northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Live and let live

When we come to the world we do not come armed with any knowledge of worldly etiquettes of what is correct and what is not.  We acquire all that is good or bad  from our parents, or in the company of  people with whom we come into contact as we grow. 
There are certain things that we must keep in mind.We must be grateful to God for His bounties. While working to achieve  our goal, we must not harm others.There is  much  pain and grief in the world. We must think of those countless people who labour day and night, but can not get enough to feed their family. It is not in our hands to change the destiny of those who are in pain. At least we must not increase their suffering.
            We must not complain about food and must not waste it. Think of those who do not get even a single meal and have to starve many times. 
                       Many times we crib that our house is too much cluttered and  there is no place to keep things. Have you ever  thought that there are limitless people who do not even have a roof on their head.
                    We always grumble about traffic jams. We must thank our stars that we have got at least a vehicle but how many have never got a chance to even travel in a bus.
                                  When we raise an accusing finger at some one, think whether we have  not committed the same mistake in our life.
               Always have a pleasant disposition. Learn to smile and spread happiness at home and at our work place.
Lastly look at five different  directions every day.
Forward--- To set your goals for the future and to plan accordingly.
Backward--- To remember what mistakes you made in the past and to learn  not to repeat them.
Downwards--- To see that you are standing firmly on the ground below and not building castles in the air and to ensure that you do not trample upon others  and do not damage them.  Sideways---Look both ways to see who is there to support you and who needs your help'
Upwards---To remember that there is some one above,who is your well wisher and you must not forget to pay your obeisance to Him. 


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