northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 28 September 2015


Trust like a soul never returns once it is gone.” ~ Publilius Syrus
Trust is one the most important of all feelings  in  human relations. It is neither taught in a formal class room nor any training is required to imbibe the quality of trust in another person. It is instinctive  to a great extent.  Right from childhood the children observe their parents. They very well understand who are the people whom their parents trust. They form an idea who are trustworthy.
             Trust is very important in mutual  relations. specially in marital relations and at work place. If the boss always  views his emlpoyees  with suspicion  he/she will never develop trust for them. In such a situation the employees will  always be in a state of uncertainty. Trust begets trust.
                         Trust is the name for sincerity, which is very essential for any marriage to last. If once lost, it will be difficult to to re establish it.
                                 Just to divert your mind from this serious subject. Here  is a joke  which is doing the rounds these days.
A lady called her husband and asked him,''Where are you, darling?''
The husband replied,'' At home, sweetheart.''
The wife said,''Switch on our conversation,when you proposed  to me.''
The husband did so. This went on for three days. On the fourth day , when she reached home, he was not at home. 
She asked her son,''Where is your Papa?''
The boy replied,'' He has gone out. He was carrying the tape recorder.'' 

Written for Write Tribe-#WYHO #1



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