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northern lights

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A special birthday for a special person






Today is a special day for our family.  We are celebrating the fiftieth birthday of,Kavita, the darling of the family, the nucleus , the centre of attraction and all activities of our house! Yes Kavita is the daughter in law, who has attained  a special place in our hearts. For Deepak, our son, she is the Kavita(poetry) of his life. For me and my husband  she is the solace, the comfort and the soothing balm !! She is an amazing girl.She  is on her feet from morning to night, but never do we find an expression of tiredness or frustration on her face. The quote  given above truly refletts her.

Yes this is  Kavita. She entered  our life twenty six years ago. I and my husband had gone to Kerala, as my mother in law had passed away.  Kavita's father and my hubby were childhood  buddies. He came along with his daughter for condolence. As chance would have it, his daughter came and sat by my side. This young and pretty girl attracted every body's attention.When I started a conversation with her in English, I was surprised that she replied to my queries in  pure Hindi. I enquired what was she doing.She said that  had got a teaching assignment and was waiting for  posting. Involuntarily I  said, '' Why don't you to come to Delhi?/" (How fate  made me utter  these word, It was preordained)

  We left for Delhi, but  the picture of that simple, yet smart girl's image  remained  etched in my mind! O n our return journey I  opened my mind  to my husband.He agreed to my suggestion,but said that may be Deepak has someone in his mind.As fate would have it, we got a proposal of marriage from Kavita's  father.Deepak and Kavita liked each other.Every thing fell in place. Our  dream came true. It was, as per a Hindi saying , ''Chatt Mangni and Patt Byah'' which  means 'marriage followed immediately after engagement'.Both of them adore each other, a couple made for each other!!
She was a great favourite of her parents  being the only daughter of her parents and an only sister to her two brothers she was dominating and her word was the last words in her paternal house.. Even in her marital home, she is a dominant figure.
As a child she was very much interested in sports/ She played Volley ball, Badminton, Table Tennis. She also took part in gymnastics.She also loved to dance.Both her daughters have inherited a love for sports and from her.

She became a working lady soon after her  marriage. She is very hardworking and sincere with her work. Now she is a Principal of a school. She is greatly respected by her colleagues. and appreciated by her superiors

 Soon after the marriage, my hubby had to undergo a surgery. Kavita  looked after him with all respect and devotion., which left us dazzled. She became another  daughter  for us.She and our daughter became best of friends.

 Her entry into our household  brought new life, enthusiasm and  brightness. Kavita has one great quality.  As soon as she comes in contact with  someone she  makes a place for herself.  She gave us two cute grand daughters, who are the apple of our eyes.Their word is final in our house.                                 
Kavita has innumerable qualities,which can't be written in detail here.. I have therefore summed up below
1. she is very affectionate and simple hearted.
2.She is very religious and god fearing'
3.Her love for her daughters is unparallelled.
4. She has heart of gold.Her kind heartedness   has made her very popular with her staff.
5.For her Work is Worship.
6.She is very  considerate, specially towards  the  poor and needy.She helps them with an open heart.
On her fiftieth  birthday, we shower our love and  affection and blessings on her,We wish her a long,  healthy,happy and prosperous life. May she alwys remais blessed!!

Written for B A R  Thread 31st May to  6th June 2015

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  1. What beautiful birthday wishes for your daughter in law! We wish her a happy birthday too, may her bond with your family remain as strong as ever.

    1. Thank you Sulekha for your blessings.

  2. Happy to say I know all the six qualities you mentioned to be true :) Happy birthday to her once again.

    1. Thaks a lot,vinay, I have conveyed your wishes to Kavita.