northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Who works more?


Ramesh was a leisure  loving person.He always complained that he was tired. His wife was a very quiet lady. She felt upset that her husband was not well. She was eager   that he must take medical advice. On her insistence he went  to a Doctor.
 The  conversation between the two was as follows;-
Ramesh,''I  am not well , Doctor. I am over worked. I work for long hours. I get very tired,''
Doctor,  '' Do you make morning tea?''
Ramesh, ''No,my wife makes it. She does not work.'' 
Doctor,''D\o you make breakfast?
Ramesh,'' No Doctor, I have to get ready for the office. She is not working.''
Doctor,''Do you buy grocery, vegetables and household items.?''
Ramesh,''  I  have no time. She is not working. She does all the shopping.''
Doctor,'' Do you help your children in their studies?'
Ramesh,'' I have told you I am too busy. She is not working so she can do all this.''
Doctor,'' So, what do you do after you go home ?''
Ramesh,''I am dead tired. I change and sleep.''
Doctor,'' What does she do?''
Ramesh,''She has nothing to do, She puts clothes in the washing machine. Helps the kids with their studies and lays dinner. She does not work''.
Doctor, ''After Dinner do you help her?
Ramesh, '' No Doctor, after all she  is free the whole day. She  has lot of  time for leisure the whole  day.''
Doctor,'' Sorry  Sir, the situation is really grave. You don't need any medication. It is your lethargy which is making you sick.''
       What do you think?Who works more??

Written for Vinay @ a prompt each day  # weekend wordle 6.



  1. I couldn't help but chuckle through all of this. The sad plight of the housewife hasn't changed at all through the years. All work and no play but always being told . . . But you have so much free time!

    1. I am happy this made you chuckle.

  2. I was instantly reminded of a cartoon circulated in facebook, the one where a husband walks home and no chores for the day are done! That was the day the wife, (who does not work) spent a day leisurely at home :)

    1. Thanks a lot. Yes wives must have some leisure every day.

  3. Very philosophical and yet very real in certain situations. Well thought of Usha!


    1. Thanks Kaykaula . Glad you liked it.