northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hello?? Wrong number!

There  is nothing in the world which is not perishable. Man or animal every thing comes to an end one day. How many artists or learners have left their creative  work of arts due to deficiency of raw materiel  or fall of demand in the market after  a  launch of a new product.There are so many examples of products which were supreme in their heydays. Take the case of texting, which has lead to complete fall of human beings resulting in  crisis in the telecom market, The launch of mobile phone has created a new  record in the world of electronics.
The old landline  is an example of how things have have under gone a change so often. We also have  numberless examples of change in Telephone industry. Only till recently the mobile phones were used as simple phones. Now they are connected to the Internet/ WIFI,  through which it  is connected to every household.
 Once  a mobile phone entered  the market, there was no looking back. It captured the market like nothing before . Even  in far flung areas, where the people are completely illiterate, they are the owners of latest mobile phone. Who does not possess a mobile  phone these days!
          The increase in numbers, sometime lead to funny and awkward  situations .  With the photograph of the caller, you need not even ask for the identity of the caller. Long ago, a person called to speak with my sister, who was very busy at that time .Somehow the caller was not at all popular in our house,The  phone was received  by my daughter. Immediately she moved forward to give the phone to me. I refused to take the call and told my daughter to hand over the phone to her father. The phone was going round the house when it finally landed on  me and I had no alternative except to talk to her. We all wanted to avoid talking to her, but each one had to. What luck! what an irony of fate!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


                                         Copyright-Scott L. Vannatter

 Christmas is here again. I am feeling lonely .  All of them have gone leaving me alone .  A week ago  I was very busy.Everybody was singing carols, the balloons and toys  of various colors  were   decorated on the ceiling and   walls. The whole house looked liked a fairyland. They were making me run  to carry the colorful tit  bits here and there.  And I am left here alone on a special day.I am going to teach them a lesson. Let me  finish the milk and see their reaction. I will make the kitchen messy,  they must learn a  lesson!

(100 words)
Written  for Friday Fictioneers prompt

Monday, 28 December 2015

Children are innocent

One day while crossing the gallery of the school where I taught, I  happened  to cross  a few children  who were in the midst of some 'serious discussion'.  I  was curious to know what was topic of discussion. One boy was talking in whispers and others were listening with rapt attention. The boy told the other children that the doctor had promised to give a baby boy to his aunt,but  got her a girl. This is cheating.  The way the child spoke was really very cute. The poor boy was innocent. Now this sort  of ,'truth' if we  speak ,does not do any good to the  the child.  It only harms   him. When he knows the real truth  how much he falls in his own dignity!
               Take another case. A guest   came to meet Mr Khanna. He was  not in mood to meet him. He told the little boy to tell  the uncle that  he was not  at  home. The  child goes  out side and innocently  tells the uncle,'' Papa is saying that  he is not at home''. Later on how  awkward would  the child  have felt!
It is generally  the parents who are responsible for stealing the  child's innocence  earlier  than he himself attains it.
      There are parents who are responsible  for robbing their  children's  innocence  early in life. We must try to give a life of truth, patience.  innocence ,and  good  manners to light up their  their  personality. Make them responsible for their  behaviour. I am quoting  herewith Anne Frank's words:

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” 


                                                                      We are on a  cruise
                                                               a long picnic with friends
                                                                    have  a gala time.

Written for Haiku Horizons   prompt 'cruise'.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

magpie tales

Mag   Pie tales                                                  

                             Oh my love , my life ,my  every thing
                     the    time for you   to  leave has come
                            stay on my love,  stay with me
                         the cruel world will not let me live
                                where will I seek shelter.

                      Why I need you very well you know

                       If you go how will I live  without you  
                      every thing will be hollow thus I feel..  
                    The angels  are  here with  a purpose
                     for we two will they announce, a news.

                   none  in the ball  expect you and me;

                   present here   laughing and  enjoying.
                     I love the  way  you  give me a kiss
                    eyes closed,as if  in seventh heaven
                    I  fall elated when you kiss my neck.


                 The day is not far when we will be on
                   days and nights keen to make us one 
                   none can intervene to separate   two
                   when god has made us one only one
                  never to be separated from each one.

Written for Magpie Tales 299











Wander, verb, walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way, move slowly away from a fixed point or place, of a road or river) wind with gentle twists and turns in a particular direction; meander; noun: an act or instance of wandering

Astonished, adjective: greatly surprised or impressed; amazed.

