northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 14 September 2015

Fatal, Glimmer and Impartial

3ww week no. 444    

                                  Glimmer in her blue eyes
                                  could not hide her secret;
                                 Her  sweet and smiley eyes 
                                 give a message of true love.
                                 Her longing  for him reflect
                                 the love which is growing.
                                 Her intense yearning for him 
                                can no more hide in her eyes.

                               A mother's love is impartial
                               her love is  like sweet nectar.
                               She loves you from the heart
                               A gift alike for all off springs.
                               Love is purely unconditional
                              which comes to from her soul.
                             None can reach height of her love
                             God  cannot measure this love/

                              An  accident on the road
                              crowd collected.
                              Every one shouting loudly
                               no one obeying.
                              Do this, do that,don't delay
                              be quick and fast
                              In this turmoil and fluster
                             precious life  lost. 

Written for 3 words week  no.44. the three words are  1.Fatal 
                                                            2.Glimmer and 3 Impartial





  1. Interesting take on the three words. When I put the sections together in my mind I come up with quite the tragedy.