northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Home Haiku


                                                                         Home  sweet home
                                                                comfort  for the  body and soul
                                                                          an abode forever.

                                                                  Moving home wards ,
                                                             birds, animals mankind  for solace,
                                                                        their own  den.

                          Prompted by Haiku Horizons week 32  haiku "Home"

Haiku Sunshine.


                                                           Golden bright sunshine,
                                                       brings happy tidings  galore.
                                                           Joyous  is the mind


                                                   Gone gloomy days
                                        Of  dark sky and incessant rain
                                                Bright sunshine here.

Written for  Carpe Diem Haiku "Time Glass"  #  4   Sunshine.
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Listen to your inner voice.

Every one has a personality of his/ her own. There are many people who don't (or shall we say cannot) take a decision on their own. Even in small matters like which dress they should they  put on, they will ask people at home, friends or even colleagues. We must be independent in  deciding things for our selves.
    In daily life we encounter so many people, and so many issues. If we always try to hide behind another person to discuss and decide  matters for us, we will never progress. If you are alone , you cannot wait for some one to come and decide on our part. Be independent.
 In life, you will realise that there are people who don't like you. There may be  no reason, but you two cannot move together. The other person may retort you in the presence of others.It will be a wise decision to discard such people from your thoughts.
You come to know that a person you are trying to befriend or who is very 'chummy, chummy  with you in the presence of others, speaks volumes against you.He is trying to befriend you with some ulterior selfish purpose. It is better not to ask for his explanation, because he will always deny, that  he has uttered any offensive remarks against you. Just leave his company and forget about this chapter in your life.
If someone is angry with you, ask him to be frank and tell you the reason for his annoyance. If the person is annoyed for a genuine reason, you must tender your apology to him.If the person is annoyed on some imaginary incident, try to clarify the situation. If he still does not make up with you, it is better to leave such a person alone. You should have nothing to do with him.
 It is always a good idea to listen to your inner voice, so that you stand on your own, and earn the respect of others.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger Week 6 Day60

Monday, 29 September 2014

Did you know that...

Here are some interesting facts.You may be knowing some of them and others may increase your knowledge.

1. The Tirupati Balaji Temple and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple both, receive more visitors than the Vatican City and Mecca combined together.
2.  Every 12 years, a religious gathering called the Kumbh Mela occurs in Allahabad. In fact all major rivers in India have congregation after every twelve years known as Pushkarams.  
It is the world’s largest gathering of people. The gathering is so large that  the Kumbh Mela is visible from the space.
3. India has more mosques (300,000 mosques) than any other nation in the world.
4. Today, India has the world’s largest school in terms of students, the City Montessori School in Lucknow. It has more than 45 thousand students!
5. Number of births in India every year is more than the total population of Australia, and many other nations.
6.India has the largest English speaking population in the world.
7. Lonar Lake, a salt water lake in Maharashtra, was created by a meteor hitting the Earth and is one of its kind in India.
8. Buttons were invented in India. Yes, your shirt’s buttons.
9.  Shampoo  was first  made in India.

10   Cataract surgery was  first performed in India.
11. Plastic surgery also originated in India.
12. India was the first to discover water on the moon.
13. India’s tech capital, Bangalore, has increased its number of offices six times
      since 2006, and now has more Grade-A offices than Singapore.
14. India is the largest milk producer in the world.
15. India is one of the only three countries that makes supercomputers (the US         and Japan are the other two).
16.   Chai is India’s national drink.
17.   Martial Arts was first created in India.
18.   India gave the world Yoga that has existed for more than 5,000 years.
 19. "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no          worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made".  - Albert Einstein.

20.India leads in making payments through mobile phones

Are you not a proud Indian?

Written  for  Write Tribe  Pro Bloggers week  6  day  59

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” [...]


                                                   Wind and rain failed
                                               A single sun  beam  with heat
                                                     drove away all shadows.

                                                        Sun, wind and  clouds
                                              challenge to be the  strongest.
                                                 Sun  is   the only winner.

Written for Carpe Diem.s prompt "St Fransis of Assissi  4  quote 'a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows."   # 109


Image result for images of mushrooms

                                                                  Come autumn
                                                      mushrooms a plenty,take care
                                                            some may be spurious.

                                                  Image result for images of mushroom peas curry
                                                        Awesome  mushroom
                                                 mixed with peas, love of  kids.
                                                               Aroma delightful.

 Prompted by Carpe Diem  #  571  "Mushrooms"
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Magic of Mathematics

My grand daughter is no not what you are thinking. She is addicted to Mathematics. She sometimes tell me this sbject  is interesting.Some of the magical forms of the subject, which not only surprise you, are amazing and keep you wonder struck.Of course, it  is neither amazing nor wonderful for the students of Mathematics. For ordinary mortals like me,it is  a marvel,which I wish to share with friends.


                                             Let us have a look.


 Don't the figures look magical ?


                                   Wow, this is  Superb!!




                                                This is amazing.


