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northern lights

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Kadhai wali subzi and Doli ki roti

This post is being reproduced  today on the request of  'Tim'. I had written this recipe about two years ago.I am sure that many of my new readers will also like the recipes. The method of preparing the Roti(bread)  the dough takes time, but the end product is very delicious. 

  The vegetable is a typical Multani preparation, which is relished by  all multanis. My Kerala  relatives have also developed a taste for it. On special occasions, my daughter in law prepares it .The method of preparation is simple and the taste is equally good.
Doli Ki Roti
Today I am giving  a recipe which is very popular  with people  originating from Western Punjab.The procedure is  quite time consuming but the end result is so good that we don't mind preparing  it occasionally.It is known as 'Doli ki roti'.This roti is a favourite with all Multanis, It requires fermentation of wheat flour.The fermenting agent is prepared in the following method
  Step 1
  For this the following ingredients are required (1). big ( 2).cloves....five( 3). poppy teaspoon (4)nutmeg ...One (5) small piece  (6)  jaggery....six  teaspoons . These six items are boiled in 500 ml. water for five minutes. This concoction is kept in  a bowl, well covered and wrapped in a woolen  cloth , and placed in a warm place for 24 hours.This concoction is used for preparing the base for the dough.
Step 2
Take one cup of whole wheat flour and make a paste  with the concoction .The paste should be of the consistency of dosa/ pakora  paste.The paste  is again kept in  a warm place for  about 24 hours, Bubbles  will be formed  in the paste. The fermenting agent  is now ready
Mix it well in  four cups of wheat flour and half a cup of suji. Knead it  with warm water like  a dough  for Poories. This dough is again kept for about two hours for rising in  a fairly big container.The flour will rise to almost  its double volume.
Step 3
Now make equal number of balls. These balls should be flattened  within the palms of both hands. of approximately 3 mm thickness.Deep fry them on medium heat till golden brown .
  This roti can be taken with  any curry. We  can prepare the roti with a filling of Chana Dal or chicken/mutton keema. These rotis can be kept for three or four days. 

     2. Kadhai Wali Subzi
  •   spinach(palak) 500 gms.
  •  brinjal, potato,bell pepper,lotus stem (kamal kakdi), raw mango, green chillies, carrot -- all combined 500 gms 
  • tomatoes 250 gms   
  • Oil for cooking 4 tbsps. 
  • salt, spices 
  • raw mangoes 2 (If raw mango is not available,then aamchur  can be used)
  • dal wadian 2or 3

Method :-
  • Cut all the vegetables medium size, Wash them well. Take a Kadhai (preferably iron) 
  • tbsp oil  and add all the vegetables and wadian, except tomatoes.
  • Stir for a minute or so and then add salt, cover it and allow to cook  on medium heat,till the vegetables are half cooked. A lot of water will ooze out.
  • Now add all the spices . When water is almost dried up, add tomatoes and stir. You will notice that all the vegetables are well mixed
  • Remove from the fire. In another wok, put the oil.When the oil is well heated,pour it on the cooked vegetable and mix well.
  • Garnish with green chillies and tomatoes. Serve


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  2. Its very tasty n my favourite...😍

  3. Its very tasty n my favourite...😍