northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A life wasted.

It is very unfortunate that old people feel physically isolated and emotionally abandoned. There are many families where the old parents are staying with their children. Generally the parents are confined to one corner of the house . The sons, daughters, their spouses  and their children hardly ever speak with them.This is a sad story of how parents are treated when they are old and infirm. 

Lakhan and his wife Meera lived with their only son,who got married two years ago.  One day the mother  told her son, that she felt very lonely.and asked him to get some books for her to spend time fruitfully..The  son was not at all favourable. Instead of being helpful and understanding, he blamed his mother.He said, There are numberless books at home.Have you read them all?" She again said,"These books are not my type. I feel lonely." Now the son  changed his approach. The pattern of replies was the same as in every  house  these days. "Don't you get food  in time? or  Don't you like food cooked here? You should be thankful that you are getting every thing in your room. You don't have to do any thing  for the house. We are not taking any money from you. We are spending liberally on you and Papa. What is there  to  be lonely? You have all comforts. I don't understand what is loneliness."  All these words came as an  arrow and got stuck on her heart . .She did  not expect such words from her dear  son, who was the apple of her eyes, till he had his own wife. When she narrated this incident to her husband, he too, had no time to listen to her. The son kept his father in good humour. Occasionally the son gave him a drink and  cigarettes. The old man was relaxed. He also blamed his wife for her fault finding attitude. The poor old lady had no one to sympathise. She became irritable and dejected. She thought that  only her death would help her. She gulped at least ten strips of sleeping pills and went to bed. No body  noticed that she had not got up in the  morning. When the maid came to clean the room she shrieked and ran out.with a paper lying by the side of the old lady, on which some words were scribbled, Every one read the poem and were dumb founded.
                                   Her last words in the form of a poem are given below.
                                    Is this life, a reality or only a dream
                                    In youth there were lovely moments
                                   Alas nothing is true, it was a dream.
                                   Broken heart, broken promises. None
                                   near you. Why blame others, when
                                   the beloved is’nt yours any more.
                                   Left  to dream from morn to night.
                                  Not a single  soul  knows your agony.
                                  Why are you living, and for whom
                                   in this heartless, insensitive world.
                                   How long will the heart bear this
                                   Insensitive action and remorse
                                   A day  has come when you all
                                   will come wiping your tears for
                                              A  life wasted.
                                                Be Happy.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger Week 6 Day 56
 This is a piece of fiction and does not bear any relation to a dead or living  person.


  1. That's a sad story of a forlorn woman. Today there are retirement homes( not oldage homes) where old people stay happily with people their age. They are not dependant on their children. Even a few who stay with their children are treated like nannies for their children, so i feel retirement homes are a better option where they can live their independant lives. ( i repeat retirement homes are not oldage homes). They are new community dwellings where retired folks happily live. That should be a better option than living forlorn lives with their children.

    1. Thanks Asha. I know it is really sad for the parents when the children behave like strangers.

  2. This is so sad, I cant understand why kids do this to their own parents. I hope I dont do this to my mother.


    1. Yes Bikram it is unfortunate that some parents have to bear this agony.