                             Think, think, think
                           Go through it carefully
                                      Got  it ??


 '''                                          Wonderful  !!



                                    Have  a nice day

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger week
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Liebster Award

                                                              Image result for images of Liebster award
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Aakrati Chaturvedi. This is my third Liebster Award. These days it has become a practice that people  do not accept awards. I don't understand the logic behind this refusal. Some one is nominating my name. After all the person who nominates does not gain anything. He/she nominates a fellow blogger after reading the blog.  We think we have become a known figure in  the blogging community and will not gain any thing. There are rules that if you have less than 200 followers,you are entitled for the award. My request to eligible bloggers is to accept the award with dignity.
  Thank you Aakrati for nominating  my name for the award.
 Since I have accepted the award I have to
1'Post 11 facts about myself'
2.Answer the 11 questions given  by  you.
3.Tell them that they have been tagged by you.

11 things  about me
. I am a .retired Govt.Officer, leading life leisurely and peacefully
  I  love to listen to old Hindi movie songs.
  I  am a bathroom singer.
  I  love to bake cakes, muffins and desserts for my grand children
  I like to make chocolates.
  I.I like dogs as pet. Recently our pet dog, Elsa died. No one in the family has overcome  the grief.
  Our family is an amalgamation of  South and North. We prepare both North and South Indian food.
 I enjoy watching TV. .
  I love to read but due to poor eyesight I am unable to read much.
   My laptop is my permanent companion.
  I am spiritual by nature.
My 11 questions to all the bloggers tagged
1.  Where were you born.?
2   Do you like to read?
3.Which is your favorite book?
4.Do you believe in superstitions/?
5. Do you  like to have Burgers and Pizzas?
6. Given a choice,  which  country you will like to visit?
7. Which season of the year do you like and why?
8. Which Newspaper do you read?
9. What is the first thing you like to read in the newspaper (i) Politics (ii) movies (iii) Gossip (iv) Fashion
10 How many languages do you know?Name them.
11. .Do you believe in reincarnation?.

I nominate the following bloggers  for the Liebster Award
2.Amrit Sinha
3. Suzy Que
5.Panchali Sen Gupta

I hope all the nominees will accept the award.Congrats!


A life wasted.

It is very unfortunate that old people feel physically isolated and emotionally abandoned. There are many families where the old parents are staying with their children. Generally the parents are confined to one corner of the house . The sons, daughters, their spouses  and their children hardly ever speak with them.This is a sad story of how parents are treated when they are old and infirm. 

Lakhan and his wife Meera lived with their only son,who got married two years ago.  One day the mother  told her son, that she felt very lonely.and asked him to get some books for her to spend time fruitfully..The  son was not at all favourable. Instead of being helpful and understanding, he blamed his mother.He said, There are numberless books at home.Have you read them all?" She again said,"These books are not my type. I feel lonely." Now the son  changed his approach. The pattern of replies was the same as in every  house  these days. "Don't you get food  in time? or  Don't you like food cooked here? You should be thankful that you are getting every thing in your room. You don't have to do any thing  for the house. We are not taking any money from you. We are spending liberally on you and Papa. What is there  to  be lonely? You have all comforts. I don't understand what is loneliness."  All these words came as an  arrow and got stuck on her heart . .She did  not expect such words from her dear  son, who was the apple of her eyes, till he had his own wife. When she narrated this incident to her husband, he too, had no time to listen to her. The son kept his father in good humour. Occasionally the son gave him a drink and  cigarettes. The old man was relaxed. He also blamed his wife for her fault finding attitude. The poor old lady had no one to sympathise. She became irritable and dejected. She thought that  only her death would help her. She gulped at least ten strips of sleeping pills and went to bed. No body  noticed that she had not got up in the  morning. When the maid came to clean the room she shrieked and ran out.with a paper lying by the side of the old lady, on which some words were scribbled, Every one read the poem and were dumb founded.
                                   Her last words in the form of a poem are given below.
                                    Is this life, a reality or only a dream
                                    In youth there were lovely moments
                                   Alas nothing is true, it was a dream.
                                   Broken heart, broken promises. None
                                   near you. Why blame others, when
                                   the beloved is’nt yours any more.
                                   Left  to dream from morn to night.
                                  Not a single  soul  knows your agony.
                                  Why are you living, and for whom
                                   in this heartless, insensitive world.
                                   How long will the heart bear this
                                   Insensitive action and remorse
                                   A day  has come when you all
                                   will come wiping your tears for
                                              A  life wasted.
                                                Be Happy.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger Week 6 Day 56
 This is a piece of fiction and does not bear any relation to a dead or living  person.

Fallen Leaves Carpe Diem Haiku # 570


Image result for google images of fall leaves
                                                                Fallen leaves in river
                                                             mixed with colorful flowers
                                                                  reflect in mirror  below.


                                                                    What a spectacle
                                                            Miles and  miles of reflected beauty
                                                                   Is it dream or reality ?

Written for Carpe Diem  Haiky  # 570  "Fallen"