northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


                                 butterflies  and birds(1)
                     restlessly they rise up (2)
                      a  cloud of flowers (3)

  Butterflies and birds
  top of the sky their aim
  will they  reach!

Restlessly they rise up
birds fly higher up
 butterflies fail.

A cloud  of flowers
rain of petals fall below
to console butterflies.

Written for Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu # 63 Troiku

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


                                                                    A   cunning fox
                                       frightens  other  forest creatures
                                              fears  the lion.

 Written for Carpe Diem #829 Vulpecula(Fox)

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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a term with which every youth is familiar. Drug addiction has already assumed a dreadful and notorious reputation, but the allure of this addiction is so much ingrained in the mind set of the younger generation that they fail to understand or realize the harm which these drugs are causing to their body. This addiction is no less than a termite which eats away the wood to an extent that it becomes a powder, with not a slightest sign of its not being strong and healthy till the wood is completely destroyed.
    The question arises that how children acquire this devastating and pernicious habit. There are many parents who drink and make merry in front of their children. It is now become a part of daily life that not only the fathers, but the mothers also are equal partners in sharing drinks and smoking in front of the children, in their formative years. I once personally saw both parents drunk in a party, which they were hosting. The maid, carrying hardly a one year old child crying loudly, entered the room. The mother took the baby and the maid went away. The mother poured about 1/4th glass of some alcohol and made the child drink it. The child stopped crying and everyone, including the guests, congratulated the mother!  One can infer that this child, when grown up, will be addicted to drugs, alcohol and other such malicious and malevolent things. Thus it is the home, where the child gets his first lesson in ‘enjoying’ addictives.  Agreed that such incidents may be rare, but one cannot completely ignore or rule them out.
It is mainly the home which impacts the child. Now a day’s drinking and smoking is not only a part of any party but has become a routine in many households. The children, especially the adolescents, who already dream of becoming handsome and popular among friends, fall an easy prey to such activities easily.
 The children these days even become prone to such temptations at school level. Peer pressure is so strong that the child fears that he will be singled out, so he falls into the trap. Here too the role of the parents is important. They must keep their eyes and ears open. Any change in the child’s behavior must not be ignored. We have to see that the child is in the company of friends who are studious and coming from god fearing families. If at any time the parent is informed that the child is missing classes or his performance in the class is deteriorating, the parent must take a serious note of this. Some parents very, confidently state, ’my child cannot do this’ or ‘in our family no one has any addiction.’ Just remember that drugs are easily available to the children. I have noticed that just outside the gate of many schools there is an innocuous looking shop, selling tea and snacks, but where harmful drugs are easily available. While working in the Education Department, I got some such shops removed with the help of Police Officers.
Teach the children to be God fearing. Do not allow the kids to spend a night in a friend’s house, unless you ensure that no one in that family can have an adverse effect on the child’s mind. When some scenes are shown on TV or in Movies, take advantage of the situation and explain the harmful effects of addiction to the children.
There are many sensible parents who abstain from drinks and other such harmful addictives to convey an unambiguous message to the children to stay away from it. Such positive actions on the part of the parents equip the children to make sensible decisions in life when they grow up. If your child confesses that he/she was forced to take a drug  by a friend, don’t just put it off by saying that, ‘don’t do it again’, but have a heart to heart talk with your child so that in future he/she has the strength to say a firm ‘no’ to it.
I end this article on a positive note that let tomorrow bring a new sunshine in your mind, and take you on the path of health, happiness and harmony. Remember the words of a famous author, Kurt Cuba,“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.”

Rewritten for archives at BAR the group

Between Haiku

                                                              Devil and deep sea
                                      no love lost between them,
                                               forever enmity.

                                             Teacher and taught
                                     bond  of trust between them
                                             unites the two.

                                              Father and son
                                        life long unity between. 
                                              Family ties.

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt 'Between'. here



My mom, my role model


My mother is no more, but her a smiling face, her affectionate hugs, and soothing words are always a source of  inspiration for me. The word 'mother'  is a balm  for  her children. Mother is the living God on earth. God created mother as His  own image.Since God can not be by the side of all  children, He created mother to nurture them, to love them and to protect them. 
  I always remember the smiling face of my mom.  She had to look after five children but I never heard her complaining  that she was tired. Not that she was not tired, but she always looked fresh  and charming.  My father was holding a senior position. Quite often he had to host  parties. My mother had studied only up to class tenth, but had mastered the technique of moving in high circles and be a perfect hostess. She accompanied my father to all social gatherings. She used to drive the car and saw to it that her daughters learnt driving.  
  Every year on their marriage anniversary, my parents used to take a family photograph. I am  standing behind my father.This was taken  about  sixty years ago. 
My mother was deeply religious. Quite often there used to be recitation of Akhand Ramayana in our house.With the blessings of God,the family was happy, peaceful and united.It is due to mother's blessing that all her progeny is well settled.  