Complete, adjective: having all the necessary or appropriate parts, entire; full, having run its full course; finished, (often used for emphasis) to the greatest extent oMMRr degree; total; verb: finish 

Meera and Mohan were very good friends.They studied in the same school.Meera was one year behind. They came together and went home together. Meera learnt Bharatnatyam dance in the evening. Generally they used to wander by the river side.One day  all of a sudden Mohan asked her, ''Meera will you marry me? Meera was taken by surprise.The thought of marriage never came to her mind.She was just astonished by Mohan's words.She never expected these words from Mohan and therefore  kept quiet. Meera's father was  transferred to Delhi. Meera  started  dancing on the stage.She became  a very popular artist, After about three years Mohan  came to Delhi and met  Meera. She looked  a complete artist and  had become very beautiful. When Mohan got up to leave, Meera stepped in front of him and said',''Will you marry me?

Written for 3 word Wednesday no,359

Sunday, 20 December 2015

seven days before Christmas


                                              Seven days more
                               bright  Xmas will shine
                                  glowing light shines.                           

Written for Carpe DIEM     seven days before Christmas  #3

Sending a child to a hostel

Last week we had gone for a party. The party was held as a   send off  for their son to a very prestigious school  with a hostel  attached to it. Then started  a  discussion of pros and cos of children  staying in a hostel. It was stated that   the girls were  not at all safe in hostels. People were giving real life examples where the girls are very easy targets but  are more reserved than boys. They keep things to themselves and  speak out only when it is too late.
                                       On the other side the argument is that  children these days are very smart and can protect them selves very intelligently. In olden days girls were victims of  such malpractices. Of late it has been heard that boys have also been made  victims   of this  practice. Parents are apprehensive that   boys and girls can adopt such habits in school.
 Actually these talks are exaggerated. Every where there are are good points as well as bad points.Some schools are good and some are bad. we must make a survey of the schools. We must tell good stories to the children. I studied in boarding school in my adolescent days.  I  never  spent my pocket money in unnecessary things and remained within limits. Till today I am grateful to my alma-mater for instilling in  me good manners, so that I  can stand in society with my head up. 

written for BAR

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Friday fictioneers

Kitchen Window

Christmas  holidays have begun. Most of the students have left for home.Only three children have not gone home. The cook came to the warden and suggested that it would not be feasible to run the kitchen only for three children. They may shift to their local guardians. He suggested that the kitchen  be renovated. Food for three can easily be arranged. It was finalised  to paint the kitchen. The window,overlooking the river was decided to be painted colorfully. When everything was finalised. some parents rushed inside and gave a court notice that  the management could not send the children to other places for food.

words 105.

3 w word wednesday

The three words. that we have to use are   1.  Savage  2.Tense and 3 Vengeful

Chandru and Bhiku grew up together in a  small village, When they played, they were the best of friends, but quite often they fought like real enemies. They did not even listen to their elder ones and behaved like  savages.  Their quarrels lasted three to four days,when they did not like to see the other ones face.Of the two Chandran was more kind hearted. This time the quarrel lasted more than one week and there was no sign of reconciliation. Chandru was very tense.Once or twice he took the initiative, but  but Bhiku became more aggressive  and vengeful at that time. One day Chandru was walking back from college, when a speeding truck hit him. He was rushed to the hospital. The Doctor advised  blood  transfusion.  Bhiku came forward and donated his blood.   

Written for 3 word Wednesday. 


Wordless Wednesday

Shh no sound. let them all sleep





Sleeping baby girl in a dress

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

magpie tales 298


                                             time over
                                         kids   run   out
                                  of classes  as prisoners.
                              rush to the swing for a seat
                          young or old, all in a great hurry
                       the age old  swing has limited space
                    number of children  rising  with  each day 
                     Teacher standing, but takes no action
                          the swing has no space for kids
                             already it looks old haggard
                               if some child is injured
                                bad name for school
                                 take prompt action
                                   save   the  kids
                                      the school.  
Written for Magp[e Tales Sunday13  Magpie tales

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


When I was a small girl, the teacher announced in the class that we would start reading ' science   as a subject  from that  year. I always loved the subject very much.  my enthusiasm knew no bounds, I already  used to read  lot of science books. I read  several books on my own.It was but natural that I would  opt for science subjects. Even though I did not opt and love for science continuous.  As i grew up it was not enthusiasm for any one subject  but an, it was the enthusiastic  spirit that prevails.
Having enthusiasm in performing any task gives you an abundance of energy.  to perform  and demonstrate  your wisdom when Emerson  said, "I studied the lives of great men and famous women, and I found that the men and women who got to the top were those who did the jobs they had in hand, with everything they had of energy and enthusiasm." 

Showing enthusiasm also motivates others around you. People naturally want to be around people who are upbeat and have energy. 

