northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 31 July 2015

blue moon


                                      Wow, nature's charisma
                      glorious blue moon today night
                          mankind excited.

Note  There is a prediction that to day,(31st July) Blue Moon will be visible.

Written forCarpe Diem # 786 Blue Moon

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Abirthday message

Today is my grand daughter's birthday. This is her twenty  first birthday. How time has passed. It seems it was only  yesterday  that she was born.  Today she is an adult. Grand chidren are always special.  Who so ever coined the word 'grand children', was really great. Grand children are actually grand.  Rom,as she is lovingly addressed, is a darling. She is the  sweetest and sassiest little doll, who brought joy and brightness with her in our life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
On this Birthday you are far away from us with your loving sister.Both you and your sister are  the two glittering stars in our eyes.We are missing you both,  But we are thrilled that both of you are having a blast! All happiness and prosperity to both, my precious gifts from God.  Here is something special.Both of you must dance. So here we go

With all love and wishes.

Video courtesy you tube.
pic google

Where is the Man!


                                                 ruthless, cruel 
                                            have  no compassion.
                                         Without  pity or  mercy
                                     \\No milk of human kindness
                                 Hard brutal  are they, no sentimens
                             world full of  cold blooded, vicious men.
                               Why but why this revenegful  attitude,
                                    all  for the sake of supremacy.
                                     Power loot, pelf  and revenge
                                       Very painful  my  heart.
                                          Man's enemy man
                                              Great  God

This nonet is written for @a prompt each day.
 Prompt  60 Foto Write  #5
Image Source (Attributes): Broken, Photography by Shail Mohan


Wednesday, 29 July 2015


                                                        Childhood joys
                                 Baby in  mother's embrace
                                          deeply asleep.

                                      Once he grows
                                 in a flurry hid himself
                                      to tease mom.

Written  for@A prompt each day.Midweek Wordle # 9

Tuesday, 28 July 2015



                                                A great man and scientist 
                                 Carved for  great heights
                                 lust for  service in his soul
                                Never at rest, his impatient
                                mind, pining to serve others.
                                to make them hale and hearty .

                               Narrow thoughts not for him
                                equal all, no one big or small
                               himself lead life of austerity.
                               Simple food and no luxuries,
                               His actions gave a loud message  
                                practised what he preached.

                                 As  the leader of the nation
                                 He lived a life of simplicity
                                 His love for youth  intense  
                                 children doted on him a lot.
                                 His last breath in the midst
                                 of  youth,  a gift for his soul.

                                 Man so great, rarely adorn
                                the world, a gift to our nation.
                                 We are proud of this gem
                                for ever he'll rule our hearts
                                the unforgettable great man,
                               a priceless gift for the nation!!.

Written for @A prompt each day.  A word play# no.10.  Teach 


Cape diem # 784 Nap

                                                                     A restful nap
                                    on a hot summer noon
                                           refreshes body .

                                        An A/c room
                             dark  curtains  doors windows
                                      heaven on earth .

Written for Carpe Diem # 748  .  Nap                                                            


 A. P. J.Abdul Kalam, ,Ex President of India passed away last evening while  delivering a lecture at the  Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. He was known as the ''People's President'' because of his love for the common man. He was especially fond of children. By his passing away, India has lost  a great scientist, an eminent statesman and a very kind human being. Right from his childhood he had shown signs of his  greatness. Given below is a video clip, depicting  signs as great son of India:

We salute this great son of the soil. May his soul rest in peace.

video courtesy  you tube
copy to B A R The group


Monday, 27 July 2015

A child bit a dog

 After reading the title you must br wondering that I have committed some mistake in writing. No, not at all. This actually happened.
                 We had a labrador female pet dog, Elsa. She was so sweet, humble, very loving and obedient. She never liked to sit alone. She loved to be the center of attraction. We had employed a trainer for her. The moment he came and pressed the call bell, Elsa could guess that it was her 'teacher' at the entrance. In a jiffy  she would  hide  under some chair or a table. The trainer would give one call, and Elsa would crawl fearfully in front of the the teacher. All of us enjoyed this daily drama.
She was not at all aggressive.She looked like a tiger, giving an impression that she was very wild but in reality she was as innocent and tame as a lamb. One day some guests had come to our house.Their daughter, about three old, was with them. The child had a small toy car. She was playing with it. For some time ,Elsa was watching curiously, then, perhaps she wanted to join the fun. The child pushed the toy and it reached the other end of the room. Instantly Elsa rushed and put the toy in her mouth. The baby girl was stunned. She caught hold of Elsa's neck and bit her  hard. Blood started oozing. She was terrified.The toy came out on the floor and Elsa swiftly ran under a table for cover. She neither barked nor tried to bite the child, Inspite of her pain and suffering she did not react. This was our Elsa.So lovable, so patient and so docile!
            Have you experienced some such act of compassion with your pet?

