northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Two Awards.


Wow, I have been nominated for two awards simultaneously. One is the Sunshine Award and the other is The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Both awards have been bestowed upon  me by Sh Vinay
,Leo Ravindran, an eminent blogger. He writes for," I rhyme without reason."
 Thank you, Mr. Vinay  for conferring these  two awards upon me. I feel proud to receive the awards from you.                                      

Now  for the 17 things about me
1.  I am a homely person.
2.My family is every thing for me.
3. I believe in God.
4. Ours is a happy and contented family.
5. By God.s grace, I have always got, what I want.
6. My real wealth is my grand children.
7. I love to bake cakes, prepare chocolates and try new recipes.
8. I love to read, but due to poor eye sight, I am unable to do so.
9. I love old Hindi movie songs.
10  I don't have many friends but the ones I have.I am very sincere to them.
11.I am soft spoken and don't like if some body shouts to prove his/her point.
12. I like flowers, and don't appreciate if people pluck them.
13.I love Idli and daily have it for breakfast. I don't like to take any substitute for idli.
14.I like to welcome guests at home..
15.I love each brick of my house. We built it lovingly with our hard earned money.
16. I don't like when someone tries to take me for granted.
17.I am immobile.My lap top and my smart phone are permanent companions.

Now I nominate the following  bloggers for these two awards. Their blogs are inspiring, entertaining and written with sincerity.

1. Aathira Jim
2. Ellystronebrink
3. Vishal Bheero.
4. Sakshi Nanda
5. Afsan Khan,
6. Farida Rizwan
7. KathyCombs
I am confident that all the  friends nominated above, will accept the award..




  1. Usha ji, just "Leo" would be fine :) I'm quite happy being called Leo by you. the full name isn't needed. :) Thank you for accepting. Even I too like old Hindi songs. Have a nice collection of Kishore Kumar songs.

    1. OK, Leo. I like Kishore Kumar's songs from Amar Prem.

  2. My best wishes.
    I have always maintained that once you start writing,it is the content that matters..
    And you are giving good content.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Rajita.Your wishes mean a lot to me. Thank,thank thank you/

  4. Congrats Usha: how exciting for you! And oh, how exciting for me too, though even though you misspelled my name, I still recognize it! ;) Thank you SO much! So sweeeeeeeeeeeeet AND kind of you! Now, what do I do now other than graciously and humbly accept? Do I now bestow others the awards? Do I need to send a picture? Do I need to let them know directly? (I just happened upon this one by accident going to "older post" or else I may have missed it!) ;) <3 And by the way, I love that you have your laptop and smartphone with you all the time: so funny! You are much more technologically advanced than myself! ;) ...Oh, and I wish you were here. I love to read to children and I would be honoured to read to you, in English of course! I'm told by many I have a nice and pleasant voice. ;) <3

  5. Thanks so much Usha Ma'am :) I feel honored that you have chosen me too! My post shall be up shortly. I so wish I could meet you in person. You are truly an inspiration :)

  6. Thank you Aathira for accepting the awards. Congratulations!
    We see and talk on Skype/Hangouts.

  7. Congrats ma'am! well deserved, and nice to know so many things about you.

  8. Thank you Asha.It is due to the support of friends like you

  9. Thank you so much for honoring me with these awards! ♥

  10. Usha Ma'am, it's really weird how I forgot to land on the blog for accepting the nominations and saying thank you after you are no more. I slipped it!! Will take the award post humorously and a tribute to you tomorrow morning.