An acronym for enthusiasm 
E nergy 
N imble 
T enacious 
H appy 
U nbeatable 
S elf-confidence 
I nexhaustible 
A chievable 
S uccess 
M otivation.

All these qualities  are really  motivating and are inspiring .A person who believes in enthusiasm is always able to achieve whatever he wants for life because he has confidence in himself and is able to live  life of  a worthy  person. Such a person can find a solution  to  any difficulties is sought by every one. Such persons are self confident' They have the capacity to hold the port alone to face any challenge single handed. 


                                                                  Scent of snowfall
                                                            my first love with snow
                                                                     still fresh.

                                                                     Snow balls,
                                                              how we loved to play
                                                                  fall and get up..

Writteh for Carpe Diem #  879

Monday, 14 December 2015


                                                             A string   of friendship
                                                   be cautious, handle carefully
                                                            cant be repaired .

                                                        bride's beauty  face
                                                    enhanced the bridal face
                                                          a string  of pearls.

           Written for Haku Horizons  prompt  95 String                                              

Sunday, 13 December 2015

my precious gifts

Two months back I got a wonderful gift. Never even in  my dream I would ever have been the owner of  this sophisticated item. Yes it is the latest brand of an Apple IPhone6 which was recently launched in the market. It has so many features that many of them I have not yet tried them so far.

It is sleek and very beautiful.. With a light press on the screen you can immediately get connected to your desired destination. Music is very effective,  It is  a  dream of every individual   to have the best of every thing. The camera   is very effective. The clarity  of the photographs is exemplary. there is a provision for editing the picture. I am  grateful to my husband that he presented me a an unique phone to me .
HP Spectre x360              

Whereas my husband  gave me   a phone, my children also gave me something which is  unique. Yes it is a brand new  lap top, the latest one available in the market. It is  windows 10, which was   recently launched in the market. It can be kept folded, as shown here,for reading. The key pad is thus not visible.  On the key pad there is provision  for light at each  alphabet, which not only  looks beautiful but also improves visibility.
Laptop                                                                                       The alphabets are  feather touch, which makes typing very easy. Google provides very effective service. If your thought seems to block, try to find the right path, then there is voice message, which can guide. you effectively. The font looks very beautifully  typed.  A more effective lap top is difficult  to get,   
 There are infinitive number of games which we can  play alone and also with friends. The typing is a pleasure  on this laptop.                                                                                                                                            

Written for BAR 13th to 19th Dec

Friday, 11 December 2015

Cock fighting

PHOTO PROMPT © Luther Siler

Cock fighting was an  interesting  sport in India. It depicted the rivalry of two groups. Shambhu and Lallu were known rivals in the village, Dadri,  Shambhu's cock was always the winner.He became so proud that he considered himself to be the Headman of the village. The villagers combined  to teach him a lesson. They gave him a notice to hold a cock fight. The cock was  fed with the most nutritious  food.He was trained thoroughly. On the day of the competition every one waited with bated breath for the result.The contest was difficult but Shambhu's cock lost.This was a lesson for him.

Written forFriday Fictioneers 11th Dec.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Haunted Building


Last week we went to my mom's place. It was our first visit after our marriage. We visited the place, where we married. We could not recognise that place. OMG, it looked like a deserted  building. We tried to enter the building, but could not. We went  home disappointed. Mom told us that there was a fight between  two neighbors Varun and Jeetu. Both of them were in love with the same girl.The girl  liked Jeetu. In midst of the ceremony, Varun came with armed people and started firing. Most of the people died. No one has entered the building after that.
100 words.

Written for Friday Fictioneers

3 word Wednesday

Obituary, noun: a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person.

Placid, adjective: (of a person or animal) not easily upset or excited; (especially of a place or stretch of water) calm and peaceful, with little movement or activity.

Resonant, adjective: (of sound) deep, clear, and continuing to sound or ring; (resonant with) (of a place) filled or resounding with (a sound); having the ability to evoke or suggest enduring images, memories, or emotions; (of a room, a musical instrument, or a hollow body) tending to reinforce or prolong sounds, especially by synchronous vibration; (of a color) enhancing or enriching another color or colors by contrast.

Mrs Smith daily went to the Church.In fact she had been visiting the Church for the last twenty years.After offering her prayers, she went to the platform behind the church,where other ladies assembled everyday. All of them, around fifty  years,  discussed their family affairs.Mrs.Smith was a placid  lady.She was the unelected leader of the group.Every one had a word of praise for her.Anyone who had a personal problem,would ask her without any hesitation. Her solutions were very wise and  practical. Some times the ladies wondered that  Mrs. Smith never spoke about her family or her problems.One day Mrs. Smith did not come.Every body felt her absence. When she did not come for two more days, they decided to visit her. After questioning many people they located the house. They were stunned to see that she was no more.They wrote  a very emotional  obituary, praising her to the sky. When her last rites were being performed in the church, soft music was  resonating far and wide.