written for  # Monday Musings of Write Tribe date 27th July and linking to Blog A Rhythm  The Group, thread dated 26th July 2015


                                                            Puppies flocking after their mother - stock photo

                                                                Cute little pups
                                    follow mother everywhere
                                           that's their game.

                           Image result for free photos of cadets marching                         

                                                          Cadets march past
                              Young boys follow the captain
                                    discipline  maintained.

Written for Haiku  Horizons week 75  FOLLOW
Pics courtesy google

Lady Bug Haiku


                                                                Lady bug
                                with ball  like colored dome  
                                    hides shyly beneath.

Written for Carpe Diem # 783 Lady Bug
 pic courtesy google



                                       Once you were my companion,.
                                                         oh mirror!
                           You saw me crying, smiling  in
                                                      mother's  lap!!
                          From the corner of  eyes I saw you
                             As I grew, you grew with me
                                                           oh mirror!
                             Making faces at each other.
                                                     wondered what!!
                            You  did,  when I was away
                                                        missed me?

                            In my youth my closest friend
                                                         oh mirror!
                            What was hidden within  folds 
                                                          of my heart,  
                            You were the one, only witness 
                                                             to share !!

                            Now in the eve of my life I  shun
                                                              oh mirror
                            to come  to you, still glittering
                                                              in glory.
                            sans teeth, sans vision,withering
                                                           like dry leaves!!!  

Written for  @A prompt each day,  Word prompt# 8 Mirror





Sunday, 26 July 2015

I wish


                                 I wish  to become  a small child
                                 I wish to sleep in my mom's lap
                                 I wish to hear her sing a lullaby
                                 I wish to have a  peaceful sleep.

                                 Bereft of  all worldly  thoughts.

                                 A calm and cosy mom's embrace
                                 Her soft lips on my tender cheek.
                                 Her eyes admiring my tiny eyes.

                                 I wish to remove pain and misery

                                 I wish  happy, healthy humanity.
                                 Serene, satisfied and  contented
                                Young and old live life of peace.

                                  I wish my kids prosper in life,
                                  I wish good will, love respect.
                                 Healthy long life they may live
                                 No obstacles come in their life.

                               Love of my love, soul of my soul,
                               my wish, you always stay strong,
                              no disease  may  ever comr near,
                              stay healthy happy perky and gay.  

Written for @ A prompt each day. Sunday Challenge# 8




Laugh a while!

Today I have selected  the best comedy scenes from some old Hindi movies.These  movies were box office hits, when they were released. All the four movies  were released in the decade 1970 to early 80s.
The first  comic scene is from the movie, Angoor, released in 1982. It was a comedy based on Shakespeare's famous play 'The Comedy of Errors''. It is a story of two sets of twins,which creates several comic situations A sample is given below. Have a hearty laugh.Sanjiv Kumar and Deven Varma, both have done justice to the role that  they play.


                          The next  comedy  is  Seeta  aur Geeta. Hema Malini plays the double role of Seeta and Geeta, which leads to great comedy. Hema Malini's acting is one of the best  as a comic actress.                            

(3)  The third  scene is from Sholay, which created history in Hindi film world.It was a big hit, which broke many records for continuously running for  more than five years in a theatre. The dialogues of the movie were very sharp and crisp. The movie was one in all. It had tragedy, comedy, emotions, and masala, which appealed to young and old. There were all the top most stars of those days. Amitabh Bachhan, Dharmendra, Sanjiv Kumar, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachhan were the leading stars. The scene depicted here is very entertaining.


