free videos of smiling babies 
No no bath

Image result for free videos of smiling babies 
Potty, potty

 Image result for free videos of smiling babies
I am unwell

Image result for free videos of smiling babies 

Some one nas come?

 Image result for free videos of smiling babies 

Wow  Pop has arrived

Image result for free videos of smiling babies 

Uh I want to sleep

Image result for free videos of smiling babies

Good  night!
Sweet  Dreams

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