northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Dream

                                                    lonely woman in bed missing her partner overhead view of sleeping beauty - stock photo     
                                                    She  keeps awake every night
                                                     looking at the moon and stars
                                                    but sleep is  far away from her.
                                                     On such bright, sleepless nights
                                                     she sees sparkling bright future,
                                                    feels  happy, not a wink of' sleep

                                                     In her dream the prince comes
                                                     on horseback, with red a turban
                                                     knocks the  window of her heart
                                                     leaves a kiss on her lips and cheeks
                                                     gazing at her longingly  ,lovingly
                                                     her thumping heart stops breathing
                                                     his heart and her heart beats  are one.

                                                      His restless heart rests on her heart
                                                    two throbbing hearts breathe like one
                                                    Breathless the two bodies become one
                                                    A blissful sleep overtakes her soon.
                                                    A long ecstasy can last for ever and ever
                                                    When awake, it was nothing but a dream!


Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger week 5 Day 35
pic courtesy  Google




  1. what a thrill to dream away the night in a fairy tale sad is the wakeful nicely woven Ushaji :)