(4) The last one that I have selected is a very humorous movie Golmaal. It was a pure comedy from the word, start.Amol Palekar was the hero of the movie.The scene, which I have selected shows Utpal Dutt and Om Prakash in a very interesting comic situation. Enjoy.


 I hope you would have had an enjoyable time watching these   clips.

 Videos courtesy You Tube


Friday, 24 July 2015


                                           Gud  morning
                                                       last night anger no more.
                                                         Only a cheery smile.

                                                        Sweet  gud morn,
                                                     brings a message  of  joy,
                                                       giver, taker both.

                                           In every country, every language
                                          sweet 'good morning'  they wish
                                              Whereas in Tamil Vannakam
                                              in Urdu it becomes Aadabbars
                                              Punjabi will bow, say Namaste.
                                             for Chinese it's Zao Shang Hao,
                                             French will politely say  Bonjour.
                                             Russians wish  with Dobroe Utro.
                                             Whole world welcomes happily  
                                            good day in their own language.     

Written for Vinay's @ A prompt each day . Phase phrase # 8
 Equivalent  of  'Good morning'  ; Source Google 



                                                 Symbol of love
                                           Luscious aromic strawberries
                                                  who won't  like !

                                                  Bright red colour
                                        strawberry cake, candy icecream.
                                                   mouth watering.

Written for Carpr Diem # 781 Strawberries

photo courtesy google

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Jasmine Haiku


                                                                        White jasmine flowers
                                                                  pure, white, attractive and fragrant
                                                                              A real bliss.

Written for Carpe Diem #8 kuchinashi (Jasmine)

Beware of strangers

                                                      MidweekWordle8                                           This is a true incident which  happened  yesterday. I have a  friend,Sheela.We are good friends. She is too simple and innocent .   Yesterday  she   came to our house . Both of us had a gala time. We listened to a flute.  She wanted to leave at four but I told her to wait as the driver was  about to reach and he  would drop her home. She agreed. Soon there was a call from the driver that he  would reach home late.  There was no point to delay Sheela.  She took an auto. Next to driver another fellow was seated.  Sheela was not comfortable. Suddenly she noticed that the auto driver was on a wrong direction. She told the driver he was on a wrong route. The driver stopped and gave her a wicked smile. The person sitting next to him came and sat on the back seat with Sheela. The driver raced the auto. The man sitting near Sheela pulled her near him. She protested, he gave her a slap. She started shrieking, ''help,help.'' As luck would have it,  the driver of a police vehicle coming from the opposite direction saw the poor girl. The police constable rescued her.  

Written for  Vinay's @a prompt each day. Midweek Wordle #8              

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cherry Blossoms

This a special Renga. The first three lines are a haiku, to be followed  by a two lines of soliloquy. We  have to  compose a soliloquy, six stazas of three lines followed by ewo lines. This is quite a difficult task

                                                             Ah those cherry blossoms
                                                           their beauty amazes me again
                                                               finally spring is here.
                                                                  ( Chevrefeuville)               

                                                                    Amazingly scented
                                                           Red and pink in full glamour

                                                                  The soft pink colour
                                                              scent of cherries in the air
                                                                  delight in  bunches 

                                                                       Such a sweet view
                                                                who will not be tempted


                                                                        The gentle breeze
                                                               kisses the  fresh new  beauties
                                                                       hide behind leaves.

                                                                           Comes the sun
                                                              the  golden rays  are welcome ;


                                                                          Men and women\
                                                                flock  the orchards in numbers
                                                                         enchanted  crowds

                                                                    Enjoy the lovely pink shade
                                                                          inhale  the flavour.

                                                                          Lives for spring
                                                                 A symbol of  undiluted love.
                                                                        admired universally.

                                                                   The blossoms' enduring love
                                                                          sample for mankind.

                                                                     Lovely cherry blossoms
                                                            drooping slowly with setting sun
                                                                        waiting last kiss .

                                                                        Beautiful  evening
                                                                 a lullaby for  pinky blossoms

                                                                     Bright moonlit  night

                                                             The pretty blossoms  no more seen
                                                                   fragrance lingers on.

                                                                      Blossoms in slumber  
                                                               wait  for  next  sunny morning.                                                                                 
Written for Carpe Diem  # 53 Soliloquy no Renga ''Ah the Cherry Blossoms''