northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 28 June 2015

TWestbound Train


This  incident  narrated here  actually happened. It took place about thirty years ago.

It was the month of June 1985.  Every year during Summer vacation we used to go South India  by train.  Air travel had  not become  popular. We  were travelling to Kerala. Those days there was no direct train from Delhi to Kerala.We had  to change the train at Madras.  Upto Nagpur  the journey was comfortable. At Nagpur station a railway offiicial  ehtered the coMpartment and told us to get down. He said that that partiular comparment  was to be attached to a West bound train. We refused to get down and told him  that when we got into the train, the words 'Madras'was  clearly written on it. It was a four berth compartment and we were four members traveiing in it. We were 1st class travellers and had not done any thing illegal. Soon after the  bogie was detatched ; it was parked in the yard. We again gave a representation to the  railway  officers.  We spent the day in the railway yard. Suddenly the bogie started moving. We  were quite tense.The bogie was attached to a Madras bound train. We heaved a  sigh of relief. On the opposite platform we saw ''The Westbound train'' leaving the station.

Written for A prompt a day each day. The prompt no. is 28  set the challenge  Sundat  #  4. The topic  is ''West bound train''

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