northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 7 September 2015


Generally when people grow old their they  start looking at life   in a different perspective. They  have a feelng that due to old age, they have lost the respect of their own  kith and kin. In reality it is not true. The fact is that youngsters,today, have to face too much competition and struggle hard to maintain their position in the work place.They have very little or no time for luxury or to devote to their family. The parents must understand this  reality before they complain of  non co operation from their own children.  We must give them their own space.  This adjustment will  arouse positivity. In case the children want to stay separately, we must not protest and  allow them to live their own life. Be happy and let them also be happy.

As we grow old, we a liable to be faced by health issues. We must take proper care of our health. We must have annual check up. Health care must our priority.

 If we are staying separately we need money for our needs.  As we grow old,  we must make good use of our money. We must spend for ourself and for the spouse. Get  a best phone, for which you have a craving. (I  bought an IPhone last week)  Lead a harmonious life with your spouse. The most relaxing things are  a healthy religious  attitude, good sleep and relaxation. You have laboured  hard in your younger days. Accept life cheerfully.Adopt the  saying,'' live and let live'' as a motto of your life.

   Generally it is seen that people go on emphasising that they are old.  That is our chronological age.  The real age is how we feel.  Age does not prevent you from living a life of positivity and happiness. We must have a positive approach towards life.

Here are some sayings which depict the reality of human nature. How money dictates human beings

When we have no money we eat at home, and enjoy.
When we have money we love to eat in luxury hotels.

When we have no money we ride a bicycle.
When we have money we call it tread-mill and ride it.

A man acts like a rich man when he is poor.
Acts like a rich man when poor.

Says money is evil but keeps accumulating it.

Says high positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them.

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