northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 24 December 2015

magpie tales

Mag   Pie tales                                                  

                             Oh my love , my life ,my  every thing
                     the    time for you   to  leave has come
                            stay on my love,  stay with me
                         the cruel world will not let me live
                                where will I seek shelter.

                      Why I need you very well you know

                       If you go how will I live  without you  
                      every thing will be hollow thus I feel..  
                    The angels  are  here with  a purpose
                     for we two will they announce, a news.

                   none  in the ball  expect you and me;

                   present here   laughing and  enjoying.
                     I love the  way  you  give me a kiss
                    eyes closed,as if  in seventh heaven
                    I  fall elated when you kiss my neck.


                 The day is not far when we will be on
                   days and nights keen to make us one 
                   none can intervene to separate   two
                   when god has made us one only one
                  never to be separated from each one.

Written for Magpie Tales 299











  1. A beautiful and touching poem, Usha Ma'am:)

  2. We risk so much when we love don't we. And love is its own brilliant reward!

  3. Lovely poem Usha ma'm. Sad how lovers depart. But ove remains stronger:)

  4. lovely and sad.