northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Help me


Chandra, a retired forest officer was in a reminiscent  frame of mind. He had just cremated his wife. The house was  full. On such occasions  people get an opportunity to gossip. They are more interested in knowing 'whether Mrs. Jain is expecting, whether Khanna's daughter has run away ;such talks are spoken in whispers'.  They are hardly concerned about the person on whose cremation  they  have come.
                                Chandra sat alone in the balcony. His thoughts  took him to Bahadur Garh,where he was initially posted. It was a thick forest. No human being was to be seen. After walking for another fifteen minutes, he saw a group of three or four people, so much absorbed in talking that they did not respond to Chandra's query when he asked them about the 'village  chaupal' (a make shift office).Chandra moved on.At the chaupal he was welcomed by the village pradhan. They accompanied him to the house, which he had to occupy. He was very tired and went off to sleep. He got up early morning to have a survey of the place, where he was supposed to stay for at least five years.
                  Nothing untoward took place. Life was going on at its own pace.One night when Chandra was about to sleep, a loud  crying  sound of a female was heard.  It was  echoing in the whole  village, but no body came to see what had happened! Chandra was about to enter the building from where the moaning sound was emanating. Immediately a man caught hold of him and did not allow him to go inside. In the dark, Chandra could not see him. Next day, during day time Chandra  inquired  from many people but every one gave the same reply that the building   was haunted. At night when the sound of crying came, he entered the building and caught the woman who was found crying. He brought her to his house and told her to narrate why she was doing that. She said that her daughter was  to get married. On the same day the boy disappeared. Some  people say he is alive  there are some who oppose this. Chandra consoled her, but the next moment the lady was in his arms....dead, 
  Chandra married the  girl . To day his wife  died after giving him company for thirty years.

   Written for write tribe # Give your heart away
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  1. Loved your take on the prompt! I liked the the underlying tone of suspense in your story...well-written :-)

  2. A touching story where you brought alive emotions in such a sensitive and lively manner. Great prompt, Usha Ma'am:)