northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 12 June 2015


Have you seen  a house where the  habitants don't  argue with each other. A small innocent dialogue can convert into an argument which has no end. Every house has its share of argu ments.Even a small and innocuous talk can  take the shape  of  bitter quarrel. Just  sample this. A child asked his father, ''  Papa, how   did the second world war start?'' The mother, an educated lady intervened and said, ''Start with the political  situation in the world.'' The father replied,''I know  where to start. You need not interfere.'' After  two  or more exchanges, the mother went out murmuring and banged the door.  Such 'accidents' take place in every house.
                           We all do it. We know how it feels to bang the door in a huff,  with the tummy in a knot, head reeling and eyes turning red. At that moment no pleading by the other person can bring peace or recociliation. Actually no one really wins an argument. It always ends on a bitter note. The  opponent  sttill feels he is right.
                        What causes these senseless arguments. A  simplr talk can take the form of an argument. Once it starts it becomes a matter of pride and we feel we are correct. The aim thus is to 'defeat' the other person.
                        An argument between the spouses, if it goes beyond limits, shows the lack of love and trust  for the partner. In such cases  winning an argument has no meaning. The whole thing ultimately comes down to lack of love between the spouses  Never allow such a situation to arise.  We must learn  a major lesson how to love , how to treat the other person  not by your superiority but by letting the partner know that you have no intention to let himher  down.Only by trust you can win your partner.. It is  love and NOT competition  between the spouses that matters.

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