northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

On the river side


 Mohan, an old man, about sixty years old, walked upto the river  every morning. A florist saw him every day. Mohan bought a garland of yellow flowers every day.He took out a ten rupee note from the pocket of his faded pant and walked away without waiting for the balance. He sat on  the same place, as if he was waiting for someone.This routine went on for years. He never spoke. Nobody knew when he left.This went on for years. One fine morning people  found him sitting at the usual place, but no one went near him. When tte florist  came, he imediately went near Mohan. As soon as he  touched him ,he collapsed. He was no more. A crowd collected there. Some one stumbled upon his pockets  in the hope to get some evidence of his  residence. From his pocket a small handkerchief was found. When the knot was opened people found a photograph of a beautiful girl, and a diamond necklace. Only the river was a witness!!

 Written for Vinay's midweek wordle# 6 at @a  prompt each day



  1. And what a beautiful romantic story.and the river was a mute witness.

  2. I hope he is reunited with his love now, if she was claimed by the river earlier. He deserves a happy ending too :) Nice story, Usha ji.

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  3. He passed on without the knowledge of having secured the goodness of simple pleasures in life! Nice write Usha!