northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Due to misunderstanding  some times embarrassing situations arise. I am a chronic forgetful person. I confuse days and dates.This has often landed me in awkward situations. The other day I met a very close friend of mine from college days at the mall. We were overwhelmed to see each other. In fact I was seeing her  after fifteen years. We were reminiscing our college days. She reminded me of several escapades we had together. We also exchanged notes about our family. She had a son and a daughter,as i too have. We were not aware how the time passed.It was time to leave. Suddenly she surprised me by inviting me and my family  for dinner  on Saturday or Sunday, preferably on Sunday. I accepted the invitation.
               After coming home I told my husband and the children that we had to go for dinner on Saturday, forgetting the preference for Sunday. On Saturday evening we sallied forth to my friend's house.  We were taken to the living room, I noticed embarrassment on my friend's face. We  continued with the conversation. After about half an hour some snacks and drinks were served. Thereafter there was no talk of dinner. The children came from inside and said ,'' Mom, let us leave''. My husband, who is a very frank and jovial person said,'' We are waiting for dinner.'' My friend , who looked puzzled, looked at me and said,'' Did I not invite you for Sunday?'' I was confused and said,''Sorry, but I thought it was for Saturday.'' Now  she looked confused, and looked at her husband, who immediately found a solution. He said, ''Our friends should not go hungry.'' They ordered  dinner from a nearby restaurant. We went home satisfied. This incident happened quite some time ago. I am till now not sure whether it was the result of confusion or forgetfulness!!

#Anything goes on a Sunday

anything goes on sunday


  1. I'm sure it would have been quite strange with both lots of people not sure what was going on - glad you found a solution.