northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Prompt 17 mid week wordle # 3

It was early morning. The sun had  had risen.People had  started entering the garden for their regular walk. They were  always  greeted  by  a man,sitting under a tree. When the people  passed by him, he just smiled  . Soe people  put some coins in a small tumbler kept in front of him.  The regulars who came there were familiar  with him. Some times he  smiled but normally he was lost in some deep thought No one  spoke to him.

  One day when the people entered the garden, he was found lying down, as if he was in pain. Slowly a crowd  collected around him. Vinod, an elderly person sat near  him and took  his hand, and said, '' He  has high fever. Let us take him to the hospital.'' The old  man opened his eyes and in a faltering voice said that he will not leave the garden. Now the crowd became inquisitive.

   The old  man   started talking in broken words. '' I  don't  sit here for begging. My Sunita will come here. I  am sure  she will come.'' Somebody from the crowd asked ,'' Who is Sunita?'  As if some one hit him hard, ''You don't Sunita. She is my every thing.   We were  so happy. She was mine. One  day she told me that she  will get me  a doll.She  went to bring it,  but some  wretched fellows took  her away.Where is she?    Oh, where is she? She will definitely come. I am sure.' He collapsed. He was no more. 
 Mr. Vinod checked his bag to see whether  some clue  could be found about  his address. Except one doll there was  nothing in the bag 


Written  for 'aprompteach day'  prompt 17 Midweek wordle # 3


  1. A dead man with a doll and no clue as to who he is...very mysterious indeed! ;) <3

  2. A great short story Usha! Love it!


  3. So sad. When you have no one to mourn you. Perhaps only the doll. Great take, ma'am.

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    1. Thank you Cookiecrumbs.Welcome to this site.