northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Dick, a  fireman was now an old man.   He started working in a fire brigade office when he was eighteen years old.  As a boy he was a dreamer. His imagination ran  amuck. In his thoughts he always  saw a small and cosy little house with a loving wife and two sweet kids. Alas! his dream never came true. Today he was forty five and a bachelor. He was lying on a hospital  bed , with a fractured hip joint. He had only seen fire. Whereas he saved many lives, he had seen several others being burnt alive. All those scenes were over powering him. He screamed. The ward boy immediately called he Doctor on duty. He was unconscious. The doctor  attended to him on an urgent basis. After an hour he regained. Where was he? It was not the ward where there were fifteen other patients. He was still dizzy and closed his eyes. It was the doctor who softly called him,''Dick, are you all right? Open your eyes. Some one is waiting for you.'' Slowly he opened his eyes. An old lady, about seventy years old, was sitting by the side of the bed. As soon as he looked at her, she got up  and hugged him. He was puzzled. She said,''Ten years ago you carried me on your back from the fifth floor of my apartment. You saved me from a devastating fire, in which my whole family was burnt. I vividly remember you.'' Dick  looked at her dazed. He got a mother!!!   

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