northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3wwwordy Wednesday 446

Pathetic, Righteous  Sedate, These three words have to used

James and Matilda, childhood friends, strengthened their bond by getting married. They grew up in an orphanage. They were a happy couple. Both worked in the same office Their dreams had come true.There were no worries or tensions in their life, They had a  cosy two room  apartment. James was a perfect partner. They performed  all household chores together. Life was a bed of roses. In their  righteous  life there was no struggle or conflict.
                                One day Matilda realised that she was on the family way.Both of them were on seventh heaven. Every day they discussed whether the baby would be a girl or a boy.They prepared a list of things  to be bought.Some days when Matilda felt unwell, James stayed with her at home.Time passed . Matilda was in the eighth month. She could not attend office and stayed at home. One day she slipped in the bathroom. She was in great pain. Her condition was pathetic. James rushed home and took her to a nursing home.The Doctor examined her and told James that she would have to be aborted, as foetus was damaged. James was mad with agony. After the surgery,he wanted to be with her. The Doctor told him that his wife was under sedation.  She also told him that Matilda would no longer be able to conceive. James was, as if mad. 
                     All of a sudden life changed for the happy couple.Matilda was in no position to attend office. James close friend William's wife was expecting a third baby. The delivery was due any day.He offered to give the baby to Matilda. He told  James that offer was made with his wife's consent. James was over whelmed.He had no words to thank William. Happy days were there again.

Written for 3wwwordy Wednesday no. 446