northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 27 June 2015

An enjoyable partyLife


     Life  today is very fast .Every one is busy. No one has the time to visit  relatives.  When  I was small, there was a spirit of comaradie. People used to meet frequently. I remember that we used to meet our cousins every week. We had dinner  parties  on festivals and birthdays.Things have changed.  Even seniors hardly meet.
              When I ask my children  about  their cousins, they are generally ignorant. Grand children  have no clue about  their relatives. Keeping all these  things in mind, I spoke to my cousins and  suggested that we must meet on a weekend so that our chidren and grand children may develop   mutual  contacts.  I took the initiative and contacted  all my cousins. A date was fixed , and we assembled in a club.Every body rose  to the occasion. It was a grand party. There was  light music playing in the back ground. The hall was tastefully decorated, with flowers and candles at every table.  Some  boys and girls  danced and sang  old songs. Dinner was sumptuous. We dispersed  to meet again after six months.

Written for A prompt each day, Weekend wordle # 4 @prompt each day.


  1. Very reassuring Usha! It was a noble idea lest they grew up as strangers~