Written in response to Write Tribe   # Monday Musings  dated 28th Sept 2015

Monday, 28 September 2015

Six words story Betrayel

                                        Vincenzo Camuccini,

                               Brothers fight. They'll  be one tomorrow.

Six word stories Challenge no. 7


Small things matter  
Every one aspires to achieve  the highest. No doubt ambition  to reach the highest  step the of the  ladder of life is a good motto. But, and it is big BUT, that with out stepping on  the lowest step of the ladder, you can not proceed further. Moreover to achieve higher things in life, we have to learn to live in a society, to  be acceptable to others. We are not living alone in the society.         

Image result for quotes on small things in life

When we come to the world, we come like a blank slate. We fill this slate by our actions. I am listing below a few  small things  
which reflect our manners.
1, The words 'please', 'may I' and 'thank you', are very important. Teach your children to always  say these words at every step in their daily routine.
 2  Always talk softly and have a smiling demeanour.
3.In a group meeting give an opportunity to others also to speak.
4.Learn to follow table etiquettes.
5. Teach the children to switch off electricity and water when they are done with.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. - Mother Teresa

Written for  A week in writing prompt# 84 word prompt 'small.'
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                                                            Sculptor's magic
                                                        statue may come alive
                                                               its so real !!

Written for Carpe Diem # 828 Sculptor


Trust like a soul never returns once it is gone.” ~ Publilius Syrus
Trust is one the most important of all feelings  in  human relations. It is neither taught in a formal class room nor any training is required to imbibe the quality of trust in another person. It is instinctive  to a great extent.  Right from childhood the children observe their parents. They very well understand who are the people whom their parents trust. They form an idea who are trustworthy.
             Trust is very important in mutual  relations. specially in marital relations and at work place. If the boss always  views his emlpoyees  with suspicion  he/she will never develop trust for them. In such a situation the employees will  always be in a state of uncertainty. Trust begets trust.
                         Trust is the name for sincerity, which is very essential for any marriage to last. If once lost, it will be difficult to to re establish it.
                                 Just to divert your mind from this serious subject. Here  is a joke  which is doing the rounds these days.
A lady called her husband and asked him,''Where are you, darling?''
The husband replied,'' At home, sweetheart.''
The wife said,''Switch on our conversation,when you proposed  to me.''
The husband did so. This went on for three days. On the fourth day , when she reached home, he was not at home. 
She asked her son,''Where is your Papa?''
The boy replied,'' He has gone out. He was carrying the tape recorder.'' 

Written for Write Tribe-#WYHO #1



Friday, 25 September 2015



                                                   Wish she was late as usual.  

written for 

Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No.6  Delay


Generation gap

                                                 PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

 Today  Ruby is fifty and it is her father's twentieth  death anniversary.Her red and swollen eyes, did not  sleep last night. ''Oh God, I  killed my Pop''.  How could she  forget that night!!
She was very head strong.  Her father  fulfilled all her demands. That night he  did not agree to her.  He did not allow her to marry his driver!!  Red with rage, she took her car and rushed out.  Her father rushed behind her in his car. He tried to overtake her car  on the bridge, but lost control. The car  rolled down  straight into river.(100 words)

Written for Friday Fictioneers Picture prompt 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Balance sheet of life

When we come to the world, we come  empty handed, we come without  any thing ,  not even a piece of cloth  on our body. Whatever we acquire in this journey of life is the result of our actions and deeds. All gains or losses, success and wealth we achieve in the world. If we ponder upon this truth, we will realise what we have gained and what have we lost. These gains and losses constitute the balance sheet of life. 

If we glance through the above chart, we realise what are the assets in our and also what are our liabilities. Our aim in life is to add to our assets and get rid of the liabilities. Life starts with birth, we can call it the opening balance, which is nil. Death
is the closing  balance.
 In the period between life and death, our creative thoughts and activities add to our assets. Our brain is like a fixed asset. Our positive ideas like patience, love, gratitude, good behaviour  are capital gains. Good education and experience add to our assets. Our aim should be keep our records like open cards.
                 We must develop and nurture good habits which will go a long way in pushing up  our dividends. The most amazing computer in the world ever invented, our brain, must always be kept active by feeding it with necessary inputs. The children are like bonus. They may always be  well serviced to be utilised even at short notice.
                    Traits like anger, excuses,selfishness. gossip. anger and fear are destructive obstacles which act as a hurdle must be kept  at  bay.The deadliest enemy, the tongue  can create serious setbacks to our balance sheet. Faith, determination, a smile, integrity and enthusiasm  are great vehicles to add to our assets. The most important assets are prayer and trust in God!

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Autumn tonight's moon'.

