northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Balance sheet of life

When we come to the world, we come  empty handed, we come without  any thing ,  not even a piece of cloth  on our body. Whatever we acquire in this journey of life is the result of our actions and deeds. All gains or losses, success and wealth we achieve in the world. If we ponder upon this truth, we will realise what we have gained and what have we lost. These gains and losses constitute the balance sheet of life. 

If we glance through the above chart, we realise what are the assets in our and also what are our liabilities. Our aim in life is to add to our assets and get rid of the liabilities. Life starts with birth, we can call it the opening balance, which is nil. Death
is the closing  balance.
 In the period between life and death, our creative thoughts and activities add to our assets. Our brain is like a fixed asset. Our positive ideas like patience, love, gratitude, good behaviour  are capital gains. Good education and experience add to our assets. Our aim should be keep our records like open cards.
                 We must develop and nurture good habits which will go a long way in pushing up  our dividends. The most amazing computer in the world ever invented, our brain, must always be kept active by feeding it with necessary inputs. The children are like bonus. They may always be  well serviced to be utilised even at short notice.
                    Traits like anger, excuses,selfishness. gossip. anger and fear are destructive obstacles which act as a hurdle must be kept  at  bay.The deadliest enemy, the tongue  can create serious setbacks to our balance sheet. Faith, determination, a smile, integrity and enthusiasm  are great vehicles to add to our assets. The most important assets are prayer and trust in God!

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