Written for 3 week WEDNESDAY 457

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

a grand party

                                    this crowd 
                                round the corner
                           people already excited 
                        by  the   grand     decoration
                   this huge mansion holding a party
               The son of the family marrying tonight
                  people wait for a glimpse of bride
                      awed by multitude of lights
                         they wait bated breath
                          for bride and groom
                              there they come
        Written for Magpie Tales   297                  


Monday, 7 December 2015

pine tree haiku


                                                                          Pine trees  
                                             tall  and long life
                                                   hard bark. 

Written for CARPE  DIEM # 824


                                                               All  equal
                                     in god's balancing act.
                                          no small or big.

                                       Balanced food
                                    good for every one
                                          young or old.


                                        In the court
                              all  balanced in justice 
                                        till proved.

Written for Haiku Horizons Prompt 'balabce'



Who will decide

 Today we have all comforts of life. we get up from our thermal blanket .Our mobile phone gives us the  main and important news of the world. so we stopped reading the news paper.We have become so much dependent on mechanical devices as if we wont be able to live without them.We drive to office by car or scooter with the result that we have forgotten  to walk. The result is that we get several diseases. After I bought a TV we are all the time in front of a TV, we have stopped reading good books and children prefer to watch TV instead of  going out  to play. Several more gadgets, which have taken charge of the urbanisation are contributing to the pollution.  
Today pollution has become a big issue. Global warming is adding  too much  pollution, which is dangerous for the  whole  of the universe.
   With the  winter days dawning, the problem of pollution has increased.  In cities this problem is increasing by leaps and bounds. The atmosphere is extremely  polluted, which affects the health of the people. Old people and children are  more liable  to be affected.

The effect of  pollution hits the  population  not only  in winter, but  the whole year round. In summer  and rainy season  mosquitoes and flies are in abundance to attack human beings. It is essential that proper hygiene must be maintained not only inside the house, but also outside.Somebody has to take action but WHO?

written for BAR Weekly thread 6th Decto 11th Dec

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Help me


Chandra, a retired forest officer was in a reminiscent  frame of mind. He had just cremated his wife. The house was  full. On such occasions  people get an opportunity to gossip. They are more interested in knowing 'whether Mrs. Jain is expecting, whether Khanna's daughter has run away ;such talks are spoken in whispers'.  They are hardly concerned about the person on whose cremation  they  have come.
                                Chandra sat alone in the balcony. His thoughts  took him to Bahadur Garh,where he was initially posted. It was a thick forest. No human being was to be seen. After walking for another fifteen minutes, he saw a group of three or four people, so much absorbed in talking that they did not respond to Chandra's query when he asked them about the 'village  chaupal' (a make shift office).Chandra moved on.At the chaupal he was welcomed by the village pradhan. They accompanied him to the house, which he had to occupy. He was very tired and went off to sleep. He got up early morning to have a survey of the place, where he was supposed to stay for at least five years.
                  Nothing untoward took place. Life was going on at its own pace.One night when Chandra was about to sleep, a loud  crying  sound of a female was heard.  It was  echoing in the whole  village, but no body came to see what had happened! Chandra was about to enter the building from where the moaning sound was emanating. Immediately a man caught hold of him and did not allow him to go inside. In the dark, Chandra could not see him. Next day, during day time Chandra  inquired  from many people but every one gave the same reply that the building   was haunted. At night when the sound of crying came, he entered the building and caught the woman who was found crying. He brought her to his house and told her to narrate why she was doing that. She said that her daughter was  to get married. On the same day the boy disappeared. Some  people say he is alive  there are some who oppose this. Chandra consoled her, but the next moment the lady was in his arms....dead, 
  Chandra married the  girl . To day his wife  died after giving him company for thirty years.

   Written for write tribe # Give your heart away
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Friday, 4 December 2015

Magpie tales

                                                      prince is coming
                                                 she must cook for him
                                               his favorite stuff she's got
                                           maids driven out of the kitchen
                                     curiously they peep from the window
                                   how the princess will handle things alone.
                                  princess confidently surveys all the material;
                                    starts cooking with  prince's dear mutton
                                      confident that she can make tasty food
                                        next she makes the rabbit's red soup
                                           one by one she handles all  meat.
                                                decoated one by one nicely
                                                  Here comes the prince
                                                    hugs her smilingly

Written for Magpie Tales mag 296