northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 12 June 2015

Two minutes more Prompt 12


        There is a general  notion that   ladies take too much time to dress up. In the Khanna's household  it is just the opposite. When ever the family  has to go out,every one will be ready  in time. Mr. Khanna  starts dressing up before the other family members, but ,,,,,  It is a big 'but', he will  never be   dressed up  in time.  The youngest daughter(Khanna's have four children) gefs restless and  shouts,''Papa, be quick.'' In response he  says,'' Two minutes more.''    After fifteen minutes, the elder one  knocks at the door and repeats  the request, but Khanna Sir  takes his own time. After half an hour he opens the door. The dhildren  are not to be seen. Now they don't want to go.  Mr.. Khanna pleads with  them,but to no avail .He assures them that he will never be late in future. Finally the children agree to go.
  After two weeks the family has to catch a train. The same story is repeated. Mr.Khanna's Two minutes more  cannot keep the  train  waiting.

Written for  Leonnyes' Prompt each day. Today  the prompt is phrase phase  #3.The topic is 'Two minutes more'



  1. Oh, there are few Khanna households in my neighborhood then :P LOL. Nice one :)

  2. Mr. Khanna is just like my hubby. He's always getting us late for school and work. LOL!