northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hello?? Wrong number!

There  is nothing in the world which is not perishable. Man or animal every thing comes to an end one day. How many artists or learners have left their creative  work of arts due to deficiency of raw materiel  or fall of demand in the market after  a  launch of a new product.There are so many examples of products which were supreme in their heydays. Take the case of texting, which has lead to complete fall of human beings resulting in  crisis in the telecom market, The launch of mobile phone has created a new  record in the world of electronics.
The old landline  is an example of how things have have under gone a change so often. We also have  numberless examples of change in Telephone industry. Only till recently the mobile phones were used as simple phones. Now they are connected to the Internet/ WIFI,  through which it  is connected to every household.
 Once  a mobile phone entered  the market, there was no looking back. It captured the market like nothing before . Even  in far flung areas, where the people are completely illiterate, they are the owners of latest mobile phone. Who does not possess a mobile  phone these days!
          The increase in numbers, sometime lead to funny and awkward  situations .  With the photograph of the caller, you need not even ask for the identity of the caller. Long ago, a person called to speak with my sister, who was very busy at that time .Somehow the caller was not at all popular in our house,The  phone was received  by my daughter. Immediately she moved forward to give the phone to me. I refused to take the call and told my daughter to hand over the phone to her father. The phone was going round the house when it finally landed on  me and I had no alternative except to talk to her. We all wanted to avoid talking to her, but each one had to. What luck! what an irony of fate!!


  1. Each of your story conveys a lesson of wisdom, Usha Ma'am. Happy New Year:)

    1. Thanks Vishal.Wish you also a very happy NEW YEAR

  2. haha dadi! A comedy of errors :)