northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 27 July 2015

A child bit a dog

 After reading the title you must br wondering that I have committed some mistake in writing. No, not at all. This actually happened.
                 We had a labrador female pet dog, Elsa. She was so sweet, humble, very loving and obedient. She never liked to sit alone. She loved to be the center of attraction. We had employed a trainer for her. The moment he came and pressed the call bell, Elsa could guess that it was her 'teacher' at the entrance. In a jiffy  she would  hide  under some chair or a table. The trainer would give one call, and Elsa would crawl fearfully in front of the the teacher. All of us enjoyed this daily drama.
She was not at all aggressive.She looked like a tiger, giving an impression that she was very wild but in reality she was as innocent and tame as a lamb. One day some guests had come to our house.Their daughter, about three old, was with them. The child had a small toy car. She was playing with it. For some time ,Elsa was watching curiously, then, perhaps she wanted to join the fun. The child pushed the toy and it reached the other end of the room. Instantly Elsa rushed and put the toy in her mouth. The baby girl was stunned. She caught hold of Elsa's neck and bit her  hard. Blood started oozing. She was terrified.The toy came out on the floor and Elsa swiftly ran under a table for cover. She neither barked nor tried to bite the child, Inspite of her pain and suffering she did not react. This was our Elsa.So lovable, so patient and so docile!
            Have you experienced some such act of compassion with your pet?

written for  # Monday Musings of Write Tribe date 27th July and linking to Blog A Rhythm  The Group, thread dated 26th July 2015


  1. Elsa was a gem! Dogs are truly the bestest of all. Their loyalty, compassion, commitment to their masters is simply commendable!

  2. So patient! Only dogs can be so kind.