northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 5 July 2015



        A flute is a very simple musical instrument. It is made of wood.Even the wood of a bamboo  can be used  for making a flute.The material  used in making a flute may be simple, but the music emanitating from  it, is very soft and soothing. In Hindu mythology a flute has  has a special significanc.  It is associated with  Lord Krishna, playing a flute.    
image of hindu god Krishna playing flute on antique ceramic tile - stock photo

There is a temple near our house. Flute is played there every morning, which is  very comforting. Playing a flute helps a person in strengthening the nerves and the lungs.
Given below is  a video  sample  of  playing flute .

Written for Leo's set the Challenge Sunday # 5 @prompt each day. Today the theme is ''Flute''.

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 Video You Tube

                                                              Colorful butterflies
                                          garden's magnificent showpiece
                                          flutter their wings.

Written for Carpe  Diem on thetrail with Basho encore # 7 Butterflies

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  1. Flute will always remind the Indians of Krishna...mine is also on Him...a nice one Usha ji :)