northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 21 September 2015

Small things matter

Last month  we came home late after dinner. I was shocked to see so many lights on. In all  the rooms  lights  were on. The A/Cs were also on and TV was also on. I always wondered why our electricity bill was too high. Since that day, I ensured that we must use power judiciously.By ensuring that we are not wasting power, we have been able to cut down our consumption.  Actually it is not difficult to control the usage of power. It requires a little more attention. There is a popular saying 'save power today for a better tomorrow'. We need to have only minor adjustments.
1. We should use LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs. Even though they are costly, they last longer and have a better light.
2. We must buy wires, switches of standard companies. They last longer and save power,
3. If we are not using an appliance, we must remove the plug from the socket. At night it is essential to remove all plugs from the  computers, lap tops and other appliances, which are not used at night.
4 If we want to have some light the whole night,we must have a zero power bulb on. 
5.Children must be trained to switch off the light/fan/ TV/AC/
 or any other appliance when they go from one room to another. 
6. Use light curtains so the rooms do not look dark in the morning.
We are fortunate that we have electricity. With a gentle touch we can bring  bright light in a pitch dark place. Every comfort, entertainment, utility and health devices and almost every thing we see or use, is dependent on electric  inventions.
                     Just imagine how and what will the world be without electricity! I have experienced life without  the magic of light! Soon after my marriage,  56 years ago, I went to Kerala to my husband's house in a small town, Tattamangalam. There was no electricity in the town. In the evening, workers  climbed on to the poles and lit a kerosene lamp . Inside the house there was no question of electricity. In the evening my mother in law used to light  lamps which were too dim . At night when there was breeze,  thunder and lighting, combined with the music of frogs,owls, bats and other unknown creatures, it was very  scary. Things changed fast. We went there after one year and the same house which looked scary a year ago, was like any other posh house. With electricity came tube well, gobar gas plant, good toilets with hot water, TV, telephone and all other facilities. Electricity converted the  whole place into a fairy land.


                    Written for Write Tribe,  # Monday Musings.


  1. It is amazing what a difference electricity makes in our lives.

  2. I totally agree .... We need to be very judicious .... In cities I sometime s see street lights still on way into the morning .... Even cooking relies on electricity these days with mixers grinders ovens and induction stoves ...

  3. Loved the 56 year old memory that you shared. I can't imagine life without electricity.

  4. Yes, small steps can bring major is just our mindset which stops us from taking those small steps. But it is hard to imagine living without the assets that we have now. It is better to use them judiciously rather than wasting them.....It must have been so different for you back then without electricity Usha ji.....can hardly imagine being in that situation.....