                                                           Full  Moon Over Cold Night Water

                                                                 Glorious moon
                                                          lovers' dream come true
                                                                  eternal bliss.

                                                                Gorgeous moon
                                                           solace for troubled soul
                                                                 sleepless night.

                                                               Gratifying moon
                                                        splendid, radiant,  effulgent
                                                                mankind stupified.

               Written for Carpe Diem  Special # 168 Tonight's MOON
                PIC courtesy google                                             




Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3wwwordy Wednesday 446

Pathetic, Righteous  Sedate, These three words have to used

James and Matilda, childhood friends, strengthened their bond by getting married. They grew up in an orphanage. They were a happy couple. Both worked in the same office Their dreams had come true.There were no worries or tensions in their life, They had a  cosy two room  apartment. James was a perfect partner. They performed  all household chores together. Life was a bed of roses. In their  righteous  life there was no struggle or conflict.
                                One day Matilda realised that she was on the family way.Both of them were on seventh heaven. Every day they discussed whether the baby would be a girl or a boy.They prepared a list of things  to be bought.Some days when Matilda felt unwell, James stayed with her at home.Time passed . Matilda was in the eighth month. She could not attend office and stayed at home. One day she slipped in the bathroom. She was in great pain. Her condition was pathetic. James rushed home and took her to a nursing home.The Doctor examined her and told James that she would have to be aborted, as foetus was damaged. James was mad with agony. After the surgery,he wanted to be with her. The Doctor told him that his wife was under sedation.  She also told him that Matilda would no longer be able to conceive. James was, as if mad. 
                     All of a sudden life changed for the happy couple.Matilda was in no position to attend office. James close friend William's wife was expecting a third baby. The delivery was due any day.He offered to give the baby to Matilda. He told  James that offer was made with his wife's consent. James was over whelmed.He had no words to thank William. Happy days were there again.

Written for 3wwwordy Wednesday no. 446


1.Troiku is an interesting form of poem, We have to write three Haiku from the three rows  of the main Haiku.
2. From the first second and third line of this Haiku  we are supposed to write three Haiku.
3. Each Haiku  to begin  with the three rows of the main Haiku.

  Main Haiku
Autumn leaves(1)
  spread like bright carpet(2)
 on the green grass.(3)

               Autumn leaves
                   fragrance  all around,
                   fall is here.

                  Spread like bright carpet
                   wish to fall asleep,
                   butterflies attract.

                  On the green grass
                  bright leaves fade,
                  none immortal.

Written for Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #62  Troiku

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Due to misunderstanding  some times embarrassing situations arise. I am a chronic forgetful person. I confuse days and dates.This has often landed me in awkward situations. The other day I met a very close friend of mine from college days at the mall. We were overwhelmed to see each other. In fact I was seeing her  after fifteen years. We were reminiscing our college days. She reminded me of several escapades we had together. We also exchanged notes about our family. She had a son and a daughter,as i too have. We were not aware how the time passed.It was time to leave. Suddenly she surprised me by inviting me and my family  for dinner  on Saturday or Sunday, preferably on Sunday. I accepted the invitation.
               After coming home I told my husband and the children that we had to go for dinner on Saturday, forgetting the preference for Sunday. On Saturday evening we sallied forth to my friend's house.  We were taken to the living room, I noticed embarrassment on my friend's face. We  continued with the conversation. After about half an hour some snacks and drinks were served. Thereafter there was no talk of dinner. The children came from inside and said ,'' Mom, let us leave''. My husband, who is a very frank and jovial person said,'' We are waiting for dinner.'' My friend , who looked puzzled, looked at me and said,'' Did I not invite you for Sunday?'' I was confused and said,''Sorry, but I thought it was for Saturday.'' Now  she looked confused, and looked at her husband, who immediately found a solution. He said, ''Our friends should not go hungry.'' They ordered  dinner from a nearby restaurant. We went home satisfied. This incident happened quite some time ago. I am till now not sure whether it was the result of confusion or forgetfulness!!

