northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 28 July 2015



                                                A great man and scientist 
                                 Carved for  great heights
                                 lust for  service in his soul
                                Never at rest, his impatient
                                mind, pining to serve others.
                                to make them hale and hearty .

                               Narrow thoughts not for him
                                equal all, no one big or small
                               himself lead life of austerity.
                               Simple food and no luxuries,
                               His actions gave a loud message  
                                practised what he preached.

                                 As  the leader of the nation
                                 He lived a life of simplicity
                                 His love for youth  intense  
                                 children doted on him a lot.
                                 His last breath in the midst
                                 of  youth,  a gift for his soul.

                                 Man so great, rarely adorn
                                the world, a gift to our nation.
                                 We are proud of this gem
                                for ever he'll rule our hearts
                                the unforgettable great man,
                               a priceless gift for the nation!!.

Written for @A prompt each day.  A word play# no.10.  Teach 


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  1. a heartfelt tribute Ushaji...such souls are so's our good fortune that he lived in our time...