northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


  A family, as we all know is a well knit unit.  It is seen in some families that with outsiders they speak very respectfully and sweetly, but within the family the approach is  entirely different. The polite talk is  reserved for others. i am reminded of a story which I read some years ago. I wish to share it with friends. The  story is about a small family, Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and their only nine year old son, Rahul .
                                          A kitty party was schedulrd to be held in their house.  She was busy in the kitchen.  The little boy entered the kitchen enthusiastically and caught his mother from her back. She immediately  lost her temper and without even looking at him shouted,''Cant you see I am busy. You have no manners. Get out from here, you fool.'' Poor boy! He went to his room,sobbing.
           Ladies came for the party, which went on  for three hours. Mrs. Khanna was busy and did not even think of her son. After the party, she went to the kitchen. She saw a bouquet of  flowers lying on the floor.Her thoughts went to her son, Where is Rahul ? She found him sitting on the floor in one corner of the  room, his eyes red. She remembered how she pushed him away and spoke so rudely. Tears came to her eyes. ''Oh, my sonny, how bad is your mom! How much I scolded you''. Rahul came in her arms, wiped her tears and said,''I love you mom,''


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  2. Its so touching. Something that happens so often around us. We fail to mind our words when we are in the house, and take utmost care of it when with strangers. Weird it is, but true!
    Loved reading it. Very well written