#Anything goes on a Sunday

anything goes on sunday

Monday, 21 September 2015

Small things matter

Last month  we came home late after dinner. I was shocked to see so many lights on. In all  the rooms  lights  were on. The A/Cs were also on and TV was also on. I always wondered why our electricity bill was too high. Since that day, I ensured that we must use power judiciously.By ensuring that we are not wasting power, we have been able to cut down our consumption.  Actually it is not difficult to control the usage of power. It requires a little more attention. There is a popular saying 'save power today for a better tomorrow'. We need to have only minor adjustments.
1. We should use LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs. Even though they are costly, they last longer and have a better light.
2. We must buy wires, switches of standard companies. They last longer and save power,
3. If we are not using an appliance, we must remove the plug from the socket. At night it is essential to remove all plugs from the  computers, lap tops and other appliances, which are not used at night.
4 If we want to have some light the whole night,we must have a zero power bulb on. 
5.Children must be trained to switch off the light/fan/ TV/AC/
 or any other appliance when they go from one room to another. 
6. Use light curtains so the rooms do not look dark in the morning.
We are fortunate that we have electricity. With a gentle touch we can bring  bright light in a pitch dark place. Every comfort, entertainment, utility and health devices and almost every thing we see or use, is dependent on electric  inventions.
                     Just imagine how and what will the world be without electricity! I have experienced life without  the magic of light! Soon after my marriage,  56 years ago, I went to Kerala to my husband's house in a small town, Tattamangalam. There was no electricity in the town. In the evening, workers  climbed on to the poles and lit a kerosene lamp . Inside the house there was no question of electricity. In the evening my mother in law used to light  lamps which were too dim . At night when there was breeze,  thunder and lighting, combined with the music of frogs,owls, bats and other unknown creatures, it was very  scary. Things changed fast. We went there after one year and the same house which looked scary a year ago, was like any other posh house. With electricity came tube well, gobar gas plant, good toilets with hot water, TV, telephone and all other facilities. Electricity converted the  whole place into a fairy land.


                    Written for Write Tribe,  # Monday Musings.


                                        Winter is knocking  our doors.
                              The sun rests longer in its abode
                               Birds shy to twitter early morning
                               Fans and A/Cs get time to relax.
                                We shy to come out of coxy beds
                                Kids miss their colas, icecreams.
                                 Mothers fear their cough and cold
                                      Youth have free thoughts.
                                              no inhibitions.   (50 words)


Written for APED Prompt #83 Flash Prompt Winter 50 words


Haiku After

                                    Laurel, Asleep, Baby, Princess, Child

                                                   After her feed
                           baby restful in deep sleep
                                 moment of bliss.
School children shouting outsideRear view of lively schoolchildren in uniform on the way to school

                                 After  school
                             kids merrily rush out
a group of kids with backpacks run forward as if just getting out of school                                  free from fetters.


                                  Written for Haiku Horizons prompt 'After'
                                  Photos courtesy Pixabay


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Autobiograpy of a school

                                                      PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart
I was inaugurated by the Governor  fifty years ago. I was decorated with garlands of yellow marigold flowers. There was enthusiasm in the air. Loud speakers were installed at all strategic points. I felt on top of the world. Scouts and girl guides were lined to welcome  the chief guest. 
                                       Ah! Today I am old and infirm. The seat of  learning has withered. Rain water  has collected in and  out of the building. Alas no one is interested in discipline in Education. The edifice which was once robust, is now crumbling.  It is a mirror of the state of affairs today.

Written for Friday Fictioneers  picture prompt.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


                                                         kids playing in the snow

                                                                                First snow
                                                                    amused  kids love to play
                                                                               fun for them.

Written for Carpe Diem special # 167  First Snow
photo courtesy  google                                                                      

Friday, 18 September 2015

before the dusk


Before the dusk
lingering in the dusk life
last of the life


a walk on the grass
wet by dew, heavenly.

Written for Carpe Diem  Before the dusk renga


Thursday, 17 September 2015


3wwweek   445

 Haphazard, adjective: lacking any 

obvious principle of organization.

   Labored, adjective: done with great 

effort and difficulty, (especially of humor 

or a performance) not spontaneous or fluent.

   Noxious, adjective: harmful, poisonous, or very 


    Sheena was a self centred girl. She was bright and 

intelligent. The only problem was that she was a very 

lazy child. She was  arrogant and did mix with other 

children in the class.Her work. though correct in content

 was very haphazard in presentation, hence she never 

got good marks. Slowly she lost interest in studies and 

her work became  noxious.When the final year reults 

were declared, she was detained! 

                  In the new session Mira, a new teacher was 

in-charge of the class.She noticed that Sheena was 

always  quiet  and did not take any interest in the class. 

Mira obtained her past record. Mira made her sit in the

 first row. Slowly Sheena showed signs of improvement.

 Whatever work the teacher assigned, she finished it fast

and submitted in time to the  teacher.She laboured hard 

and also mixed with other children. In the end of term 

she topped in the class.


After her college Sheena appeared  for IAS  and  got 

through with flying colors. One day when she reached 

office she saw an old lady waiting outside on a bench. 

 Sheena recognised her and touched her feet. All the 

people waiting for the officer were shocked. Sheena 

proudly announced, ''She is my living God''.

Written for 3wwweeks 445 for Wednesday




                                          Harp Royalty Free Stock Photography - 28306757                           

                             Strings of the harp,
                                 mesmerising music,
                                 feeling lost.   

Written  Carpe Diem # 81  Lyra, Harp
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