northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Carpe Diem Haiku #.26 Leaves

                                          Image result for images of trees without leaves in autumn

                                                               Come dreary autumn
                                                         leaves broke promise to  trees
                                                                to be friends for ever.

                                                           Image result for images of trees with fresh leaves in spring

                                                          Come spring, trees bloom,
                                                     fresh  leaves glorious and fragrant
                                                            dress up the patient trees.

Image result for image of a worn out paper leaves


                                                               Leaves from my diary
                                                       worn out, the ink  on them fades
                                                            they too old with time.

Written for Carpe Diem  Ghost  Writer   # 26  "Leaves".

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  1. I like the autumn imagery in this, and especially how the leaves in your diary are old like fallen leaves

  2. Thanks a ton, Rajita dear, for your sweet comments.