northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Today I propose to write the story behind the' elephant head' of lord Ganesha.
                                   Elegant Lord Ganesha

No other  god of  Hindu mythology has evoked so much  interest as Lord Ganesha. He has become a symbol of every thing  associated with Hinduism. This shows how popular he is.  The son of Shiva and Parvati, He has an elephantine head, a  curved trunk, large ears and a  big belly. He is known as the God of Wealth, Wisdom, Education and Knowledge.
                                     There is an interesting story  about how he his head  acquired the form of an elephant, but before that I will relate an incident from his  childhood. Once there was a bet between Ganesha and his younger brother, that who can take three rounds of the earth. The younger brother  Kartekya   went on a round of the earth. Ganesha took three rounds around his parents. When Kartekya returned, he found his brother sleeping. He woke him up and said he had  taken three rounds of the earth. Ganesha laughingly said,''I have also finished three rounds.Our parents are the universe for us.'' After this event he was named as God of wisdom.
 Now the story about his head;-
  Once , when Parvati was going for a bath, she directed her son, Ganesha, to gaurd  her palace and ensure that no one enters her mansion. Ganesha stood, rock like in front of his Mother's mansion and noone was allowed inside. After sometime ,his father , Lord Shiva arrived, but was denied entry  by Ganesha.(The story about his birth will be narrated in a separate blog) Shiva lost his temper and  a fierce fight took place between the two. As a result  Ganesha's head was cut . When Parvati heard this , she became  furious. She  screamed and said that she must get back her son. Shiva directed his followers to go  towards North and chop off the head of any living being. The followers went as directed.They  encountered  an elephant, chopped its head and brought it. Shiva placed the elephant's head on Ganesha. He also gave a boon to His son that in any religious function Ganesha will be worshipped first. 
                  India is a country where many Gods are worshipped and many religons thrive. Ganesha leads on every  auspicious function like a marriage ceremony, house warming, or education of a child  He is known as 'A destroyer of evils'.  

Written for B A R The Group weekly thread 3th to 11th July 2015pic courtesy Google


  1. I have heard of these stories and they were forgotten. Glad you brought them back Usha ji :)